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The growing importance of science and technology to the economy Photo by Burak Kebapci from Pexels

The growing importance of science and technology to the economy

Written by  Judy Nelson Dec 13, 2021


The progress of science and technology is irreversibly connected to the state of the economy both on a local and global scale. With each scientific and technological breakthrough, new jobs become available, old traits lose importance, people migrate, businesses grow or disappear. However, the traditional correlation between technology and the economy is nowadays showing its bond clearer than ever. More than a century after the last industrial revolution the influence of digital technology once more shifts the global economy.

We did some research and came up with several arguments that show just how important science and technology can be for today’s economy.

Out with the old in with the new

One of the most important influences of science and technology on our economy is the development of automated solutions that make numerous jobs obsolete. There's a lot of controversy regarding the influence of technology on the job market, ever since the first machines started to replace human workers, however, this is not always a bad thing because there are many jobs that humans should not be doing. So, learning the latest technology in robotic process automation opens a world of opportunities and it will help you land a good job with an UiPath Course Online.

There are plentiful examples of the impact of technology on economy essays written by college students and tech experts that show how technology influenced job markets in the past. Many jobs that carry a high-risk factor such as mining, operating machines in radioactive or severely polluted areas, workplaces that include handling dangerous chemicals, and numerous other positions include workers that would love to see their jobs taken away from them by machines. Luckily, thanks to rapid advancements in robotics and Artificial Intelligence, lots of people no longer have to risk their lives and health working in high-risk positions. Forming an LLC in Georgia has never been easier. Entrepreneurs need to pick a name that fits with the regulations put in place by the state. A registered agent must be elected and articles of organization need to be filed. Finally, an operating agreement must be created and an EIN must be obtained. Read more for a detailed breakdown of the simple-to-follow formation process.

Expansion of digital marketing

In today’s economy, it’s all but impossible to keep any type of business afloat without the use of digital marketing. The importance of online advertising is not only displayed in the ability to reach people that use the internet, through digital marketing techniques and tools business owners can now seamlessly pick up important data that shows which products sell the best, what makes the audience interested, what drives people away, and numerous other information that makes business much easier.

These new software tools that digital marketers use, prevent unwanted costs and reduce overall business expenses, which allows company owners to grow their business, reach new markets, and even hire new workers. Digital marketing software development further influenced the economy by opening up space for more software engineers, graphic designers, and many other professionals needed for the creation and maintenance of digital products.

Remote workplace culture

Propelled by the COVID-19 pandemics but initially introduced thanks to the progress of online technology, AI, robotics, and other branches of science, remote workplace culture is expanding like wildfire and brings a completely new value to the job market situation. For some time now the job market is not local but global, allowing business owners to seamlessly find the best candidate for their needs. Countries like India, Indonesia, or Thailand offer amazing conditions for remote workers, which is why digital nomads enjoy living and working there.

Remote workplace culture doesn't only include hiring low-cost foreigners that live in distant countries; many companies keep their employees off-site because it saves money. Without office space costs, sick leaves, and numerous other expenses that come with the regular workforce, business owners enjoy the full potential of the remote workforce and thus contribute to economic changes both locally and globally.


The growth of blockchain technology

Perhaps one of the most impactful scientific and technological achievements in the last 20 years, blockchain technology brings changes in the way we share information, keep data safe, and ultimately do business. The most popular feature of blockchain is cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other types of digital money quickly taking over the world. Numerous countries worldwide are accepting or planning to accept cryptocurrency as a legal means of payment, although some banned the use of Bitcoin and similar solutions.

At this point stock exchanges like the one in New York are yet to accept cryptocurrency trade; however, the availability of Bitcoin-linked funds on the stock market means that it's just a matter of time when the international stock exchange becomes open for cryptocurrency trade. Those who wish to trade cryptocurrency have specialized online exchange platforms that allow a seamless trading experience, allowing users to turn their tokens into fiat currency.

Still, even outside the conventional trading routes, cryptos are extremely popular among online users, so numerous business entities accept these types of payments on their online platforms. This means that you can buy goods and services using BTC, ETH, or some other blockchain currency just as easily as you would with regular means of payment.


The bond that keeps together technology and economy is strong and uninterrupted. Throughout history, whenever a large scientific achievement was reached, the global economy was redesigned or at least shifted a bit. In the last 20 years, we've been whiteness of huge technological advancements that constantly introduce new changes to the world economy. These are only a few ways in which science and technology influence our world, numerous other achievements shape the economy in their own way, and many others that are yet to show their impact in the future ahead of us.

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Judy Nelson is a freelance content writer with years of experience in creating academic and lifestyle content for several online publishers. As a writer, Judy aims to deliver practical pieces of data that the audience can use in everyday life. Her work is based on the most recent data from authentic sources of information.



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