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PDF Ideas for Students

Written by  Jul 16, 2021

PDF Ideas for Students 

PDF tools for students are everywhere nowadays. Students can find them online where some platforms let students use their services for free. Other web-based tools require registration and a small weekly, monthly or yearly fee to use basic as well as advanced PDF tools. And there are the more notable programs that come as paid software that have the latest in PDF editing options and are regarded as the best in the business. Students have a lot of considerations when it comes to finding the right tools to help them in their studies. So this list is a helpful guide to all the best PDF editors online and elsewhere. 

PDF Templates 

Ready-made and ready-to-use PDF templates are essential documents not just for students but for anyone who needs a legitimate and professional document template. These days, most important documents - from employment applications and contracts to tax forms and other governmental applications - are digital and usually created in PDF format. 

Some forms are downloadable and are ready to fill in, but some may require editing to fit a user’s specific purposes, like an invitation, rental contract, or cover letter. For those purposes, many online PDF editors also offer their users a wealth of pre-made templates that fit any occasion. 

Whether a user needs an official document to submit for a particular project or a research paper, many of the best online PDF editing software comes with access to templates. Many web-based services like PDF Form, Sejda, and SmallPDF offer users a wealth of different editable templates that can be made to fit any requirement. 

PDF Tools 

The term “PDF tools” can encompass many things. PDF tools can help students with everything from editing, commenting and annotating, highlighting passages, merging or splitting documents, and compressing or converting them to other file types. There are several online services as well as paid software programs that let students do all of the aforementioned. 

One option that is both browser-based but also available for download to a desktop or mobile phone is Lumin PDF. Lumin is a site that aims to take all of the effort and guesswork out of editing and managing PDF files. 

The program boasts an easy-to-navigate user interface, a bevy of editing, annotating, and commenting options, while allowing for easy synchronization to cloud-based storage tools like Google Drive and Dropbox. Users can take advantage of this cloud capability by sharing a PDF with a colleague and then editing it together in real-time so everyone stays on the same page. 

Another useful PDF editor for students comes in the form of the Adobe Acrobat suite. Adobe Acrobat software is highly-regarded and the most well-known PDF editing software. It usually comes at a premium and costs hundreds of dollars to buy. 

Fortunately, higher-education students could benefit from the fact that many higher-learning institutions make the software available to students. Students can complete reports, edit documents and compile new document types using Adobe without having to bear the costs that come with it. 

Editable PDFs 

PDFs were originally not meant to be edited. This built-in feature was so that anyone, anywhere could receive, open and view a PDF file without needing to install or download special software. It also meant that a document could be shared with many different people and always arrive unadulterated and in the same form as it was meant to be. 

The concrete-like quality of original PDFs was a boon to users who needed more valid options than the options that existed at the time. Rather than printing off individual pages of large documents, faxing large reams of paper, or being thwarted when sending them via email because of large file sizes, users could simply compress a document into a single, easily shareable file. 

But as the technology progressed, demand arose for PDF editors for those documents that did require changes. Whether it was to edit text or change a format or design layout, PDF editing software soon became a must-have for individuals and businesses everywhere.

Students especially need access to PDF file editors as the demands of their assignments and classes require organization, formatting, annotations, and other features. Students with the knowledge can create their PDF files. They can also download ready-made templates, as well as edit elements of an already-created or merging and splitting several PDFs to create a new one. 

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