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A sports mad July - and the month has just started

Written by  Jul 05, 2021

Merely a few days in, July has already been an iconic month for sports. Our author Kate Richardson (You can view her profile here) examines some of the brightest happenings in the sports world this July.

Denmark’s Secret: What They Did Differently

Denmark’s victory over Switzerland saw them through to the Euro 2020 semi-final. So far, the Danish side has put up a spectacular performance in this competition. No one expected them to come this far. But they have been able to prolong their stay in the competition.

What is the secret behind this performance? What are they doing differently to stay longer in the competition? Would they be able to pull it off against England in the semi-final? These are some questions most gamblers or viewers are bothered with as they wager on apple pay bookies.

Here is the reality. There is no secret. Although there are times when talent and teaching executed at the right time could do the magic. Sometimes, this could be the story told by the narrator. However, sometimes there is no story. It is just an issue of how hungry a team is for success.

This is the story of Denmark. A team was faced with horror when a team player, Christian Eriksen, collapsed on the field and needed to be resuscitated. At the time, the result was the last thing on anyone’s mind. It was indeed a moment for the crowd to show affection for the player and also the team members who were downhearted.

The game against Finland was initially suspended but restarted a few hours later. While Denmark lost the game against Finland, they showed considerable strength in attack. Usually, the safe and secure technique is best to incorporate, but the team was all out on the attack. They also lost their second group game against Belgium.

Denmark's miraculous qualification from group B came against Russia. The team took the bull by the horn and came out victorious. They defeated Russia by four goals and finished behind Belgium in the group. It was a miraculous qualification because the Danish side won only one group game to proceed to the round of 16.

Now, Belgium, who topped the group, is out of the competition, but Denmark has just made it to the semi-finals with a rough start. With more effort, they could be in the finals. What have they done differently? Maybe nothing. However, here are simple facts we put together.

● The timing of the EURO 2020 seems to be beneficial to the team. Last summer, the team was being managed by Age Hareide, who was still under contract. Consequently, he would have been in charge of the team if the tournament had taken place last year. The team still had lapses here and there, a little more stolid, couldn’t produce the brilliant football we see today.

● Kasper Hjulmand succeeded Age Hareide, whose initial contract was supposed to expire after the tournament if it had taken place last year. Hareide couldn’t lead the team to Euro 2020 because the tournament was suspended due to Covid-19. With the delay of the tournament, some young players were able to join the team. These youngsters, led by Damsgaard, meet the age requirement due to the delay.

However, Denmark hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary. They have been one of the teams determined not to take losses. This is the energy that has kept them in the competition this long.

Roger Federer Wins at Wimbledon

On Thursday, 1st July, Roger Federer beat Richard Gasquet. This victory was vital as it put the eight-time champion in the proper perspective in fans' and viewers' minds. Also, yesterday, 2nd July, the Switzerland player overcame Britain’s, Cameron Norrie.

Norrie really did put up a show, gave the match everything required to deal with an eight-time Wimbledon champion, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Swiss superstar from getting to the fourth round of the competition. The sixth seed showed some outrageous shots that defeated the British number two seed in precisely two hours and 35 minutes.

Indeed, Norris is worthy of celebration because of his determined performance to outperform the Swiss legend, even though the outcome wasn’t in his favor. Norris won the third set of the match, and he did deserve it. Federer told BBC that he was pleased to get through to the next stage of the competition and did acknowledge that the game against the 25-year-old Norris was a tough battle.

Federer would be playing Lorenzo Sonego on the 5th of July. This is a match everyone is interested in due to the stats of both players.


Bundesliga Kicks Off

Fans and punters of the German league are already anticipating the new season. German football is well-known for its active fan culture. The Bundesliga is a month away, and everybody is getting ready to show their prediction skills on apple pay bookies. Check here for the major teams to look out for this season.

The title was won by FC Bayern Munich last season. Currently, the club has thirty Bundesliga titles on its shelves, winning the league back-to-back since 2013. Would they be challenged, or would they make it thirty-one this season? Well, it is too early to tell.

Eighteen teams participate in the Bundesliga, unlike other European leagues where you have about twenty teams. The Bundesliga is the league with the least number of teams. Most teams have signed new players. Others were able to get back their players on loan. However, the new season commences on the 13th of August and would run until 14th May, 2022. Also, this season makes it the 59th edition of the tournament. Yes, it’s going to be a long ride, but we really can’t wait.

In conclusion, as mentioned earlier, there could be some tricks to the game. Perhaps, a team could have players with great potential. However, there are some situations, just like the case of Denmark that would require tenacity and a little more determination to get you the required result. Unfortunately, in the case of Norris, he wasn’t able to beat the Swiss superstar, Federer. These sports have their peculiarities and are also affected by a lucky wheel spin.