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Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Sep 02, 2021

Now that the tourism industry has opened up in most of our favourite holiday destinations, it's time to say goodbye to online entertainment (for a brief time) and book your next holiday! If you're looking for a beach holiday in a historic yet beautiful location, visit Dubrovnik, Croatia. It won't disappoint. Just so that you know what you're in for, take a look at the latest Dubrovnik news!

August In Dubrovnik Nearly As Busy As In 2019

August has demonstrated, yet again, to be the busiest month of the year as far as tourism numbers show. In the first half of August this year, 172,267 vacationers made their way to Dubrovnik-Neretva County, 46% more than last year. Furthermore, over 1,000,000 overnight stays were accomplished in the first half of August or 45% more than a similar period last year.

Also, compared to the record-breaking 2019, the vacationer arrivals are 82%, and overnight stays are 86%. It needs to be taken into account that there are around 3,700 beds in closed hotels, or 18% of the total hotel capacity of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. From the 1st to the 16th of August, most overnight stays were achieved by local vacationers, followed by vacationers from Poland, Germany, France, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and also the United States.

Now that more and more people are flocking to Dubrovnik, more restaurants and bars are opening up as well, and we love to see it!


Poco Loco Cocktail and Tapas Bar, The New Favourite Hangout In Dubrovnik

Poco Loco Cocktail and Tapas Bar are, as of now, no longer a new name in Dubrovnik's nightlife scene. This bar-turned-restaurant has taken over the central area of Buniceva Poljana Square for a long time. This square in the core of the city's historical center is a well-known nightspot. It is situated behind the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary and is very popular with the locals and foreigners.

Dubrovnik is anything but a young destination. This city has always been a popular travel destination and an important port for international travelers as well. In light of this, the offer of local cafés, restaurants, and bars is very generous. Notwithstanding, the sheer number of businesses specializing in hospitality doesn't necessarily mean there is a good variety on offer. With regards to the wine and dining scene of the city, its greater part is split between pretty much generic bars and serious restaurants that have more or less the same drinks on their menu. Fortunately, the undeniable trends are changing, and we see new ideas gradually becoming the overwhelming focus. Poco Loco Cocktail and Tapas Bar is an extraordinary example.

New Restaurant To Consider In Dubrovnik:

Poco Loco has been a well-known bar and a less popular restaurant. However, it entered 2021 entirely differently with a whole new management team. herefore, it is currently one of the city's most fascinating wine and dining areas, perfect for a night out on the town. Under the vigilant eye of the new manager, Marin Nanić, who has amassed a considerable impressive experience in tourism and hospitality, Poco Loco makes sure to please even the most discerning guests. New forces in the kitchen came out with a fantastic menu highlighting a blend of local and international favourites. The food on offer is ideal for those hoping to have a quick light meal on the fly, just as those wishing to enjoy a slow dinner in the city's most energetic corners.

Food and Drinks at Poco Loco:

Guests are spoilt for taste with a wide range of tapas-like starters. For instance, Viska Pogaca, bread with sautéed anchovies and tomato, is a traditional dish of Vis Island. It is incredibly delicious and not easy to find in a lot of the local restaurants in Dubrovnik. Octopus ragout is one of Poco Loco's specialties for a main dish and gives a great follow-up. Locally sourced, fresh ingredients and basic recipes produce dishes that are delicious, textured, and colorful. The dishes are chosen to offer as much newness and variety as the actual setting. It is difficult to determine if the real star of the show at Poco Loco is the food or the drink that they have on offer.

You won't go wrong with an excellent choice of Croatian wines from different regions that make up the wine list. Some great models are offered per glass, so you don't need to stress over food pairing that can be very restrictive if you request a bottle to share. Be that as it may, Poco Loco's cocktails are in a league of their own. The cocktail list summarizes the philosophy behind this bar and restaurant. It is inventive and vibrant. It offers a lot for those searching for some all-time favourites yet rewards those willing to attempt new things (think: The BlackJack). By all means, do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy a deliciously refreshing cocktail at Poco Loco, either as an aperitif or a drink after dinner.

Don't Miss out:

With its delectable and fascinating food, innovative drinks list and location, Poco loco is perhaps the most engaging spot in the city. Poco Loco Cocktail and Tapas Bar ought to be on your radar whether you are going out as a couple or as a group of friends. Poco Loco is the perfect choice for those wanting to experience Dubrovnik's pizzazz. It will give you a lot of energy and will take only your continued curiosity in return. So plan your visit to Poco Loco at the beginning of your Dubrovnik trip as you will most likely want to come back more than once!


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