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Is Escort Business Legal in Sydney? What You Should Know

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Apr 07, 2022

Are you planning to travel to Sydney, Australia, and planning to use escort services? Or are you a local who wants to try an escort for the first time? Sydney is a big city in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, and is subject to the laws of the country. So, escort services are guided by the law. You should understand everything to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Escort services are categorized as sex work because it heavily involves sexual activities in exchange for money and other types of rewards. Most escorts are private and advertise their services in directories, but there are many others who operate under licensed escort agencies. Let’s see some laws regulating escorting services in NSW for the sake of people living in or visiting Sydney.

Private Escorts

If you are looking for a Sydney escort, it is good to know that many operate privately and advertise their services on escort directories. This is not illegal in the state but the escort must be 18 years old and above. Likewise, the client must be an adult of 16 years and above.

They must also advertise their work on licensed platforms or one that operates within the legal framework. The advertisement platform is required not to run on national broadcasting channels but can do so on the web. That is why online escort directories are thriving in Sydney. Because the online sector is evolving fast, the laws and guidelines might change from time to time.

Agencies and Brothels

Escort agencies and brothels need a license to operate. This is highly regulated by the local governments of NSW and they might change from time to time. These agencies are required by law to employ adults over 18 years old and work with them according to the legal guidelines.

The agencies and brothels will have broken the law for operating withing a license, employing underaged models, or accepting clients before the legal age of 16. Hence, if you are a client looking for an escort in brothels in Sydney, you should know some of these laws to avoid being on the wrong side of them.

Guidelines on Soliciting

Sydney escorts are not allowed to solicit for business in various areas. These include schools, religious centers, residences, and many other areas where the public might be affected. So, if you are looking for hookup escorts, try elsewhere to avoid getting into problems with the authorities.

Additionally, one cannot solicit for escort and sexualized services as an underage person. Both the service provider and client must be of the minimum ages we just discussed.

Is Escort Business Legal in Sydney?

So, is it legal to operate an escort business in Sydney, NSW, Australia? Yes, it is as long as you are within the guidelines we have mentioned. From the insights we have shared, sexualized services are highly regulated here, just like in any other part of the world. The good thing is that escorts who operate within the law will not have any problems with the authorities.


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