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Buy YouTube Subscribers for Your Channel! Real & Active!

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jun 30, 2021

YouTube has grown from an ambitious inkling into a worldwide crusade built on free communication and the influence of openness.

With more than 2.3 billion logged-in users (Source-Statista) who come to YouTube every month and localized versions distending crossways 100 countries and 80 languages (Source-YouTube Press), today we’re opening up the secret to become popular on the platform.

YouTube is an effervescent community where everyone has a power of speech. It is leveraged not only to flourish individual personality but also to create a marketing influence-build a brand’s presence. Getting more real & active subscribers is the best way to increase your organic reach on the social networking, video distributing- publishing and world’s second largest website –YouTube. The more subscribers you have, the higher your rankings get in search pages by YouTube algorithm. Your capability to grasp new target audience progresses when you have subscribers who are bouncing up your viewership, watch time, engagement and rankings.

Every day, people watch nearly 5 billion videos on YouTube (Source-Google). The bad news is, if you're a small business struggling to get more views and engagement on your YouTube videos, that’s a lot of antagonism. The good news is; you can buy YouTube subscribers from 100% legitimate subscriber providing or to make your content stand out and reach wider & specific target audience!
When you buy real & active subscribers for your YouTube channel, it helps you to get…

1. More engagements – comments, likes and shares

Gaining more engagements requires more effort as it needs you build a communication bridge between you and your target audience. This gap is successfully shielded by the paid subscribers, as they keep triggering or fuelling interactions in form of questions, suggestions, active likes, exponential shares and thought-provoking statements etc.

• Comments

Comments are an influential ranking factor. They can help to endorse a video by leading back to another video containing analogous content, or they can show the target audience that the content in the video that they're presently watching is worth their time, cheering their fellow viewers to halt and snowballing your channel’s watch time as well as audience retention as a product.

Loads of comments on a video, tend to fascinate the YouTube algorithm to give the channel higher discoverability. Do you know, the highest ranked videos have a substantially higher number of comments (!

As, real subscribers provide real people as subscribers, they understand your video motive and remark positive comments accordingly. A study conducted by Brian Dean from backlinko also found that a video’s comment count strongly correlates with higher rankings.

• Shares

When you buy real & active YouTube subscribers from, you get your videos share, crossways YouTube and other social media platforms.

As, the number of shares your video generates is strongly tangled to first page YouTube rankings, the more shares your content gets, the higher it is indexed, and then there are sophisticated possibilities of perceiving traction for you as a creator.

• Likes

Video likes are significantly correlated with higher rankings. (Source Backlinko). When you buy real & active YouTube subscribers, they represent you have an extensive reach and audience and authenticates your social presence.

Correspondingly, they act as a magnetic force that attracts more target audience. They start liking and recommending your videos. Getting many YouTube likes will attract another hundreds and thousands of onlookers, plus engagements on your channel.

Approximately 20% of the people who start your video will leave after the first 10 seconds. (Source-, but when a video has lots of interactions and advocates, a new viewer gets eager to watch 10X more of your content! In fact, YouTube encourages creators to publish videos that maximize engagement.

And video “likes” aid as a potent engagement signal. Do you know, the most-disliked YouTube video is YouTube’s own ‘YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind’ and the most-liked YouTube video is ‘Despacito’ (Source-Wikipedia).

Taking everything into account, likes are a crowdsourced way of gauging how the YouTube community feels about your content, a video that encourages lots of new subscribers is an undisputable emblem of value and help gain real & active subscribers more!

2. Higher rankings

The more subscribers you have, the higher your rankings get in search pages by YouTube algorithm. Your capability to grasp new target audience progresses when you have subscribers who are bouncing up your viewership, watch time, engagement and rankings. Today many creators including celebrities, brands, leaders & influencers purchase YouTube subscribers legit way to boost their rankings, build their subscriber base and reputation. Big channels with high subscriber counts have a considerable advantage in their niche over those with scarcer subscribers.

There is a positive relationship between subscriber counts and rankings (Source- Despite the fact this might be a “channel specialist” panache indication, it’s essential to think of subscriptions as a CRM / distribution list. Emarketer predicts the number of U.S. YouTube bystanders will increase to 228.1 million by 2024, up from 214.9 million in 2020, as channels with loftier subscriber counts have an expedient contrivance that drives views through browse features, personalized recommendations, and notifications, it becomes mandatory to buy YouTube subscribers in 2021.

3. Real people as subscribers

Building a huge subscriber base, with real individuals on the subscription list adds numerous benefits in growing a channel organically. It is a much appropriate variant to automated bots or computerized subscribers that disturb your views per like ratio, engagement ratio and decrease your channel’s ranking. These robotics accounts never understand your content’s message.

They are insecure & unauthentic practices to increase the count only on your channel. These bots are a threat to the value adding amplification and persist latent interactions. As, Google algorithms sight the quantity of subscribers laterally with the number of views proceeding it. When this assortment drops, it produces more problems like suspension of a channel. and provide real-interactive YouTubers as subscribers and not bots at all. They guarantee 100% safe, secure, authentic subscribers, who engage with your posts and give innovative ideas to promote your channel.

Jumpstart your success level and play your card to astonish the world with your creative videos. They offer real people as subscribers, who provides engagement on your YouTube videos, which work as the online catalyst that converts potential prospects to customers, customers to loyal customers, and loyal customers to vocal brand advocates.

They give “The gravity that holds an audience in orbit around your YouTube channel or brand.”

These real promoting-influencers are never suspended/penalized from YouTube. When you buy organic YouTube subscribers you get a community which is targeted, active, engaging, legit and moreover organic in an indirect way.

4. More Watch-time

It’s also indicative of an integral, engaged audience that can seed videos with a baseline level of views from viewers that are inclined to have better retention and longer session durations-that is from paid subscribers, driving up watch time comparative to channels with less subscribers. It may also be evocative of a higher probability of binge-watching, which can help your videos with better user-retention data to power video recommendations by the algorithm. Studies from see average rank improving at every level of increase in subscribers.

There is a prominently worse performance of channels with less than 1,000 subscribers ( This threshold is the same standard used in the new YouTube Partner Program requirements. As getting new subscribers is an extremely hard game at weighbridge, buying real & active YouTube subscribers, has become the best tactic. In 2020, 60% of marketers said they would upsurge their marketing budget for YouTube (Source-Google) Knowing that, it’s prospective that YouTube routines “subscriptions compelled” as a ranking factor.

5. Become an authority in your niche

The higher number of YouTube Subscribers you have, the higher is your legitimacy and dominance in a particular field. 66% of people in Germany used YouTube to cultivate a new hobby in 2020, and a massive 94% of people in India used YouTube to learn to do things themselves (Source-Hootsuite) Voila! There is a big hope! You can also elect for procurement of subscriptions, when you are searching for customs to augment the long-term development of your channel.

Services like accept true, safe, authentic, comprehensive, in-depth adoptions to make indisputable contracts & faithfully help you to achieve success goal of your channel. When you buy real & legit YouTube Subscribers, you get a lot of opportunities that you can select from.

6. Monetize your YouTube channel

YouTube lets originators attach with their community and gives them the break to earn money while doing what they cherish. In 2020, UMG (Universal Music Group) @ YouTube was first ranked as the most prevalent YouTube partner channel in the U.S. with over 45.87 million unique U.S. viewers (Source-SEMrush).

Advertisers & creators around the world have been able to form productions, creating a completely new-fangled global economy that’s seen implausible development by buying YouTube subscribers. The number of creators earning five figures a year is up by 35 percent and the number of creators earning six figures is up by 40 percent (Source-YouTube Press).

The first six weeks of a video’s lifecycle are critical regarding targeting, engagement, and accumulating usage metrics, therefore increase real & targeted YouTube subscribers on your channel and enjoy your YouTube safari now!

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