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Preparing for a Long-Distance Move: A Pocket Guide

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 09, 2021

Moving can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. If you're preparing for a long-distance move, there are certain things you should know before packing your belongings and loading them on the truck. A pocket guide of essential tips and tricks will ensure essential to-dos don’t slip off your radar.

Make arrangements for professional car shipping services

There are pros and cons to driving your car yourself or using a professional auto transport service. For example, you can save money by driving yourself, but you risk experiencing a major accident with your vehicle. On the other hand, using a car shipping service can be expensive, but it will ensure your vehicle arrives without any damage.


If you want to choose the most reliable auto transport services provider, ensure they have the proper insurance to protect your vehicle. As a secondary screening precaution, request information about their track record and inquire about past deliveries gone haywire and the steps they took to remedy the situation. If you take these extra steps before shipping your car, you can keep pre-shipping jitters at bay and hand over your car keys with confidence come move-in day. 


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Inventory your items

Every homeowner will be required to fill out an inventory list when settling into their new home. Make sure this task is completed early on in the moving process. If you wait until just before your move, it may be too late to find anyone willing to help with heavier items like furniture and appliances.


When packing up household goods, make sure every box is labeled correctly. In addition, be sure that containers are not overfilled (overcrowding can result in breakage), and don’t place sharp objects inside boxes where they could puncture through the cardboard.


Before leaving your old house, ensure all doors and windows are locked securely, all lights are turned off, and any unused appliances or fixtures have been unplugged (including ceiling fans).


Moving day can be hectic. As a result, finding the time to unplug all electronics and appliances in your home before you head off to your new place may prove difficult, but make sure you do so. Otherwise, you could lose some or all of your security deposit when moving out. In a worst-case scenario, you could be held responsible for damage that may remain out of sight and out of mind. 


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Bring necessities with you

Before moving day arrives, set aside necessities such as clothing and toiletries for yourself and any pets traveling with you. If you like to cook at home but don't yet know where a store is located in your new town (and how long it will take to drive there), then consider bringing canned food items that only require heating up, such as stews and soups, or dried/dehydrated meals that can be prepared with boiling water.


If you haven't already received your keys, then bring enough cash to pay for a hotel room if you cannot enter your new house until the deadline established by your landlord. Also, make sure all drivers in your party have valid identification and insurance cards.

Contact the post office ahead of time

When filling out your moving permit (registration) with your new address, make sure also to update it on any mail forwarding requests you may already have in place. Then, once U.S. Postal Service representatives have confirmed everything, notify them that you will be making a permanent move somewhere else in the country/state/city.


Make sure you cancel all subscriptions, such as magazines and newspapers, well ahead of time. Otherwise, you will face late fees for not delivering on your end of the contract. Also, if you are moving to a location that doesn't provide the same types of services, like cable or satellite TV, cancel your account with your existing provider. This step will prevent you from being charged any early termination fees when canceling in advance.

Move in early

When you arrive at your new place, don't wait until the last moment to start unpacking your belongings. Do it as soon as possible. Arrange for a moving company if necessary, but don't forget that friends and family are always good alternatives when needed.


Make sure to get all of your items documented via pictures or video before the movers unload them. It is easy to claim someone damaged something without proof, but not so much when observing them drop off your goods at the front door. Don't risk getting caught up in an inconvenient argument with another person about who was responsible for any damage done.

Wrap up

Remember, an ounce of moving preparation is worth a pound of relocation woes. So make sure to keep these helpful tips in mind as you prepare yourself and your family for your upcoming exciting adventure.

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