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Buy Active YouTube Subscribers: Will This Harm You?

Written by  Jul 06, 2021

“Should I buy YouTube subscribers?” is a mutual query from creators struggling to build a YouTube audience. As part of a cohesive marketing strategy, if you buy active YouTube subscribers, you could expand more quickly if you purchase them cautiously.

39.4% of social media users in the U.S. expected their YouTube usage to upturn ominously while staying at home (Source-emarketer). Also, the top ten YouTubers earned 30% more revenue from June of 2019 to June of 2020 compared to 2019 (Source- As, more individuals are starting their own YouTube channels, there are additional videos uploaded every minute—and more competition for subscribers. The year 2021 was a heck of a year for YouTube, as people turned to videos to replace in-person events and undertakings.

They are also, three times more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial video compared to reading the product’s instructions (Source-Think with Google). Over 38 million YouTube channels have been produced. Out of those 38 million+ channels, 230,000 YouTube channels have more than 100,000 subscribers, 22,000 YouTube channels have more than 1 million subscribers and 700 YouTube channels have more than 10 million subscribers. (Source-Tubics).

YouTube channels with a big subscriber base can even monetize their channel through advertisements. Moreover, businesses and influencers can transfigure potential subscribers into potential leads by fascinating them through the subscriber count and magnetic calls-to-actions. YouTube is one of the most persuasive platforms when it comes to video-sharing sites. This year, online video will account for 79% of internet traffic. (Source- Cisco) Also, more than 80,000 YouTube Gaming creators hit 100,000 subscribers, over 1,000 gaming creators hit 5 million subscribers and over 350 gaming creators reached a massive 10 million subscribers! (Source-YouTube blog)

In addition to that, buying YouTube subscribers is a developmental trend, and it leads to respectable results to the brand recognition. YouTube attracts the most visitors from the United States, India, and Japan (Source-Alexa). And the top genres watched by YouTube customers are comedy (77%), followed by thriller/crime/mystery (60%). (Source-SEMrush). And every niche is already jam-packed with loads of channels. Therefore, individuals caring more about beating competitors also focus on gaining more channel views, likes, comments and subscribers.

Buying YouTube Subscribers- Pros & cons


1. Your channel starts attracting more natural subscribers- Buying organic YouTube subs can help you quickly gain more subscribers. The bandwagon phenomenon, or “social proof,” is an actual mechanism—individuals are more likely to hit the ‘Subscribe’ button if they see that you previously have hundreds or thousands of other subscribers. Subscribers are the decisive status metric of a channel’ growth. A well subscribed channel gains more recognition and preference by its target audience. Paid subscribers can be the key to become a successful YouTube channel by influencing more potential subscribers, influencers and advertisers.

2. Recognition within your niche- Buy real subscribers to increase your channel’s visibility, discoverability, identification, recognition and to become an authority in your industry. Paid subscribers are the secret ingredient to jumpstart as an expert-level, creator-supervisor. Then, you can connect with professionals, and pursue opportunities by establishing a dominating channel in your niche. Organizing your channel as an interactive structure with lots of views, comments, shares and subscriptions, makes you a distinguished version in your niche. Buying YouTube comments will also give you an extra edge.

3. Increases view velocity- One of the YouTube search algorithm metrics is view pace, or the number of subscribers who view your video soon after it goes live. The more subs you have, and the more affianced they are, the developed your view velocity will be.

4. Boosts engagements- Buy YouTube subscribers to increase your organic engagement ratio in terms of likes, comments, and suggestions by active and legit YouTubers. When paid subscribers start promoting your content, they attract your potential target audience to interact more. These permanent subscribers that will not be removed, become an asset for your channel in the long run and boost your confidence too. They further help you to build communities online, as YouTube onlookers can develop one of the most influential online social communities that you can engage with.

5. More targeted audience viewing your content habitually: Viewers are also more likely to see your general videos suggested to them. So as to get your content out to more people and get frequently recommended, you need to make sure that you have a vigorous number of subscribers. When your subscribers watch your videos on a consistent basis, you’ll get more watch time and views, helping your videos to perform well with the YouTube algorithm. YouTube cultivates every day, and with every new video added, your chances of being discovered go down. Buying YouTube likes will help you improve your metrics so more target audience can find your videos.


Yes, it is, but you must be cautious when buying YouTube subscribers as there are many deceitful companies out there that are merely looking to make a rapid buck. These companies won’t deliver what they promise and have hopped on the craze of social media evolution. If you buy YouTube subscribers from these websites who sell bots, you are going to get in real trouble;

1. Your channel can be banned from YouTube- YouTube doesn’t like fake subscribers, and may punish channels if they consider some subs are bots and not real people. In some cases, if you get too many new subscribers too fast, they may even ban your account, leaving you to start over after compensating to build the account. In August of 2019, YouTube started circumnavigating subscriber counts instead of giving exact numbers, which annoyed some popular YouTubers who liked to track their own fame in comparison to others by the definite numbers.

2. Many creators stop producing intriguing content- Purchasing subscribers will work best if you unswervingly produce high-quality videos on a regular basis, as this inspires new subscribers to watch and engage with your valuable content.

3. Relatively lower watch time- When you buy bots as fake YouTube subscribers, you violate the terms and policies of YouTube, because bots cannot watch your videos to generate watch time and henceforth, your YouTube channel harvests relatively lower watch time which harms the ranking of your channels videos as well. You must buy real YouTube subscribers who watch your videos and give you first 4000 watch hours to monetize your channel leveraging Google AdSense or YouTube ads.

4. Low Engagement- Subscriber count is only a chunk of YouTube’s search algorithm metrics. Engagement and views are also important, so you may want to ponder buying those as well. Your engagement ratio falls because bots never interact in terms of likes, comments and shares. Videos which generate very low user- engagement do not perform well in the search results and neither appear in the YouTube suggestions, recommended/related and trending videos, losing a vast audience and appreciation.

5. Deteriorates your channel reputation- Fake subscribers/bots gives you no watch-time, engagements, rankings and thus, make your channel burry by the algorithm. This further worsens your reputation/goodwill of your YouTube channel and may end with a sad shut down.


You must, buy real & legit YouTube subscribers, from authentic real-subscribers service and get 100% safe, secured, permanent and legit subscribers with highest Retention Rates.

Fortunately, there are companies out there who empathize with your brawl and have created services to help you increase YouTube subscribers that you need. When you buy YouTube subscribers, you’ll get many benefits to face the fierce competition.

In YouTube’s own words, “We consider engagement to be legitimate when a human user’s primary intent is to authentically interact with the content. We consider engagement illegitimate, for example, when it results from coercion or deception, or when the sole purpose of the engagement is financial gain”

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