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Buying Organic Instagram Followers – Is it really worth It?

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jul 14, 2021

Instagram, just like any other social media platform, undergoes multiple changes year around. In the initial stages, growing your presence on Instagram was more accessible than the present time. Now the IG algorithm will only promote content that receives the highest rate of engagement.

Instagram has been the primary source of revenue for many influencers. Some have even grown to levels that allow them to rake in thousands of dollars per post.

Many budding creators believes that success on Instagram can be acquired through one single step - by growing their following. But it is high time they realize that just having followers without engagement won't do justice to your account.

Businesses that want to collaborate with influencers are attracted to a big community. But they also prefer genuine followers with active accounts - after all, they want a return on their investment.

The increasing revisions of the Instagram algorithm have made it difficult for creators to increase followers. Growing challenges have prompted Influencers to look for other alternatives. Therefore, some decide to buy organic Instagram followers to boost the count. But is this the right choice? - for the most part, yes, it is, provided you know where to look.

Why Is It Essential to Have More Instagram Followers?

An increase in the number of followers not only serves as a powerful magnet that attracts more users to your account but also propels you towards more glory, fame, and recognition within your niche. You can also hit your financial targets much more effectively.

When you buy real active Instagram followers from trusted websites, you get targeted individuals as followers. These are people who have shown interest in your content and will engage with all your posts.

Genuine engagement opens doors to higher exposure of your content in multiple places - all by the Instagram algorithm. As a result, new eyes will find your content, engage with it, and even share it with their connections on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Your account with a large following will soon catch the eyes of brands looking to gain publicity for their products and services. They will approach you and even pay you to create posts featuring what they are offering.

Important Points to Remember Before You Select a website

If you buy permanent Instagram followers, you will be doing yourself and your account a considerable favour. But before you push ahead with your decision, it will help if you consider the below tips.

• Ensure that the website does not misuse the details they collect from their clients from order placement to order completion.

• Customers' safety should be guaranteed by having an SSL certificate for their website, along with multiple secured payment options.

• The website you select should have a good track record dealing with similar clients. It will help if they have reviews and testimonials to do justice to their claims.

Where Do Fake Followers Originate From

While there are genuine websites like that take pride in delivering authentic followers for your account, there are some bad seeds in a pile involved in providing services using mainly two methods.

• Ghost accounts: These are temporary accounts created and operated by people hired by the company. They are primarily tasked to follow your account and like your posts.

• Bots: These are computer programs created to follow related accounts and like their content. Bots are most active when they are first made, but after some time, they go silent. They may even unfollow the accounts that they previously followed.

Creating ghost accounts and get them to follow you takes more time and effort. What's more, it does not significantly improve the rate of engagement on your post. Companies that specialize in non-responsive accounts do so to sell likes.

Instagram wants more engagement from its users. Hence, if you manage to get more likes, comments, and shares on your posts, the IG algorithm will ensure that your content gets featured on the explore page and as one of the top results in the hashtags section. But you can forget about all of this because the holders of ghost accounts are not your loyal followers. They will only engage with you until your package runs out; after that, the users will go silent.

Brands that want to get into a productive partnership with an influencer such as yourself can easily detect if your account is bolstered with suspicious followers. What gives it away? Those who create temporary accounts do not put much work into creating an appealing user page. These profiles will have no picture or a well-structured description - this can arouse suspicion.

Now let's move on to the next option we have – bots. When you buy followers via bots, these computerized programs, we'll go and follow other accounts. The aim is to convert users into followers by approaching them first. People are oblivious that bots follow them, and they will soon unfollow after some passage of time.

The use of bots and non-responsive accounts is often considered an underhanded tactic and a violation of Instagram policy. When you get accused of it, this could prove to be a severe dent in your brand's reputation.

To make their services look authentic, some vendors, we'll go out of the way and drop a few comments on your posts. They will use completely irrelevant terms like "good job" or "nice work." But what may look like engagement from a genuine user can easily be picked out as fake by those well-versed in the use of social media.

Some comments have no business being on a particular post. The apparent mismatch is a dead giveaway that paves the way for a negative brand image.

Put yourself in the shoes of a random visitor who just happened to find one of your posts. Let's say the image is of England using the Euro 2020 final against Italy. What would be going through your head when you find comments like "Good game lads" popping up now and then as you scroll. If I, were you, I would call foul on genuine engagement!

Similarly, if you have a bot doing your bidding, don't rule out the possibility of mistakenly liking something you shouldn't have. Likes, just like comments, are an open book for everyone to see.

To Sum Up

As the user base on Instagram continues to grow, the demand for content also increases - these fuels more competition on the platform. Several influencers buy followers to make sure their accounts grow, and their business always stays one step ahead of their rivals – you can follow in their footsteps. But it would be best if you always did your research before you approach any service provider. You don't want your money to end up in the wrong hands. It would be best to start small and invested in the smallest package available to test the waters. Satisfactory results can later call for a more significant investment.

First, you need to get some things out of the way.

• The website should make efforts to safeguard your privacy and security throughout the process.

• You should direct your resources to create quality content.

A substantial number of real Instagram followers will make your account looks credible and attract like-minded individuals. You will gradually see an increase in more organic followers and quality engagement. On the other hand, if your Instagram handle has fewer or fake followers, your target audience and business lose interest in you, and your page will soon fade away from existence.

We hope you found our article to your liking.

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