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Why Is Bitcoin Mining Getting Easier Subsequent To Bitcoin Crackdown In China? Image by Miloslav Hamřík from Pixabay

Why Is Bitcoin Mining Getting Easier Subsequent To Bitcoin Crackdown In China?

Written by  Jul 18, 2021

Bitcoin recently confronted ample challenges, which declined the value of the utmost speculative asset to an exceeding extent. The cryptocurrency market crash correspondingly affected the market value of bitcoin alongside the market cap and dominance.

The prominent reason behind the cryptocurrency crackdown is china announcing the crypto crackdown in the country. All the more, there were few other reasons that led to the cryptocurrency crackdown, such as Elon musk announcing the suspension of bitcoin as a payment method in tesla motors. Moreover, if you want to avail yourself gigantic results in your bitcoin expedition, bitcoin buyer for more details; the fact might amaze you that china cracking down cryptocurrencies and other digitalized coinage is an overall win for bitcoin; you might be wondering how.

China's crypto crackdown has adversely affected the bitcoin marketplace, but it is claimed to ease bitcoin mining to an exceeding extent. Here are some of the crucial reasons why china's announcement of cryptocurrency crackdown is transforming bitcoin mining into a much easier progression, so without wasting any further dues, let's have a look.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining is the utmost decisive component of the bitcoin infrastructure as it is the central entity of the entire complex. Bitcoin mining is subjected to tons of significant roles in the bitcoin network, such as availing new flanged bitcoin units as the block reward of bitcoin mining progression, verifying bitcoin transactions, and processing the information regarding bitcoin transactions to the public ledger.

In nutshell bitcoin miners, sustain the cycle of bitcoin and embrace the security of the bitcoin complex by verifying transactions and rendering the information regarding these explicit transactions to the blockchain.

Bitcoin mining basically aims at verifying bitcoin transactions by investing computer resources alongside power sources. Bitcoin miners, in order to verify the transaction, solve an explicit math puzzle; the prominent reason behind solving a math equation rendered by the bitcoin algorithm is to determine a nonce value of every explicit transaction.

Bear in mind a block of the blockchain might contain either contain one transaction or multiple transactions depending upon the size of that explicit transaction. In a nutshell, a block can contain more than one nonce value.

The fact might amaze you that there is already 4 billion hashing function in the blockchain which makes it more complicated to acknowledge diversified nonce hashing function for every transaction. In order to embrace the ease and pace of determining nonce value, a robust bitcoin mining rig is essential, alongside a conventional power source.

How is China's Cryptocurrency Crackdown Making Bitcoin Mining Easier?

Crypto enthusiasts are familiar with the fact that China is the home of bitcoin mining. Conferring the robust facts and analysis, china produces more than half of the hashing rate of the entire global bitcoin mining chain. A single province of china contributes more than 5% of the hash rate to the global bitcoin mining chain. All the more energy consumed by china single-handedly in terms of bitcoin mining is more than the annual energy consumption of few regions.

The recent announcement of the Chinese jointed community regarding cryptocurrency crackdown correspondingly included halting of bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrency mining. Few robust sources considered China's announcement as just a move to crash the cryptocurrency industry.

However, in a nominal time of the announcement, higher authorities of mining capitals blazed the trial of prohibiting bitcoin mining in their explicit region. Beijing Inner Mongolian region and Yunnan have correspondingly started to ban bitcoin miners, either explicit or pool.

The fact might stun that bitcoin miners from china are migrating to diversified countries such as Afghanistan and the American region. Bitcoin miners are not potential enough to migrate to another region are selling off their bitcoin mining equipment at half prices.

Decline In Hash Rate!

You might be wondering how the entire progression eased the process of bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining was equipped with immense competition prior to the cryptocurrency market crash. The immense chaos while mining bitcoin units inclined the complexity of bitcoin mining as miners have to compete with each other in order to avail the block reward. In a nutshell, miners merely receive the block reward only if they solve complicated math puzzles at the very first glance.

The cryptocurrency crackdown in china has declined almost 50% of the competition, and miners are now equipped with more space. This is how bitcoin mining in china eased bitcoin mining.


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