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5 Traits Of High Performing Employees Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

5 Traits Of High Performing Employees

Written by  Jul 08, 2021

For any business to succeed, it is important that they identify and nurture high-performing employees because they are capable of delivering more than an average employee. They are always willing to do more than what their job entails, which clearly makes them an asset.

Not only do they perform well in their jobs, but become an inspiration for those around them. This creates a domino effect where other employees too feel the need to upgrade themselves and be more productive. This greatly benefits the company in the long run.

But what makes an employee a high performer? Here are five common traits that distinguish them from others:

1. Willing to grow:

The biggest secret of high performing employees is their inherent desire to keep expanding their skill sets. This ensures they take company L&D programs seriously and make the most of them. Businesses should ensure they offer training through easy to use platforms so employees feel interested in learning.

For instance, let's consider HSI which is a highly popular HSEQ platform used for safety and compliance training. The HSI reviews clearly reflect that the companies that use it were able to foster better compliance in the workplace because of how easy to use the platform is. If the platform is complicated, it may get challenging to get employees to learn anything.

2. Strong time management:

A high performing employee knows the worth of their time. They strive to ensure they make the best use of their time and be as productive as possible by organizing their work well. They identify their hyper-productive hours and ensure they utilize them well.

They are able to segregate the priority tasks from the less important ones and accomplish them accordingly based on the deadlines. Since they are aware of what is lined up for them in the coming hours, it allows them to work calmly and not out of stress.

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3. Excellent soft skills:

One of the most important skills that every high performer has is great people skills. They are capable of conveying their thoughts and ideas in the correct way. This helps them avoid confusion when discussing work.

Because of their communication skills, they are able to develop good connections with their team members and collaborate effectively. This helps in enhancing their work quality and makes them more efficient.

4. Exhibit trustworthy behaviors:

Managers need to know that when they entrust an employee with responsibility, they will give in their very best efforts to do it. When an employee delivers what they promised, it makes it easy for the manager to rely on them.

At the same time, they take accountability for their mistakes and work on improving their shortcomings. They don’t try to shift the blame or try to hog the limelight by taking credit for someone else’s work.

5. Eye for detail:

The employees who stand out from the rest are usually those who research in detail about what they are doing. Since they spend more time on research and less on complaining, they are generally the ones who come up with better solutions for obstacles in the workflow.

This means they pay great attention to detail which allows them to deliver work that is of great quality. They are able to understand work delegated by the manager and discover ways to do it successfully on their own.


Above everything else, high performing employees are dedicated to achieving their targets and constantly improve their performance. They are not afraid to step up and take new responsibilities. This sets them apart from the majority and makes them an obvious choice for promotions.




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