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How Vehicle Telematics Can Improve Your Customer Service

Written by  Sep 03, 2021

If a fleet is one component of your business, a great way to improve customer service is with vehicle telematics. Whether you provide products to other businesses, you run a delivery business, delivery is one component of your services or you're a restaurant trying to get food out to people quickly, telematics can provide you, your drivers, and your customers with valuable information. Customers are better able to access precise data about when they can expect their goods while the accuracy of the information, you're receiving can mean lower costs for everyone. Telematics also helps keep drivers and their goods safe and can help with performance improvements.

Precise Data for Customers

One of the great advantages of GPS tracking, smart geofencing and other vehicle telematics is that they can provide transparency to the customer about when a package, food or other item will be delivered. These tracking capabilities mean that your delivery information can go well beyond simply promising a certain delivery date and can allow people to see exactly when the product is scheduled to arrive, with updates based on real-time data. Smart geofencing can inform customers when a driver is in their neighborhood. They can also get notifications if there are delays. This lets people go about their day and make necessary plans as opposed to simply waiting hours for a delivery driver to arrive.

Lower Costs

The use of telematics can mean lower costs for everyone. Tracking information leads to more precise billing, and you can pass those saving on to your customers. You'll also have a better idea of seasonal ebb and flow, meaning that you can bring on contractors as needed to handle your busy times so that you don't have to deal with a too large workforce during the slower part of the year. Automating time consuming billing processes can mean having to hire fewer employees as well. You can also use the data you gather to ensure that drivers remain at a speed that keeps fuel costs down.

Performance Information

Information gathered through telematics can help you improve all aspects of employee performance, including identifying the best route and noting any habits that slow deliveries or raise costs. With best-in-class visibility, you have a clear picture of what is happening with your fleet, and you can use this data to identify drivers who need more training and better supervision and to give them concrete feedback about the areas where they need to improve.

Data can also be used to reward drivers, even creating friendly competition by using a leaderboard that lists several metrics to meet and exceed in a certain time period. This in turn improves morale and performance, and the customer benefits from a more functional workplace. If you know the tips for working with clients to make them happy why not apply the same philosophies to keeping your employees happy as well?

Better Safety and Security

Being able to track your drivers means that you are able to make sure that they are driving safely and taking care of customers' goods. Safer drivers mean fewer accidents, and this can also mean lower insurance costs, and this can represent further savings for your customers. With telematics, it's also easier to stay on top of maintenance and identify any problems before they become costly or a danger to your drivers.


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