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Top Influencer Marketing Company in the World – Grynow

Written by  Sep 18, 2021

The number of brands competing for the more significant stake of the target market is on the rise. The growing rivalry has made businesses dwell on other forms of promotion, and the practice of using famous online personalities to endorse a company attracts the most attention. 


Although the venture yields favourable results, the practice is by no means a walk in the park. According to the influencer marketing benchmark report, 22% of marketers found it extremely difficult to discover suitable influencers. The campaigns need to be monitored and optimized at every step of the way - this is where a genuine and trustworthy influencer marketing company takes the spotlight. They analyse the business objectives whether it is awareness, leads or sales and map the target audience of the brand with the target audience of the right influencer by executing marketing campaigns on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Every business has specific goals which they want to be fulfilled at the end of the campaign - some of them include brand awareness, sales, reach, leads, etc. According to Cure Media, 85% of marketers consider brand awareness their top objective. To that end, an agency can establish a profitable collaboration between a brand and Influencers. The people who fill important roles at this organization have years of experience running profitable campaigns. They use data to select the best social media celebrities for the job. 


An influencer agency also ensures that the campaign execution happens on schedule without hurdles and is obliged to prepare a detailed report at the end. In contrast to a software algorithm, the company uses expert analysis to select influencers whose expertise coincides with the business's needs.


Why Choose the Best Influencer Marketing Platform?



Grynow is a reliable influencer marketing platform in India that helps marketers utilize the popularity of social media influencers to promote their products/ services to new consumers. The professionals at the firm have successfully worked with 50,000 + artists, bloggers, content creators, and online influencers on 100 + successful projects. These numbers speak volumes for a company that has only existed for a little more than five years. 


Analyze brand goals


Every business has a goal that compels them to invest in a campaign - generate more sales, bring more traffic to their website or increase brand awareness, to name a few. Keep this in mind the in-house strategists at the firm make sure to analyze and understand their client's marketing goals before proceeding to the campaign design phase.


Understanding the target audience


A brand's marketing goals are interlinked with its target audience. Hence, the company's next order of business is to analyze the potential consumers of a brand, i.e. knowing the needs and wants of these people. This step is crucial because it aids an influencer marketing platform, design quality content that effectively reaches the target audience and prompts them to act.


Gain insights on a brands product or services


Before getting to the designing part of the campaign, an agency has to understand all attributes of a brand - this includes understanding the product and services offered by the business. This helps marketing firms design original content that efficiently communicates the benefits and features of the products made available to the target consumers.


Selecting the right influencers for the job


After analyzing the brand's audience, product, and goals, it is now time to select influencers suitable for the campaign. A top influencer marketing platform has a substantial network of creators and social media personalities for the job. 


The process starts by scrutinizing the demographic, behavioural, and characteristics attributes of the influencers following – this includes engagement rate on the creator's posts/videos. 


Influencers come in all shapes and sizes - mega, macro, micro, or nano. Now, adhering to a brand's objective and marketing goals, India's top platform selects the type of Influencers that are right for the campaign. Fun fact, according to Cure Media, 61% of customers prefer recommendations of Nano and Micro-influencers, compared to their macro and mega counterparts – this can be mainly because the former caters to a more niche audience.


Designing and undertaking campaign


After successfully understanding the brand's marketing goals, products features, target audience and discovering the right influencers for the campaign, the professionals at this influencer marketing agency work together with the selected social media celebrities and marketers. They create engaging content that incorporates client’s values, objectives and highlights the benefits of the brand's offerings to their target customer. 


Achieving target goal and ROI


Widely recognized influencer networks share content on their social media handles (Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram) for the audience to see. 


The subscribers and followers of our Influencers are the brand target consumers. Through their post, these people familiarize themselves with the business offerings. With the help of a trustworthy, top influencer marketing platform, a business can get more leads, boost their sales and get a better return on their investment.


Audiences have immense faith in their online idols. Hence, what an influencer says has a lot of weight amongst their subscribers and followers. By utilizing word-of-mouth marketing, the firm delivers desirable campaign results like higher conversion rates, more leads, attractive ROI, better brand awareness. Brand's benefit from this venture because, as per a report by MediaKix, 78% of advertisers found it challenging to get a substantial return on their investment.


What makes Grynow the best influencer marketing agency?


Influencer network


The agency has an influencer network of more than 50000 content creators, bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers from multiple categories - varying from mega, macro, micro, and nano influencers. 


Campaign customization


The professionals understand the sentiments behind a brand's messaging and design effective marketing campaigns adhering to their client's marketing goals.


Effective positioning


The expert strategists at this influencer marketing agency strive for higher returns on a business's investment. They do this by efficiently positioning the brand on the right social media platform with the help of top influencers.


Engaging content


The creative minds at the company work closely with selected influencers and marketing professionals to produce highly engaging content. The post or videos are designed to provide details needed by customers to make informed buying decisions – ultimately achieving the campaign's end goal.


Expert strategy


Owned and managed by IIT and IIM alumnus and staffed by some of the industry's best minds, The organization is the best influencer marketing agency in the world. The company provides complete 360-degree marketing campaign solutions with the help of prominent influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok. According to Variety, 60% of millennials are inclined to heed the advice of YouTube creators than listen to something coming from celebrities.

The agency uses a data-driven approach and prioritizes optimum utilization of brand and influencers resources to attain higher gains for their client.


To sum up


Influencer marketing is making strides in the digital world; there is increased demand for agencies to undertake marketing campaigns on behalf of a brand. In fact, as per MediaKix, 71% of marketers believe that traffic brought in by influencers are better than other sources.

An influencer marketing agency helps facilitate communication between a brand and its influencers. They are also responsible for overseeing tasks associated with the campaign. 


A good firm connects with their client's values and messaging, understands their products, familiarize themselves with their target consumers, and selects influencers accordingly – the agency which is our topic of discussion exhibits all these traits and more.

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