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5 Credible Cryptocurrencies To Buy In Place Of Dogecoin In 2022

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Feb 02, 2022

Dogecoin news!


It is the sixth most searched news on Google in 2021 in the United States. It all started when Elon Musk had made some good things about this Cryptocurrency. However, really soon, the coin has proven itself as an odd coin. 


Right now, as it has been proven that Dogecoin does not have that much potential, all the investors are looking for some perfect alternatives. So, we have curated this article to help you with some credible Cryptocurrency options to buy instead of Dogecoin this year. 

5 Credible Cryptocurrencies To Buy In Place Of Dogecoin In 2022

You might have got influenced by the comments Elon Musk made about Dogecoin, but soon after you realize, it might not be worth it to invest your hard-earned money. This coin was basically developed in order to make fun of the traditional Cryptocurrencies. 


It is one of the most affordable Crypto coins that has made the news. Right now, as you have removed Dogecoin from your portfolio, you need to look for other investment options. So, here they are. The best part is that you can make your investment in the Infinity system


Let’s start with ALGO or Algorand. It is one of the smart contract Cryptocurrencies which are being promoted as it has the potential of Ethereum. The best part of Algo is that you can stack them on several platforms. 


If you do not know much about staking, it is actually tying up your tokens in order to contribute to the overall security of the network. Only some reputed platforms let you stack your coins, and that too only with some certain Crypto coins. 

The Graph

Again we are going to promote smart contracts. They are some tiny pieces of self-executing code that run on the blockchain. Smart contracts are programmed in such a way that whenever certain circumstances occur, they will trigger. 


However, they require good information for automatic execution. This is when The Graph or GRT comes in. At the same time, it is a data indexing tool that assists decentralized applications and also smart contracts for powering them. In the pandemic year 2020, GRT has performed great and also has space to grow. 


The “internet of Blockchain.”


This is what Cosmos calls itself. This smart contract platform focuses on interoperability. If we look at the upcoming challenges of Cryptocurrencies, interoperability will be on the most upcoming list. It is all about helping them to talk to each other. 


Currency Cosmos is in the 30th position in the Crypto chart. The market capitalization of Cosmos is around $6 billion. 


Yeah, we know, Dogecoin might be in the 12th position with a market capitalization of around $23 billion, but still, we will suggest Cosmos as it has a lot of potentials.   


This particular Cryptocoin is an Ethereum layer 2 solutions aggregator. We know you might not be that accustomed to the layer concept. Layer 1 Cryptocurrencies, such as Algo, are building their own Blockchain ecosystem from scratch, which is also more scalable. 


On the other hand, when it comes to layer 2 Cryptocurrencies, they only sit on their existing networks and only improve their performance. It is much cheaper and also faster than the Ethereum network. These make it a worth it investment instead of Dogecoin.  


Helium is responsible for bringing decentralized approaches to wireless infrastructure. Here, a particular network of individual users offers wireless access only for the internet of things or IoT devices. 


Just by operating the hotspot, which is responsible for making up the network, users can actually earn HNT or Helium tokens along with contributing to the same network. When you are looking for an alternative to Dogecoin, it can really be an effective one. 

Make Your Investment here In 2022

When you are planning about making your investment in some Cryptocurrencies in place of Dogecoin, you should consider the mentioned ones. They are not only cheaper but also have amazing potential to grow and help you grow. 


All the best!


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