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The Bingo Culture in the United Kingdom Image by Alejandro Garay from Pixabay

The Bingo Culture in the United Kingdom

Written by  Jul 21, 2021

If there is one that history has shown us, it is that tastes rarely stay the same. Different types of music, movies, and entertainment trend for a few years before we find the latest trend to hold on to. However, despite having close to a 500-year history in the UK, bingo is one form of entertainment that has always had a place in British hearts. In the 20th century, in particular, Bingo exploded in popularity across the British Isles.

The form of betting became a social phenomenon with people going to land-based Bingo halls all around the country. Eventually, popularity did start to wean a little, but then the internet came and saved the day! Operators were quick to spot the opportunities and knew that such a popular game would become even more so in an online setting. Plus, with online gambling firmly legal, and well regulated, players would have peace of mind that they were treated fairly. Compared to Croatia, the regulation of betting in Europe, and particularly the UK, is far more regulated.

Britain's Gambling Laws

A big part of the reason behind the popularity of Bingo in the UK was the liberal gambling laws within the country. In the 1960s further changes were made to laws that helped strengthen Bingo as one of the UK’s favourite pastimes. Close to half a million people would play Bingo at the bingo halls during the game’s peak.

However, high taxation, and people moving into more trendy forms of entertainment, saw the slow down of BIngo in the country. This was until the birth of the internet when operators identified a lot of potential in the game becoming a popular home activity.

Online Bingo Saved the Game

As the internet became adopted on a large scale across Britain, online gambling quickly became a regular hobby for many people at home. Bingo, in particular, instantly rose in popularity thanks to the convenience of playing at home. Sites such as Foxy Bingo quickly showed that Bingo is just as much a home game as it is a night out. Players simply deposit using PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller, claim a bonus welcome offer or sign-up promotions, and away they go.

Any Foxy Bingo review will tell you that this is among the best Bingo platforms in the UK. It was shortlisted for the Best bingo site at the WhichBingo Awards, offers a ton of lucrative offers and promotions, has a great community, and provides high levels of customer service.

Online Bingo is Booming

Bingo is hardly a game that will turn people into overnight millionaires compared to other forms of online gambling such as found at online casinos. However, it is the social aspect and the fun and excitement of winning small amounts of low-risk money that allows it to appeal. Bingo is now so popular in an online format, that it is set to become a $2 million industry by the end of 2022.

Even land-based bingo is starting to see a revival once more. The game is now hosted in bars and pubs across the country, rather than dedicated bingo halls. It adds a layer of entertainment to any night out! Better yet, the evolution of technology has meant we can take part in online bingo from anywhere we like. So, we could essentially go out, but stay in, at the same time! We can play a few games of Bingo on our Samsung while our friends go and get in the drinks! Bingo is a game steeped in British culture, and it is going to take something substantial to remove it!


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