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CBD cannabis legality in the European countries

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 19, 2022

One of the first European hemp growers was the nomadic tribe Yamnaya, who lived north of the Black Sea around 3,300 – 2,600 BC. Lived. This used hemp to make ropes, textiles, and tools. He also already cultivated cannabis selectively to optimize the medicinal properties of the hemp plant.

Over time, cannabis spread rapidly in Europe and today, you legally buy CBD products online and access the best shop of CBD Weed online, without having any trouble with the justice. Before, hemp was used for shipbuilding by the Vikings and colonizers. In the Middle Ages, hemp was one of the most important crops for the Europeans.

In Europe, the recreational use of cannabis was particularly popular with philosophers, artists, and writers. At the beginning and middle of the 19th century, cannabis was also used in the medical field. However, hemp has been banned in many European countries due to its connection to the intoxicating THC.

Hemp only became popular again in Europe from 1990 onwards. The cultivation of hemp was resumed at this time, as the valuable plant opened up a wide range of opportunities for the fibre, food, and biofuel industries.

CBD in France

CBD oil derived from hemp is legal in France. However, marijuana-derived CBD oil is illegal because its THC content could reach 14%. As a result, sellers are not allowed to make medical claims. The THC content should not exceed 0.2%. You may experience delays at the airport as the French authorities question you about CBD oil.

CBD in Italy

CBD is completely legal in Italy. You can fly with CBD oil with a THC content of up to 0.6%. However, you can travel with CBD products from the US and most countries to Italy, but you cannot buy CBD products from Italy and take them to the US, UK or any country where the THC limit is 0.2%.

CBD in Spain

Spain allows the personal cultivation of cannabis for personal use. However, the law dictates that cannabis cannot be sold or purchased as a consumer product within the country. However, CBD is legally acceptable as a cosmetic product. In addition, CBD oil from other countries is legal as long as it complies with EU regulations and is for personal use only.

CBD in Slovakia

CBD products are illegal in Slovakia. In August 2019, the government agency proposed a bill that would remove CBD from its list of psychotropic substances. The law would have made it an unregulated substance. However, his parliament rejected the proposal, and CBD remains in the same group of psychotropic substances with morphine, THC, cocaine, and amphetamine.

CBD in Belgium

The medical use of cannabis is legal, but only one product is legal, the Sativex oral spray for multiple sclerosis. You can only travel with CBD products if it weighs no more than 3g and if the user will not cause a disturbance. In addition, its THC content must not exceed 0.2%.

CBD in the Netherlands

You can travel with CBD products if the THC content is less than 0.2%. Furthermore, it must not weigh more than 5g.

CBD in Austria

Until 2018, CBD products were completely legal in Austria, as long as the THC content was below 0.3%. However, the government has revised the laws, and only medicinal CBD is permitted at the moment. Therefore, you need to have a prescription to travel with CBD to Austria.

Portugal, Malta, Denmark, and Finland

Travelling with medicinal CBD is entirely legal in these countries if the THC content does not exceed 0.2%. Flight authorities may request a doctor's prescription. Additionally, Denmark has banned the purchase of CBD products for pets. And if you are planning to travel out of Europe with some CBD products, here is what you should know before check-in!

Travelling with CBD in the Middle East

Note that the Middle East does not tolerate cannabis or its derivatives, including CBD. All the countries of the Middle East region are conservative. Indeed, carrying CBD oil is considered drug trafficking, a crime that carries the death penalty! In other countries, you may be imprisoned. Therefore, you should NEVER bring CBD or any cannabis derivatives to the Middle East for your safety.

The situation has been so challenging that the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has warned its citizens against travelling with products that may contain illegal ingredients in the region, such as CBD oils, e-cigarettes and some skin products.

In fact, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) perceive the presence of illegal drugs in the blood as drug possession. The smallest number of drugs in your possession could put you in jail for four years. The only variant in this situation is Israel. You can travel with CBD to Israel if you have a prescription.

Travelling with CBD in South America

Even though South America has a high concentration of countries facing drug trafficking, most countries' travelling with CBD oil is illegal. Most countries have classified CBD as a narcotic. Although some countries in the South American region have legalized CBD, this has been accompanied by strict rules. In the region, CBD is illegal or only allowed for medical reasons. Full legalization of CBD in the region may be possible several years from now because it is considered a dangerous compound. Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, and Chile have legalized CBD for medical use. You should travel with a doctor's prescription. In Brazil, you can only travel with CBD with a prescription from a Brazilian doctor. In Uruguay, medical marijuana is only legal for residents.

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