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8 Parenting Accounts to Check on Instagram Canva

8 Parenting Accounts to Check on Instagram

Written by  Apr 04, 2022

Everybody wishes to grow socially competent, caring, and happy kids with a sense of direction in existence. Yet, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 


Various ways may function for the kid based on the character of the kid and the assets available to the caregiver. Just two brothers residing within the same house can have vastly distinct mindsets, and one parenting approach may not be effective.


The web is a fantastic resource for seeing how other parents are using their parenting practices and how you might profit from them. Instagram is brimming with fantastic parenting profiles for mothers, fathers, single parenthood, professionals, and many more.


It's exhilarating and tiring in similar measures. Each stage has a different learning path, and we don't necessarily have the required resources.


It has grown increasingly crucial to strive for individual improvement, particularly in parenting, as people invested extra time with their kids and themselves lately. 


However, picking up a parenting guide to learn new techniques to properly raise their kids seems tiring at the end of the day.


Therefore, here are a few parenting accounts for you to follow on Instagram that share helpful and related content. Let’s have a look. 


Source: Instagram


Probably among the finest authentic parenting pages on Instagram (@momdotcom), this IG mother gathers knowledge from women all over the world, aggregates it, and offers it all in one spot for everybody's advantage. 


The user's goal is to help folks understand that they are not the only one and that there is another mother or father out there who is going through a similar thing. 


Furthermore, since anyone can be a mother, this report also shows challenges including reproductive issues and difficulties with adoption. The account has a following of 116k and around 5800 posts. 

2. Honesttoddler

Source: Instagram


This page (@honesttoddler) is dedicated to all of the upset people out there who believe they need parenthood abilities when they have only recently been introduced to a toddler's rants. 


This page is managed by a writer named Bunmi Laditan who responds to a variety of issues that almost any worried parent has: why did my kid despise me? Why is it that my child refuses to pay attention? 


The responses are lighthearted and humorous, shedding insight into the difficult elements of parenthood. They have around 300 posts on their account with 122k followers.  

3. Tinybeanskids

Source: Instagram


This page (@tinybeankids) offers photographs of little ones with amazing comments and inspiring remarks, which is nice for mom and dad to be and everybody overall. Kids of different ethnicities from all across the globe provide a regular supply of charm. 


This page does not require you to be a mom or dad to join. It radiates joy all day long with cute pictures of little ones that everyone can see and enjoy. This account has 24.3k and 3054 posts. 

4. Lunchboxdad

Source: Instagram


This page (@lunchboxdad) is created by a healthy parent, Beau Coffron who prepares his children's meals on a daily basis. The lunch box options are delicious, healthful, and unique, ensuring that your child will not become tired. 


He also demonstrates and describes how he prepares any lunch and how the viewers can do it from whatever is available to them. This account has 47.2k followers and around 2k posts.


If you want to take inspiration from these pages to start one by yourself it is actually a very good option. You can also get instant Instagram views to grow your account quicker. 

5. Kidseatincolor

Source: Instagram


Her postings are instructive and relevant because Jennifer Anderson, who started this account (, is a qualified nutritionist. 


She does not just provide consistent, easy-to-follow dietary recommendations, but she also provides sound advice on how to foster a great eating environment in your family. 


Jennifer prioritizes healthy meals and letting her kids play and enjoy outside, so house decoration and cleanliness aren't high on her priority list. 


She's not afraid to admit that she'd prefer making certain her kids ate their greens and veggies than tidying up the washroom. She has 1.7 million followers and 1113 posts on her account. 

6. Raisegoodkids

Source: Instagram


This account (@raisegoodkids) includes numerous modules with parenting suggestions and illustrations of ways to react to various parenting circumstances. 


Our kids require firm limits and guidance, and these experiences provide us with the skills we require to assist our kids to flourish socially and cognitively. They provide a variety of stories to address a wide range of years, phases, and reactions.


They have a million followers and around 1k posts on their Instagram account. 

7. Busytoddler 

Source: Instagram


Susie Allison created this page with the username @busytoddler. She is a devoted parent who used to be a teacher and now shares creative and fun activities. 


She keeps all of her suggestions realistic by using items you might likely have on hand. She also offers simple childcare and crafting advice. She has 1.7 million followers and 1547 posts on her account. 

8. Biglittlefeelings

Source: Instagram


This account (@biglittlefeelings) shares content that is both entertaining and educational. They upload hilarious videos that make you reflect upon our instinctive, and general cultural, childcare reactions as well as ways to confront them. 


They encourage caregivers to apologize to young kids if they lack their temper, and they offer concrete suggestions on how to manage similar situations in the long term. 


Their purpose is to provide parents with a comprehensive activity program for navigating all of life's challenges. This account has 2.3 million followers and 446 posts. 



Instagram is brimming with media producers who are giving honest and realistic parenting advice. These were a few accounts about parenting that you may find real and are doing very well on Instagram. 


Many provide amusing photographs and clips to assist you to grin amidst the chaos, whereas many eloquently chronicle the peaks and troughs of parenthood, making you feel heard.


If you are thinking of starting up an account in the same niche and are worried about the outcome, you must trust the process. There are a lot of parenting accounts on Instagram that have seen growth prominently. 


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