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A Short Guide for Students Who Want to Get an Education in the UK

Written by  Alisia Stren Oct 18, 2021

After going through the primary and secondary school system, a student is ready to join higher education. A bachelor’s degree in the British system takes three years and awarding is done at the honors level. Students may also choose to do a two-year vocational diploma, although some private institutions offer a one-year diploma.

Students from Croatia can take advantage of the globally recognized UK education system and enroll in various programs. Croatians who want to study in the UK need to understand the UK education system and follow the procedures in place for application and other requirements. Here are the main features of a British education.


From primary to higher education

Unlike in Croatia, where children can join kindergartens and preschools from the age of six months, children in the UK join schools at the age of 5 and continue schooling until they complete high school. After six years in primary school, kids join high school and learn for five years. These two levels are mandatory for any child who is a UK citizen. 

In the 12th year since the time a child joined the school, they get ready to join higher education. Universities and colleges in the UK have many international students and a large number comes from Croatia. 

The first two years cover the A level and the international baccalaureate level. At the age of 17, a student is ready to advance from the two levels and begin their degree program. This is the level where most international students from Croatia join. If they want to take a bachelor’s degree, it will take three years to complete. Advanced degree courses at the master’s level take two years, while Ph.D. and professor degrees might take two years or longer depending on the program. 

Students from Croatia might be allowed to stay on and apply for work visas and jobs after graduation with their first- or higher-degree courses. Internationally, the British education system is recognized as a high-quality system. It is a vigorous education system that requires students to put more effort into succeeding and graduate with high grades. University lecturers give a lot of writing assignments and most students seek writing help from for quality papers. Benefits offered by writing service providers are many but the main one is better grades in college, quality papers, and time redemption. The writing service provides services for any topic or subject. 



What qualifies an institution of higher learning to be called a university in the UK

This is a piece of important information to know if you are an international student from Croatia in the UK or are planning to apply for university soon. According to education laws, an institution will be called a university under the following conditions:

  • Under the act of 1992 governing further and higher education, the institution must be approved by the privy council.
  • It must also get approved under the companies act of 2006.

Croatia became an EU member in July 2013 and the good news is that you will not be required to apply for a study visa. Before you apply to join any university in the UK, you must first make sure you have enough tuition fees and money for upkeep. 

Qualifications required to join a university in the UK

Your degree or certification from Croatia will be enough to join a degree program in the UK. If you want to study an advanced course like master's, doctorate, or postgraduate diplomas, and professor, you must have your first degree from Croatia or any other country. 

Undergraduate programs cover ordinary and honors degrees, enhanced degrees, and qualified teachers. You will be required to have a high school certificate, a college diploma, or a certificate. Except for Scotland, undergraduate degrees take three years while in Scotland 4 years. If you want to save one year and return to Croatia or use the year for an advanced degree, you might want to avoid studying in Scotland. 

There are some universities though, that allow fast-tracking of courses where a student from Croatia or any other nation can graduate with a master's at the bachelor’s level. The fast-tracked programs can cost less because you will spend less time in school. 


The British education system is internationally recognized and many international students seek to join UK universities. Many students from Croatia are currently studying in the UK because of the many advantages they get because Croatia is an EU member state. According to the British education system, students join the university on their 13th year in school.

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