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AFuzion Shares How the New SAE ARP4761A Improves Existing Safety Foundation Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

AFuzion Shares How the New SAE ARP4761A Improves Existing Safety Foundation

Written by  Jul 06, 2021
  • The estimated annual growth rate for passenger air traffic between 2020 and 2039 in North America is 2.7%

  • In 2020, the cargo airline industry generated total revenue streams which exceeded $128B USD despite the disastrous COVID-19 pandemic.

The last couple of decades have seen the aviation industry experience a significant amount of growth. Between 2009 and 2019, passenger revenue in global aviation proliferated by roughly 64% (to $612B USD).

Having said that, the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly took its toll on the industry- quickly reversing the aforementioned trend of growth- particularly during 2020.

The effects of globalisation have meant that our world is increasingly becoming more and more interconnected; the aviation sector is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and convenient transportation methods (carrying over 1.5B passengers in 2020 alone and generating global revenues which exceed $320B USD).

The sector serves as an important facilitation tool for economic growth, tourism, and economic efficiency; the industry’s most prioritised and heavily scrutinised element of statutory regulations is safety- which we will be examining below.

AFuzion- a prominent niche corporation that provides unrivalled expertise to a variety of leading corporations within the sphere of aircraft safety, has recently shed light on the likely applicable effects that the new SAE ARP4761A will have on the existing safety protocols within the aviation industry.

Below we will examine the unique points that have been raised by the eminent aircraft colossal, and attempt to extrapolate the likely consequences that will likely follow.

AFuzion: A Short Preamble

As briefly touched on above, AFuzion is a leading boutique company that aims to ‘infuse’ a plethora of the world’s largest aviation corporations by supplying them with the necessary safety-compliance regulations and protocol efficacy predictions that they need to holistically strengthen their aircraft safety.

The company was founded by Vance Hilderman- its current CEO and CTO of a variety of other safety-critical companies that have been consequently sold for tens of millions of dollars in the past years.

AFuzion supplies the aviation industry with countless updates which critically analyse possible Checklists, Whitepapers, Market Templates, and tailor-made industry training. These have all been copyrighted and the intellectual property rights are in fact retained by agents of the prominent company to this day.

Even so, it should be noted that there have been cases of other competitors accessing this information- either illegally by breaking the relevant copyright and trademark U.S. laws or by simply waiting for such I rights to expire and opting to use information that was released 10 to 30 years ago.

This is obviously a problem, but the company’s founder and current CEO insists on the likely irrelevance of such information in this day and age.

‘’Why would you want to use information that spans 10 to 30 years, when we provide consistent, up to date information on a regular basis.’’- Vance Hilderman, CEO and Founder of AFuzion.

This is rather understandable, especially when considering the fact that aircraft technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades.

ARP4761 & ARP4761A: The Difference

The ARP4761A has significantly raised the Aircraft safety regulations in comparison to its predecessor, the ARP4761, which entails over 300 pages of specialised information.

The new ARP4761A has undoubtedly started to serve as a holistic ‘guide’ in regards to the relevant safety and precaution measures that exist within the aviation industry. This is because it supplies companies with a variety of expert analysis and field extrapolations, and allows them to make informed decisions and minimize their safety risks.

Consequently, it is rather unsurprising that the ARP4761A has been titled by a plethora of individuals as a tool for laying down the foundations of safety within the aviation industry; its strict constitution is commensurate with the rigorous safety assessments and legal rigmarole that persist within the sphere of aircraft safety, and it was created by the same aircraft safety engineers as its predecessor (ARP4761A).

A Final Take

Overall, it can be seen that the new ARP4761A significantly tightens aircraft safety- as indicated by AFuzion’s critical analysis. With experience going back several decades and a team of specialised safety engineers and former pilots on their side, AFuzion indubitably provides an unrivalled source of interest to the aviation industry.