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Top Places To Visit If You Are a Fan of Myths and Legends

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Sep 14, 2021

Myths and legends exist in every place and country, and different people enjoy different stories. For example, some people want legends related to witches, ghosts, magical subjects that can curse you or bring you luck, legends of dragons, or some might even get interested in hearing about the legend of big foot slot game.

If you are among the people who love listening and telling legends, we want to share with you some places that are worth the visit and where you can find locals to share with you the scariest or most curious legend about a specific area or thing.

Mount Fuji

We start from Japan, and the highest peak in the country and its national symbol: Mount Fuji. In the Five Lakes district near Tokyo, this perfectly symmetrical volcanic cone is surrounded by several legends. Since the 7th century, it has been a holy mountain and a place of pilgrimage. To enshrine the many gods of various religions related to Mount Fuji, several shrines and many traditional Japanese arches were built on or at the foot of Mount Fuji.


Perhaps called the country of legends, there is no castle without a ghost and no city without its corresponding spirit. With more strength in the Highlands, no matter where you visit inScotland, there will be a story prepared for you so that you start dreaming with legends of the Secret Community (as the world of fairies is known there) or with myths of White Ladies wandering near a lake (to mention one, because there are of all colors). Scotland is a paradise in this sense.


Ireland and Scotland are not very different, but they parted ways long ago. Their legends are different due to various factors, but the folklore is relatively similar. The most important thing is that it is everywhere. Ireland may not be as famous in this regard, but you will also find that many people are willing to tell you myths until they convince you of the reality they share.

Prague, Czech Republic

We would also like to talk about the capital of the Czech Republic because only a few cities are more haunted than this one. The symbol of the city, the great astronomical clock that existed from the end of the fifteenth century, ending with the stories it holds. And this is only the beginning. Prague is a historic city where you can discover innumerable legends to stay forever in memory and perhaps steal the tourist from a couple of nights' sleep.


Prince Vlad Tepes of Wallachia inspired Bram Stoker to create his Dracula. This is a legend that we all know; of course, in reality, it is more fictional than anything else, but in Transylvania, it sparked many other stories in this dream location that is worth discovering at Bran Castle near Brasov. It is really a unique experience.


Ghosts, mythological characters, supernatural creatures, more ghosts? Mexico has a rich array of myths of all kinds that are still very present in the country's culture, and whose inhabitants will be happy to share with you if you have the opportunity to visit. And, if you dare to discover it, of course.


Norway is also a legendary country known as the "Seven Sisters." It consists of seven mountains and a spectacular waterfall. The waterfall falls into seven streams.

The Legends says that a suitor asked the seven sisters, one by one, to marry him, and they all refused, so the man, to forget his bad luck, took to drinking. Hence the waterfall of "The Pretender" is shaped like a bottle.

South America, Lake Titicaca

Legends surround this beautiful lake between Bolivia and Peru. But, instead, there is a fertile valley where people live in abundance and are protected from the mountain god Apus who only forbids them to do one thing and never reach the top of the holy fire. But the devil wants them to climb mountains to test their courage.

The Apus, seeing that they had disobeyed their orders, dedicated themselves to exterminating them. They made thousands of pumas emerge from the caverns and began to kill them. Seeing this devastation, Inti's sun god wept so much that he caused the valley to flood.

With it, all the pumas drowned. Only one couple survived, who, at sunrise, gazed in amazement at the beautiful lake that had formed and how the pumas had become stone statues.


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