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What Croatian Students Should Know About Safety Tips Pixabay

What Croatian Students Should Know About Safety Tips

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Dec 27, 2021

10 Common Campus Hazard Situations

The primary goal of any college student is to graduate with a good grade, university degree or diploma and have a successful career. Ph.D. candidates will need a good writer to write a solid dissertation to have their thesis approved. However, students need to feel safe in order to achieve these results.

Here are 10 everyday situations that require student safety measures -


The outbreak of the Coronavirus has ravaged many countries of the world, with Croatia not excluded from the list of countries plagued with the virus. Medical associations have laid out COVID-19 guidelines to minimise the spread of the virus. Students should embrace the use of face masks and sanitizers in various school buildings such as the library and classrooms as a safety measure.

Active Landmines

After the Croatian war of independence ended, about 17,000 Landmines remained active. Several regions in Croatia still possess these unexploded mines. Students should watch out for warning signs indicating the existence of unexploded mines and avoid that route.

Mass Shooting

Croatia hardly experiences any case of terrorism or mass shooting. Since the Croatian war of independence came to an end in 1995, the rate of mass shootings and attacks has massively reduced. However, according to school shooting essay exampleswhile the crime rate in Croatia has been extremely low and rare, there have been a few attacks in the past. If you notice or spot any terrorist activity, do not hesitate to contact the police authorities.


Croatia may be one of the safest places to live in Europe, but just like any other place, your belongings are liable to theft. Pickpocketing and pilfering take place everywhere, even among students in the University. You must always learn to guard your belongings.

Dark Areas

Poorly lit environments are usually susceptible to crime and accidents. In addition, dark places are usually perfect hiding spots for criminals to perpetuate their evil acts. It is advisable for students to never walk alone at night or in low-light environments. Always walk in groups of at least twos and threes on your way to a late-night class or lesson.

Mass Events

Metro rush hour, big concerts and peaceful demonstrations. These are quite common situations, but they can be dangerous. The fact is that in a large crowd, you may fall on the floor under the feet of other people, or it will become difficult to breathe. To protect yourself from this, try to walk at the same pace with the people around you and in no case try to go in the opposite direction.


A fire is one of the most terrible incidents, but the main thing is to try not to panic, call the firefighters and evacuate immediately. Don't hide in a closet or under desks. Don't jump out of the window. If the exit is blocked, cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth and wait for rescuers. There should also be fire extinguishers in the building. A common mistake is opening windows, remember that oxygen will only intensify the flame.

Laboratory Accidents

Depending on your course of study, college students are expected to perform certain lab experiments which adds to their g.p.a. These experiments pose a potential risk of various lab accidents. Inhalation of toxic chemicals, chemical burns, broken objects, and so on are examples of hazards that occur in campus laboratories. Every student must have personal safety kits when working on experiments in the lab. These protective wears include lab coats, gloves, glasses e.t.c.

Talking to Strangers

Of course, college years are the perfect time to party and meet new people. But don't forget about safety measures. Do not go home to unfamiliar people and do not get into their car. If you meet someone on the Internet, then at first make appointments only in neutral territories, such as a park, cafe, cinema. And it is advisable to share the contacts of your new friend with friends and parents, just in case.

Swimming in Open Water

Summer and spring are regular seasons in Europe where people go swimming. Some students use swimming to unwind after an exam or term break. However, swimming in open water can be tricky. Inexperienced swimmers sometimes overestimate their strength and swim too far. Also, do not dive in unchecked places, there may not be enough depth or stones at the bottom.


The school is a learning environment that must feel safe and secure for students. This helps them to study hard with peace of mind. These security tips are necessary in ensuring student's safety on campuses.


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