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What Post-COVID Tourism Looks Like

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 12, 2022

There is no doubt that one can get the brightest emotions while traveling: a new experience, acquaintance with foreign cultures, and meeting extraordinary people. But is it possible to cross borders freely when a global virus threatens humanity? Of course, human life is the greatest value. Another thing is that the threat is not only the virus but also a dramatic decline in living standards.

Nowadays, global rules undergo significant changes. While some years ago one could grab a passport and go wherever they wanted, this process is way more complicated today. Indeed, a student has to not only buy essay online to take off the burden of homework but also prepare a pile of documents before going abroad. It seems as if life will not be as easy as it used to be before the pandemic.

Vaccination certificates, testing for COVID-19, and medical reference - the list is non-exhaustive. Some people just don’t have time to bother themselves with papers, so they try to find alternatives. Let’s dive into the subject and find out how tourism changed after the pandemic.



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Domestic Journeys Save

One of the most popular alternatives to continue traveling even when borders are closed has been internal tourism. This type has many advantages for travel lovers. First of all, it is more affordable. You don’t need to spend much on airplane tickets or accommodation. You don’t even have to exchange currency upon arriving. 

Travel inside one’s country is never subject to post-return quarantine and entails fewer obstacles due to the epidemiological situation. Moreover, it does not require additional costs for health insurance.

Secondly, many people are so used to spending their holidays abroad that they find themselves knowing nothing about their motherlands. Isn’t the pandemic a great opportunity to explore some of the most picturesque corners of one’s home country?

2020 was an unprecedented year for the development of domestic exploration. Only quarantine restrictions showed how much people wanted to travel. Many states are taking measures to provide support for tourism projects and concessional lending. While developing the domestic tourism industry, authorities form a habit of traveling inside the country.

New Traveling Habits

Independent Planning

COVID has affected not only the usual routes of tourists but also the manner in which they travel. Previously, people often chose ready-made journeys. Indeed, it is the easiest and most affordable way to travel abroad. But with the circumstances of closed borders, such tours became less popular.

Tourism has now become more individual and ecologically oriented. No one would doubt that it is more convenient to go not on a mass journey but to travel according to one’s schedule and sense of pace. It is often about physical activity and spending time outdoors, which also has a healing effect. Ecotourism has become a popular type of activity. As a result, trailers are booked or rented in advance.

In addition, online requests for hotels have decreased. Users are more often interested in general information - where to go on vacation or where it is better to relax with children. This shows that people are ready to choose interesting places and plan their holidays on their own. So, not being tied to tour operators or hotel infrastructure is a new tourism trend.

Changing Accommodation

Fear of the coronavirus and losing money has redirected some people from hotels to short-term rental housing. Travelers choose rental apartments as it involves less contact with other people, so it is safer from an epidemiological point of view. 

There is no reception and common halls in a flat; it is possible to move in contactless. As a rule, a flat is larger than a hotel room and has a kitchen to prepare food on one’s own. Moreover, living for relatively long periods is cheaper in such types of accommodation.

Choosing Other Types of Vehicles

Another trend of 2020 is travel by car. Indeed, in the face of the pandemic, this type of trip has proven to be a safer alternative to trains and airplanes. At the same time, the routes have become more complicated and fascinating. Having their vehicle, people move freely and thus visit more interesting places.

Types of Tourism Popular in 2022

Given that not all countries can announce the opening of borders, local tourism is gaining much more popularity. But despite this, many trends are related to international globetrotting.


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  • Multiple locations in one trip

Why not kill two birds with one stone and use all the opportunities to see the world? Nowadays, people seek to visit several neighboring countries during their holidays. Another variant is not to stay long in one city and travel around the country in search of interesting places.

  • Overtourism

Have you ever heard such a notion? This means avoiding visiting hot spots and trying to find places free from crowds. The tourism market is oversaturated. So, more and more travelers are trying to visit not the most famous places but those that few people know about. They get to local beaches or walk through cozy courtyards - this is much better than taking a photo next to major attractions.

  • Local experience

Modern tourists often want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of local life. They take time to eat breakfast, drink coffee on the veranda, choose products at the market, or read a newspaper in a cafe. Imitating the life of a country’s citizens helps feel the culture and avoid facing crowds.

  • Eco-traveling

The trend of caring for the environment can be seen not only in areas of consumption but also in tourism. People give up air travel in favor of land transport, choose electric cars for transportation, or use car sharing.


As you can see, despite the global pandemic, traveling both locally and abroad has not transformed into a dream only. Everything is possible given that we live in a world of technological progress. Yet, modern tourism requires more effort than it did before. Nevertheless, it is aimed at protecting people from threats and helping them feel safer while exploring the world.

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