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How To Control Your Casino Gambling - A Quick Guide

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jul 27, 2021

Casino gambling can be a fun pass time, especially when you are celebrating, or taking a trip away, but you shouldn’t let it take over your time. Gambling is supposed to be fun, it is entertainment, and you should never let it get out of hand. Nothing ruins a good night on the slots like overspending and ending up going home wondering how you are going to pay next month's rent.

Responsible gambling makes gambling more fun. So, be responsible, take control of your gambling, and only then can the fun really begin. Learn more about casino gambling at

Understanding when you have a gambling problem

If you are gambling, and it is no longer fun, then there is a problem there. Gambling should be a fun experience, suited for bachelor parties, celebrations, and the odd night out. However, if gambling is taking the place of your family life and work life, it is time to realize that maybe gambling just isn’t for you.

However, gambling doesn’t need to be as bad for you as binge-drinking or becoming a drug addict. While it can be just as risky as this, it does not have to be. If you set yourself limits and understand budgeting your play, then you can enjoy gambling without the risks of addiction weeding its way in.

How you ask? This is how...

Budgeting your spending

Setting yourself limits when you go out is a good way to start gambling smart. Instead of taking your card out with you, take cash. While cash has its risks, it means that you are less likely to spend over your budget, and you can have fun and play smart, while still being able to pay next month's bills.

If you live near casinos and find yourself going to them regularly, then you can manage your time, designating yourself only a certain amount of time to gamble.

Manage your time gambling in physical casinos much like you would in online casinos, ensure that you have a set time so that you do not end up letting the casinos and the gambling take over your life. If you’re there all the time, it kind of ruins the magic of it all.

Understanding win-loss ratios

Another important thing is to understand the win to loss ratios. When you gamble, you need to understand how much you are winning vs how much you are losing. Do not get tempted by the idea that you can win back your losses. Sometimes when you are gambling, it is just best to accept defeat. One of the biggest temptations with gambling, that often turns it into an addiction, is the thought that you can win back your losses. Gambling is random, and if you are not doing well, leave it be, and better luck next time.

Most games are random and are a total game of chance, so do not damage your bank account hoping that next time will be your ‘big win’.

Gambling and Mental Health

One of the most important things is to avoid gambling when your mental health is low. Mental health and gambling problems often go hand in hand. Gambling is fun and entertainment, but it is not the answer to all of your problems. Be mindful of this before you take a trip down to the slots in the hope that you’ll get a big win, and it will solve all your issues, because most of the time, this just isn’t the case.

Gambling should be fun!

Remember that gambling should be fun, and entertaining. It is like console gaming, or game shows. It takes our minds off of things for a little while, but it is not something to do permanently. Casinos online, and physical, are fantastic places to go for a night out, or for a bachelor party. But too many trips there can ruin the magic of the experience.

It is also worth knowing which casino games have odds that are in your favour. Play games you know, and feel comfortable with, and play games with decent odds so that you get your money's worth of entertainment. Blackjack is one of the games that have the best odds, while it is totally random, you have a better chance at black jack than most other casino games. While it is easy to find black jack addictive, it is a great game to enjoy and play your luck with the gods of chance. Similarly, craps is another good game to play with decent odds, that is fairly popular.

Controlling your casino gambling is all about having fun and not taking it too seriously. Remember that it is entertainment, and good for a night out, not a way to gain an extra income.

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