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The Most Popular Combinations and Symbols in Online Slots Image by Joachim Kirchner from Pixabay

The Most Popular Combinations and Symbols in Online Slots

Written by  Jul 13, 2021

We live in an age where online games are part of our everyday life and culture. Not so long ago, players were only limited to a particular game that they have purchased, whereas now, they can access almost any game online. This also includes casino games.

One game that most players find to be the most appealing and interesting one of all is slots. Slots have been one of the centerpieces of all land-based casinos as well as casino films for a long time. So it comes as no surprise that their virtual version would attract the greatest number of players.

Discovering online slots for the first time can be a thrilling and exciting experience. There are many interesting facts that one can find about this game, and in this article, we’ll dig into the topic of popular combinations and symbols in online slots.

Why Are There Symbols and Combinations in Slots?

Players who like visiting Canadian online casinos to play online slots for real money are usually interested in all possible combinations that can bring them a prize. However, it’s impossible to generalize all possible combinations because they will always depend on the number of paylines.

Moreover, the number of possible combinations will also depend on the number of symbols. Classical symbols that were once used in slot machines are fruits, card symbols, bells, 7s, horseshoes, and lucky bars. But nowadays, the graphics of the symbols will always depend on the main theme of the slot game, so there’s an endless number of them.

Wild Symbol

Those players who enjoy all the perks of the best online casinos in Ireland that offer lucrative bonuses are also great fans of the wild symbol. The reason why is because this symbol increases the players’ winning chances. The wild symbol is the symbol that can serve as a replacement for a symbol the player needs to get a winning combination. However, if the game has any other special symbol, usually the wilds don’t act as a substitution for those.

Scatter Symbol

There is another group of interesting symbols that is very welcome among gamblers who like to play online slots. They are called scatter symbols and they can form a winning combination even if they are scattered on the reels. Unlike all other symbols that need to be at a specific payline, scatter symbols can be anywhere on the screen, and as long as the players have three or more, they will get a winning combination.

Reel Combinations

As we’ve already mentioned, the number of all possible reel combinations will always depend on the number of paylines that an online slot has. There are online slots with:

● 1 payline
● 3 paylines
● Multiple paylines (5+)
● Multiway slots

Of course, the number of reels also plays a big role, so there can be a 3-reel, a 5-reel, or any other number of reels slots. What is more, the minimum and maximum bet per spin can vary depending on the number of available paylines and reels. So, players who are about to make a deposit in casino to play a particular slot need to know how much is the minimum or the maximum bet per spin so they can plan their gaming time ahead.

The Super Game

One of the reasons many gamblers consider slots as the ultimate game is because they have been known to turn people into millionaires. And all it takes is one spin. Those who were lucky enough to play this super game at the right moment got a chance for a better and carefree life.


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