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What to look for in an online casino bonus

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 07, 2021

A casino bonus is one of the many reasons why players opt to head online instead of to a land-based casino. There are so many brands competing for the same pool of players, which means bigger bonuses and more attractive offers than ever before. But, with so much to choose from, what do you look for in an online casino bonus?

Our friends over at a casino bonus comparison site know a thing or two about how to find a good bonus. In this guide, they’re going to give you some tips to help. If you want to see a list of offers in one place, check it out. For now, here’s what to look for in an online casino bonus.

The True Value of a Bonus

You know how it is. An offer sometimes looks a lot better on the surface than it really is underneath. This is particularly true of online casinos which have become experts at creating great imagery and flashing lights to distract you from the details.

For example, if it is a 100% bonus offer - how much is it actually worth? What is the upper limit? The higher the percentage is, usually means the lower the limit. For example 100% up to £100 or 200% up to £30. Make sure that you’re completely clear on what you’re getting for your money, and what you have to do to claim it. This brings us on to our next point; terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions can make or break a casino bonus. They are in place to protect the casino, and we get it, business is business. But there are some brands out there that make it incredibly difficult to even have a chance of winning with a bonus. How? Through wagering requirements. And don’t forget you can also get a casino bonus without registration.

Wagering is how many times you have to play through a bonus before you could withdraw any cash. For example, with a £100 bonus with 60x wagering, you would need to spin £6,000 in total before anything was yours. The lower the wagering, the better. The size of the bonus itself can influence the wagering requirements, but wagering anywhere below 35 times is relatively low. Anything above is high, and once you start reaching 60 times or above, it’s ridiculous.

Other things to look out for in casino bonus terms and conditions are maximum wins and excluded deposit methods. Be sure to always understand the rules before you spend a penny.

Can you actually win from a bonus?

Yes, you absolutely can win from a casino bonus. However, it all comes down to luck. As with all gambling, you need to get lucky to win. There’s nothing you can do to increase your chances or manipulate the system.

The best advice we could give is that you should treat the casino bonus as something fun. Not something to make cash from or win big from, but something to enjoy. Remember to always gamble responsibly.




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