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You Can Now Turn Your DNA Into Art

Written by  Jul 04, 2021

Technology changes daily, fulfilling people's demands along the way. Scientists have supplied us with several examples that show that nothing is impossible if you know how to use technology. These Portraits is one such creative revolution.

Scientists developed the concept of DNA portraits to make this feasible. Your hair or cheek cell can now do a lot more than just screen for illnesses or look for your heritage in your genome. You may now express your DNA as a piece of artwork with the assistance of DNA portraits.

But how did all of this begin?

Ahmed and his company partner Adrian Salamunovic founded DNA11 in 2005 as a method of fusing their genomic and artistic hobbies and exposing more people to genomics.

They fuse art and science in ways that have never done before." Rather than attempting to convince consumers to buy a photoshopped picture of what a stranger's genes look like, Nazim and Salamunovic have customized the experience by requesting a sample of the customer's DNA.

Within months, both put up an essential Website selling various portraits and resigned their professions; their work was lauded by websites such as MoCo Loco and magazines such as Wired, allowing them to sell thousands of portraits pictures. The firm is expanding its product line (it already sells fingerprint-based art) and acquiring retail partners.

DNA11 art

DNA Portraits are the most one-of-a-kind and customized kind of art in the world. They give you a collection kit, including everything you need to take a sample. (, it's painless and straightforward: simply swabbing the inside of your cheek.) The tricky part is deciding on a style, color, size, and frame from an almost infinite number of options. Take as much time as you need. Your personalized DNA photo print will be as one-of-a-kind as you are. There will never be two prints that are the same. This kit will be shipped to you as soon as you place your order, generally within 2-3 working days.

You need to know something regarding the art of DNA11.

  • You need to Give your Sample and no blood to make customized art.
  • The work of art is 100 percent real and satisfied.
  • The selection of styles, frames, colors, and sizes depends on you.
  • Tons of colors and unique styles are available.
  • You will also add your signature to your work of art.

What goes on behind the scenes?

To make perfect portraits, the Sample goes through high-tech machines that include many processing steps. The firm separates the DNA from the provided Sample using a technique known as DNA isolation.

The firm takes the DNA from your model. It purifies it, utilizing several biological procedures during this process—the amplification of the DNA results in hundreds upon thousands of identical copies. Samples carry through a gel, and the DNA strands divide and migrate the gel by size.

Customization of DNA art

There is a lot of room for you to customize the portrait. There are several frame options. If you want a hardwood quality premium frame, spend a few additional dollars and get it. You may personalize the art frame by signing it. You can keep the digital copy of your portrait on your devices.

How much is DNA Art's expense?

Because it is an innovative method, anybody may order a picture. The cost of each image may often be between $200 and $2000. The pricing may vary depending on the frame's size and the size of the image you choose. It may also involve additional costs, whether a mini-picture, a framed portrait, or others.

Why choose DNA11 art?

DNA art is a portrait produced using your own unique DNA, also known as Deoxyribonucleic acid. Your DNA is the genetic information found in every cell of your body and is unique to you. This art using your genetic data from your chromosome. Every chromosome has hundreds of genes that pass down to you from your parents.

It is highly remarkable to give or get personalized art from you. It is unique, and there are never two prints similar. It is worth emphasizing your 0.1% human difference and recording your DNA through artwork.

DNA11 – New Technology

DNA11, based in Canada, is at the forefront of this abstract revolution. Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed, the creators, were so preoccupied with creating something emotional that they came up with this innovative notion.

DNA11 has been producing high-quality DNA pictures since its debut in 2005. Their entirely out-of-the-box notion does not prevent them from outperforming the competition. With pleased clients in over 28 countries and over 10,000 successful deliveries, the brand gives customers a better experience.

The procedure of obtaining your unique artwork is straightforward and painless. You do not need to go to any physical store. Place your purchase online and relax while you wait. The staff will reach out to you and effectively escort you the entire time.


People are becoming increasingly interested in these creative forms. They provide a non-living canvas a personal touch. It's a piece of you that's on display. There are no two DNA pictures that are the same in the world. It is a celebration of your unique individuality and personality.

DNA art is a mind-boggling scientific and creative technique for someone who wishes to display ownership of their very own genome framed as a picture on the wall. It is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind work of art that no one else could ever dream of or produce.