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BoostHill Review - is it Legit or a scam?

Written by  Mar 08, 2022

BoostHill declares itself to be the best social media services company.

But are they legitimate?

Will buying these services benefit you?

To answer that, today we’ll be reviewing BoostHill – examining their features, pros, cons, alternatives, and whether we recommend them?

Let's get started

Making your mark on social media is becoming increasingly challenging until you have something to show out of this world. Sometimes, even talented people could not gather courage to start their journey on social media or they lose hope very quickly after starting. It all depends on how you are received by the audience or what is the scope of content you are creating. But wait! It may not be as simple as you think.

The platforms are already rushed and new profiles are being ignored regardless of what they have to show. To make your chances better or to boost your initial growth, some companies are offering to buy social media engagements to make your journey possible. Among all these companies, BoostHill is a very prominent one. They are offering services for multiple social media platforms, but the purpose of this review is to find out if BoostHill is legit or not. Stay connected to find out.

Why BoostHill is famous?

Here we will discuss some salient features of BoostHill. They almost have 4700+ clients from all around the globe with 22,000+ order completions till now. BoostHill is providing High-Quality Services and delivers on time. Additionally, they offer 24/7 support and money-back guarantees if you aren't satisfied with their services.

The company is claiming to offer all twitch services under one roof, and no other company is providing the same level of convenience. Even you can buy a Twitch Affiliate Account + TIN from BoostHill. They are also offering daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans for your ease. If you buy a yearly plan for any service, you will get 2 months for free.


Available Services

BoostHill offers a complete range of Twitch services with easy customization options like you can buy chatters for your stream with your desired text or language. They are also offering services for Tiktok, Clubhouse, Twitter, and YouTube. All the services have different unique features that no other service provider is offering.

Shortly, BoostHill is also willing to offer more social media services with different packages. Their commitment to providing quality services can certainly help you build your brand on social media. Be sure to purchase the right services at the right time.

Pricing and Value

They have very competitive pricing, but the main attraction is the packages they offer. You will surely find the package according to your need or budget. They give you the best followers, likes, and engagements that will help you go viral & become famous quickly. Not only that, but they also provide packages for businesses/enterprises to make their company profile more authentic with tons of followers and engagement.

Buy real and stable twitch viewers:

It may seem that selecting a mega package may harm your profile with a lot of engagement in a short period? But it’s not like that, they are providing all the services with gradual delivery to make it safe and legit. BoostHill also guarantees that it will not harm your profile or you will never get banned for buying these services. All these services are 100% risk-free.


In our opinion, BoostHill is offering good value for money. We compared all of these packages with different service providers and found that no other company offered such a wide variety at such a low price. This company offers packages for individuals and businesses as well.

Reviews - Legit or not?

Before trusting any company online, we first check for their reviews. But wait! Do you check if reviews are verified or not? Sometimes online sellers use proxy methods to improve their ratings and they troll new buyers very easily. In the case of BoostHill, we have cross-checked their reviews and they are all authentic and verified by the Trustpilot. They also have maintained a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and no other company has such good numbers.


This thing portrays that they are providing quality services and after-sale support as well. BoostHill is an emerging company in a world full of such service providers. And they deserve a good place for such quality work.

How do Customers feel about BoostHill?

We have picked some honest and verified reviews of BoostHill. Here you can see what they are good at.


You can check the complete reviews about BoostHill on their Trustpilot profile. Reading more reviews will clear most of your doubts and after that, you can make your purchase more confidently. In case you don’t get some answers, you can go to their support chat and I believe that they will serve you in a very professional manner and will answer all of your queries.

Is there something BoostHill isn't good at?

Every business has its pros and cons, here we will talk about BoostHill’s cons. They are lagging at some places that we were not expecting, so you must consider these facts before buying from them.

  • They are providing services for very limited platforms. Most of the major services are still missing like they have not promised to introduce SoundCloud services in near future.
  • Whoever owns the website hides their identity so you don’t know from whom you are buying services. In the worst-case scenario, it may lead to spam/fraud.
  • Although they have very good reviews along with them, they also have some bad reviews as well but these are in less quantity.

What ScamAdvisor have to say about BoostHill?

To check the legitimacy of any online platform, people go to ScamAdvisior first. So we thought we also have to check the scam score for BoostHill. The reason for performing this test was to demonstrate the transparent image of BoostHill. SacamAdvisor is already trusted by many users online and it has very accurate results as well. Here in the image below, you can see that they have given 100 out of 100 to BoostHill.



Let’s summarize this thing. In our opinion, BoostHill is comparatively a good option to consider if you are looking to buy social media engagements. There are so many things that make them unique and we have mentioned them above as well. In terms of quality services, competitive pricing, customer reviews, and many other things, we find them legit. Now it’s your responsibility to check your requirements and start your journey on social media using BoostHill.

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