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What Are The Best Modern Gambling Strategies?

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 10, 2022

In this post, we want to explore some of the best modern gambling strategies right now. Who knows, you just might find something better than your strategies here.

  1. 1.Stake-based strategy: Risk only 2% or less of your bankroll

Whether you're going to a land-based casino or you're playing online via a trusted agen bola sbobet, one thing is certain: you definitely want to win BIG money.

There are two ways to do that: you can either win big at once or win small multiple times. Most people prefer the former. Don’t be like them. To win ‘big’ in one go also means you have to take huge risks – like staking 20% of your bankroll.

Instead, go for the small wins, knowing that even if you lose, your bankroll won’t be crushed.

According to the 2% rule, only stake 2% or less of your bankroll on any bets you make. That way, you will stay in the game much longer.

  1. 2.Game-based strategy: The Martingale concept

If you’re going with our recommended 2% stake rule, it makes sense to adopt the Martingale strategy in tandem with it.

The strategy says you should double your stake after every loss. That is, say you play a slot bet of $10 and lose. Go back in with $20 and try again. As crazy as that sounds, it’s actually a proven strategy that works in the long run.

Like we said, if you use the Martingale along with the 2% rule, you’ll stay in the game long enough to win back any amount you might have lost.

See a hypothetical Martingale gambling situation. Say you walk in with a $1,000 bankroll. 2% of that will be $20.

  • You bet $20 and lose – Your status = – $20
  • You bet $40 and lose – Your status = – $60
  • You bet $80 and lose – Your status = – $140
  • You bet $160 and lose – Your status = – $300
  • You bet $320 and win – Your status = + $320
  • Finally a profit of $20

Without the 2% rule, you might have expended your $1k bankroll long before fortune finally smiled on you.

  1. 3.Specific game strategy: Only bet on ‘banker’ in Baccarat

Now we're getting a little bit more specific. If you're playing Baccarat, you always have three hand choices – the banker hand, the player hand, and tie bet.

There’s a simple strategy for limiting your losses and optimizing your gains in this game. And that is playing the banker hand all the time.

Unlike the player hand and the tie bet, which comes with 1.24% and 14.36% house edges, respectively, the banker hand has only a 1.06% house edge.

Another interesting thing about the banker's hand is that it doesn't involve any 'technical' strategies or analyses. You simply repeat the same hand every time.

  1. 4.Specific game strategy: Don’t be shy to Value bet in poker and sports betting

Value betting is a situation where a poker player decides to go ‘all in’ because they sense they’ve got better hands than their opponents.

Value betting is a strategy with great potential. Provided you execute it well. Mind you, it’s also a pretty technical approach that requires a lot of understanding and the ability to influence your opponent's thinking.

In sports betting, value betting is more or less the same thing. The only difference is that the bookies are your opponent here. As with poker value betting, you also need 'knowledge' to execute sports value betting efficiently.

For perspective, value betting in sports is about identifying situations where the bookie has underpriced a market and then taking advantage of the situation.

For example, say the odds of Bayern Munich defeating Barcelona in a 2021 Champions League match are priced at 2.0 points. You may have reasons to believe that it should be lower. Maybe because of the gulf in quality between the two teams at the time. If you have such a feeling, then that’s your value betting opportunity. Because you feel the oddsmaker has judged the possible outcome incorrectly.

  1. 5.Game-based strategy: Oscar’s Grind

Are you ready to grind like Oscar? Ok, let’s go.

This strategy states that you should start every game with a stake amount of 1 unit. And then maintaining this stake amount regardless of whether you win or lose.

You only increase your stake size by 1 unit when you win after a loss.

Generally speaking, Oscar’s Grind helps you chase your losses without risking too much.

See a hypothetical case of Oscar’s grind:

Bankroll = $100. Initial Stake Amount = $10

1st bet – 10$. Loss. The balance is 90$.

2nd bet – 10$. Loss. The balance is 80$.

3rd bet – 10$. Win. The balance is 90$.

4th bet – 20$. Win. The balance is 110$.

5th bet – 30$. Win. The balance is 140$.

6th bet – 40$. Win. The balance is 180$.

7th bet – 50$. Loss. The balance is 130$.

8th bet – 50$. Loss. The balance is 80$.

9th bet – 50$. Win. The balance is 130$.

10th bet – 60$. Win. The final balance is 190$.

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