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Are Indoor Water Fountains Healthy?

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 07, 2021

After a long day, it might be difficult to calm your mind and body and find a moment of peace. With its tranquil sounds of flowing water, an indoor water fountain creates a soothing ambiance in your house, allowing you to rest completely. 


You might forget you're sitting in your homeroom or office if you close your eyes. People frequently inquire, however, whether or not an indoor water fountain is beneficial to their health. Finally, here is the solution to the question, "Are indoor water fountains healthy?"


Does an indoor water fountain offer health benefits?


Yes is the clear answer to this question! The truth is, an indoor water fountain or indoor waterfall is not only a lovely addition to any house but could also offer numerous health benefits. Here are some examples of the health advantages of water fountains.


1. Get Better Sleep


Nothing beats the soothing sound of rushing water. Many sleep soundtracks contain the sounds of running water or trickling streams. By lulling you to sleep, a bedside fountain can help you sleep.


Soft and repeating waterfall noises are produced by tabletop fountains, for example. These noises aid in the creation of a soothing environment, making falling asleep easier. Another benefit of an indoor water fountain is that it can help you sleep better by blocking out annoying noises like dogs barking, traffic, or noisy neighbors.


2. Relieves Stress


The soothing sounds of a fountain can not only help you sleep, but they can also help you de-stress. The sounds of nature, notably running water, can drastically reduce stress levels, according to a study done by the University of Sussex.


These beneficial indoor water fountain sounds can also help you concentrate and focus by drowning out distracting noises and providing a white noise effect that allows you to focus on your job.


3. Restores moisture


During the long winter months, the air in your house can quickly dry up, producing dry skin and headaches. The advantage of having an indoor water fountain is that it can help alleviate these issues by reintroducing moisture to the air. Unlike standard humidifiers, you don't have to replenish your fountain because the water just recirculates constantly.


Choose a fountain that is proportionate to the size of the room to humidify it properly. Larger spaces will demand a larger fountain, but smaller rooms will benefit from smaller fountains.


4. Purify the air and improves air quality


Most people associate air pollution with smog-filled city streets, but daily air pollutants such as dust, pet dander, and dead skin cells can also pollute the air inside your house. These pollutants are positive ions, which have a positive charge, making them light and allowing them to float through the air.


Adding a healthy indoor water fountain to your home can purify the air by producing negative ions that balance the positive ions without costly filters that must be replaced regularly. Your air will be healthier and cleaner as a result of this. When water from your fountain evaporates, negative ions are discharged as well. Negative ions cleanse the air and make it more enjoyable to breathe. Clean air also helps you think more clearly and concentrate better.


5. Relaxing Ambience


The peaceful sound of water trickling in an indoor fountain may create a relaxing ambiance in any space. Whether you are chilling in your living room or inside the dentist's office waiting area, indoor water features may help people unwind, relax, and feel at peace. People are also more likely to stay and return because of the calm atmosphere.


These are just a few of the health advantages that an indoor water fountain may provide! There are other reasons to appreciate an indoor fountain, in addition to its health benefits. They can help you sleep better, relax your mind, clean and moisturize your air, and, of course, bring beauty to any room.


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