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Tips for Travelling Students: Top 5 Admission-Free Places to Visit in Croatia

Written by  Aug 31, 2021

Croatia is a country located across from Italy in Southeastern Europe. It has a rich culture and a variety of attractions. You might want to relax on the beach or take a tour of a royal palace - either way, there’s something for everyone. The best time to visit Croatia is between June and September while the weather is still warm.


Situated along the Adriatic coast, Croatia is home to a vast number of scenic beaches. The majority of them are covered in white pebbles that give the water a clear tone of turquoise. Croatia's beautiful landscapes and beaches were made even more famous when show creators of "Game of Thrones" used the Balkan country as a backdrop for filming.

Some of the best beaches in Croatia include:

Zlatni Rat, Brac


Banje Beach, Dubrovnik


Punta Rata, Brela


Sakarun Beach, Dugi Island (Dugi Otok)


Betina Cave, Dubrovnik

Besides swimming and sunbathing, you can participate in windsurfing, snorkeling, parachute rides, and other watersports and beach activities. All the more reason to enlist professional essay writers from an online essay writing service to take the load off while you explore Croatia's beaches. Depending on where you go, there are cafes and restaurants available for food and drinks. The good thing is, each beach is unique and offers a different experience making the exploration even more exciting.

Zadar Sea Organ

The Zadar Sea Organ is an architectural object designed by Nikola Basic in 2005. It comprises a wide set of steps, 70 meters long, that leads into the ocean. Besides the beautiful structure, the steps also include narrow slits that turn the wind and seawater into music. Beneath the steps is a system of 35 organ pipes that are responsible for creating the music. The Sea Organ is open 24 hours, thus making it the perfect spot to watch the sunset or sunrise.

Diocletian’s Palace


Diocletian was a Roman Emperor who rose through military ranks at the end of the Roman Empire’s reign. In 295 AD, he had a palace built for his retirement, which took a total of 10 years to complete.

The main reason Diocletian's Palace took such a long time to build is because it isn't a singular structure. Instead, it's half the city of Split. This is an impressive feat, considering that Split is the largest city in Croatia.

Diocletian put an immense amount of thought into the original architecture of his palace. For one, it's split into four parts with each of them having its own functions. Half of the court was reserved for Diocletian's living space. It was used for government and religious functions. The military occupied the other half.

Over the years, Diocletian’s Palace took on a life of its own. It's now alive with bars, cafes, and houses.

Rijeka Carnival

The Rijeka Carnival is an annual festival that takes place between January and March. It only lasts for one day, but it's by far the biggest festival held in the country. About 100,000 visitors travel to the city of Rijeka solely to attend the festival. Locals jokingly refer to it as 'the fifth season' in addition to Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. 

If your trip aligns with the festival date, expect to experience colorful street processions. Multi-colored masks and costumes are a staple of the festival. It's deeply rooted in Croatia's history, and particularly the turbulent relationship Croatians have with Turks.

The Rijeka Carnival also has ties to Christianity. It’s always celebrated in the days leading up to Lent.

Mountain Climbing

Although lounging on the beach is relaxing, sometimes, it’s fun to get more athletic. If hiking is your cup of tea, you’re in luck. Croatia has 7,328 named mountain peaks. It also hosts the Dinaric Alps, which is a mountain range that stretches across 10 countries in Southern and Southeastern Europe.

Some of the best mountains to hike in Croatia are listed below.

Dinara Mountain

Dinara Mountain is the tallest peak in Croatia. It stands at 1,831 meters above sea level. As its name suggests, it’s part of the Dinaric Alps. It’s also positioned at the border Croatia shares with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mosor Mountain

The Mosor Mountain is a massive range that spans between Split and the coastal city of Omis. Its highest peak, Veliki Kabal, is 1,339 meters above sea level.

Mount Ucka

Mount Ucka is great for those who want to do more than hiking. It offers activities like hang gliding, mountain biking, and guided tours. One of the trails in Mount Ucka also leads to a waterfall.

Velebit Mountain

Although Velebit Mountain isn't the highest in the country, it's most certainly the largest. It's part of the Dinaric Alps and is 145 kilometers (90 miles) long. Moreover, Velebit Mountain has a fascinating variety of endemic species and is a nature park.


Croatia is a country bursting with rich heritage and beautiful views. College students who want to travel while saving money should consider visiting it. Apart from tourist attractions, the country also offers fascinating sights for history buffs, architecture majors, and art students.


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