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Play With Your Mind- How Casinos Keep You Gambling? Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Play With Your Mind- How Casinos Keep You Gambling?

Written by  Jul 04, 2021

Casinos are quite an attractive place for us to go and there is a reason for that. They need to lure people in order to earn money on their entertainment while playing casino games.This is why you will notice most of them are very nicely decorated, offer a lot of entertainment and have a very friendly staff. The whole idea behind casinos is to make people gamble as much money as possible, at minimum cost for the casino. This is how they can guarantee that their business will be profitable.

But how do they keep us gambling in sometimes for long hours? Many other activities will make us tired when done for that long.


Casino employees are trained to make people feel welcome, important and a little bit special. Even though all they are doing is gambling

The casino entertainment staff will go around and ask if we need drinks while we gamble. If you run out of money at the table or slot machines, they'll bring you some more as fast as possible to keep you entertained and before you realize that you have already lost much.

Casino games have their own atmosphere and savoir-vivre to follow and many people just love that.

Interior design

The casino is also equipped with a vast array of entertainment and relaxation facilities that are designed to distract us from the fact that we're actually gambling away our hard earned cash.

Many casinos go beyond just food, drinks and recreation centers to create an atmosphere that's absolutely intoxicating for gamblers. Luxury shops, spas, fine food and the best choice of alcohol. The casinos are even designed to include special mood lighting that make it hard for gamblers to leave with their winnings

In most of the casinos there are no windows in order for you to lose track of time.

The casino applies the best interior designer to design their casinos as a plan to capture your attention before you even step in a casino. The luxurious decor and furniture is more persuasive than you know. For example, colors can influence our moods and emotions. Light colors make us feel happy and relaxed, while dark colors cause us to take up more space, or contract... casinos make use of both light and dark colors to influence your emotions.

You will not be able to keep control of yourself when you are using the bathroom in the casino. Every time you visit a casino, they have another soap for you to smell! Sometimes even the main gaming floor has a particular scent that is designed to attract you. They use scents like chocolate, vanilla, and bacon! The smells help stimulate your appetite but also boost your immune system.

It's a proven fact that the brighter and flashier something is, the more attention it will get from you. However, our eyes get tired from that so the casino is generally dark so you can move from light and rest your eyes before you go to another light. It also makes you look at the bright objects, such as slot machines again and again.

People with special mission

A casino is always full of people, but they are not actually there to play for real money! Most of them are working for the casino or they are purposely attracted by the casino with offers like free meals and drinks. They might look like other customers, but they are not. They are sometimes even there to make the casino look busy.

Nothing gives you a better impression than seeing people gambling. So how to keep that place full of players even if there are no customers? Hire some to make casinos look crowded and lure real customers, because people tend to go to places where there are others already, because they trust such places more.

Casino games techniques

Casino games and their odds are designed in a way to let gamblers think they can outsmart the system. They have some techniques to do it:

Let's start with the most simple one and work our way up. Craps - Game of dice. Long story short - casino games house always wins this game. You might get lucky, but you are not going to win in the long run. Most people think that they can win with the house, but even if they do, the establishment is not bothered since their payout is only a drop in the sea of money that they earn every night. No matter what happens, the casino always wins in the long run, but they will let you think you have a chance in order for you to keep trying to beat them.

These techniques are also used by an online casino/netto casino to keep you betting and gambling for long hours in front of your computer or mobile.


Casino establishments use various methods to make you lose your money and be satisfied and happy doing so. They have lots of tactics in their sleeve to keep you gambling for long hours, but one thing remains the same: they always win, no matter what happens.