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Learning During the Pandemic: 7 Resources for Tracking Border-Crossing Rules for International Students​​ Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

Learning During the Pandemic: 7 Resources for Tracking Border-Crossing Rules for International Students​​

Written by  Aug 31, 2021

Being an international student has never been easy. But being one during the pandemic has lifted the challenge to an unprecedented level. What’s worse, there is still no end to this disaster in sight, which means that there are also no guarantees for international students of returning back to normal. 

Still, that may be fine with you if you’ve embraced the advantages of distance learning. But if you’re one of those longing to return to campus – or get there for the first time – you might be already running out of patience.

Luckily, there are some ways to make an international student’s life simpler. For example, an occasional visit to a website of an online essay writing service can spare you a few hours, if not days. Let professionals from EssayHub write essays that you’ve chosen to outsource. Meanwhile, you can either relax and unwind or do other important tasks.    

There is also a great way to optimize tracking border-crossing rules. Instead of starting your search from scratch each time you want to learn what’s new, bookmark a few websites and check them regularly for updates. We suggest that you start with these ones.  

Primary Resources to Track the Rules Around the World

As much as it would be convenient to have all the information at hand on one website, this option is currently unavailable. Instead, you can bookmark the official resources of the country of your destination and check for updates regularly. Below, we present our list of such resources for some of the most popular study destinations all over the world.   



United States: Travel.State.Gov 

The US is home to some of the best colleges and universities in the world, and the pressure’s been high for the country to reopen for international students. Currently, students from other countries can return to campus, but there are a lot of limitations. 

Fortunately, all the guidelines can be found in one place – at Travel.State.Gov, which is an official resource of the US Department of State. On this website, you can find a whole section providing information about student visas, and also a separate one for visa news. 

Moreover, colleges and universities have “Travel and Visas” sections on their official websites, too – for example, Harvard, MIT, Penn, and others. So, you can just check your school’s resources for updates. 

United Kingdom: UKCISA 

UKCISA stands for “UK Council for International Student Affairs”, and its official website provides comprehensive information and updates on the situation with the visas and current travel guidelines in its “Information & Advice” section.  

However, it also indicates that “some education providers will have their own policies”. So, it’s still safer to get updated directly from your college or university. 

Canada: Government of Canada  

Canada is another highly popular destination for those who want to study abroad. So, the country's officials pay special attention to providing up-to-date guidelines on the country’s official resources. 

Particularly, the Government of Canada official website has a whole page dedicated to coronavirus travel rules for international students. To read them, head to the “Immigration and Citizenship” section.

Australia: Australian Government/Study Australia  

The Australian government also gives comprehensive information for international students. The guidelines and updates can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website (in the “International Students” section) or at Studyinaustralia.Gov.Au which is another official resource for those studying in Australia.  

Europe: European Commission  

Things are a lot more complicated for those studying at one of the EU's educational institutions. Though there are some general travel rules for the whole Union, which can be found on the European Commission’s official website in the “Live, Work, Travel in the EU” section, each country may also have its own additional regulations.  

So, it’s safer to also monitor the country’s official resources and stay in touch with your college or university at the same time. 

China: China International Student Union 

For international students at Chinese universities, there is still seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. They are still not allowed to enter the country, and the news is scarce on the subject. 

So, they started an Instagram account called ChinaInternationalStudentUnion. There, the admins post relevant information and keep their peers updated. But mainly, the account, which now has more than ten thousand followers, exists so that these people could be seen and heard.  

Japan: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan 

Japan is one more country that is not yet ready to welcome back its international students. Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s official website indicates that all phased measures for resuming cross-border travel are suspended. It means that everyone has no option but to stay home and watch for updates on the said website.  

Summing Up 

Sad as it is for international students, travel restrictions still exist in many countries across the world. 

If you’re not happy with distance learning and long to return to campus, bookmark all the official resources of the country of your destination. Also, remember to stay in touch with your educational institution to ensure you don’t miss any news. 

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