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Croatia and Esports Are a Match Waiting to Happen Photo by Jonathan Smith on Unsplash

Croatia and Esports Are a Match Waiting to Happen

Written by  Sep 21, 2021

With its quaint geographical location, Croatia can quickly become one of the best places to enjoy esports gaming. The country is waking up to this potential.

Croatia and Esports: A New Facet of the Country's Tourism

Croatia is a touristic gem, and other than a misunderstanding between cruise liners and the city of Dubrovnik, the country is really shaping up as a great location. But one niche driver of tourism can be none other than video gaming. Competitive gaming, known for short esports, is taking the world by storm. In fact, the esports industry is worth $1 billion in 2021, an impressive figure all by itself. Next time you are looking for a great 免 存 奖励 casino, you may want to remind yourself that there are so many different forms of gaming to try.

But how can Croatia truly benefit from its burgeoning esports industry? According to Tony Sloterman, product owner at Casino Bonuses Finder, you don't need a massive offering to excite interest in any gaming product. However, esports has the advantage of being watched by 700 million people in the world. At least 100 million of these fans are based in Europe, and their numbers are growing. So here is how Croatia can make the most out of it.

Pulling in Crowds for Big Events

Croatia has the potential to not just be seen as a cruise line destination. In fact, the country itself is a little fed up with all the cruises and tourists that descend upon the city and cause a bit of chaos. So, there is a much smarter way to go about this by hosting the event. But what event has enough fans in Europe to actually merit hosting?

You have guessed correctly – esports! Esports is followed by some 100 million people on the continent, and if we had to bet on it, we would argue that they would be very happy to travel and see some big event. To put it this way, esports is a huge business, and fans DO care about esports events.

Not least, Croatia has an immense advantage – its geographical position. You can fly from Bulgaria to Portugal in roughly two hours, thus having crossed the entirety of the European continent. The destinations may look big, but the continent has been inter-connected so well that distances are no longer an issue for anyone.

And yes, if Croatia is to start hosting esports events, people will respond by turning up to watch and this is a fact. So, why is the country not exploring this potential?

Esports Is Slowly Making Its Way through Europe

With the PGL Major hosted in Sweden and the Dota 2 International hosted in Romania, esports are moving quickly. Previously, you would have to travel far to get in on the action, but these days, it's all easy as players will have access to everything they want to see within a short distance.

Admittedly, the Dota 2 International wasn't originally planned for Romania, but the fact that Valve has chosen Europe as their destination once again, after rescheduling, is indicative of how important this region is to game developers and esports fans. Croatia has arguably no worse conditions to host a major event and adds a lot of charm to any such tournament because of its quaint geographical position. Croatia is a top-notch option if you are looking to really make your mark on esports, and organizers know that. Now, does Croatia realize its full potential?


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