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Croatia recipe - Poor Man’s Food – Žganci With Yogurt Anna Cerovski

Croatia recipe - Poor Man’s Food – Žganci With Yogurt

Written by  Anna Cerovski Jun 07, 2021

Žganci are a traditional dish of Croatian and Slovenian cuisine. They are made of corn flour, water, salt, and butter, and since the dish is made with such everyday ingredients, žganci are often called poor man’s food.

Žganci are usually served with cream or yogurt, but they can also be made with fried bacon. They are made with larger corn kernels, and they present a perfect breakfast or dinner!


There are a lot of variations of this recipe. In Slovenia, they are called ajdovi žganci and they are made with buckwheat flour and water, while in Austria, žganci are called sterz and they are made of flour, water, fat, and salt. Sterz can also be made with eggs, pork cracklings, bacon, beans, and onions.

Despite their variations in the world, žganci are considered a Croatian traditional dish which needs only 10 minutes to make, prepare, and taste. Are you ready to make this simple, yet delicious dish? Let’s cook!


Ingredients for Žganci 

- 70 dkg corn flour

- 1.5 l water

- 2 tablespoons butter

- pinch of salt

- yogurt or cream


Cooking Method

Step 1

Put water in the cooking vessel and add salt and butter. When the water boils, reduce the heat and put corn flour into it while mixing the ingredients.

Step 2

Mix the ingredients for around 10 minutes until you get a nice and dense mixture.

Step 3

Serve žganci warm with cold yogurt or cream.

And that’s it! Isn’t it easy? And yet, it presents a perfect and delicious breakfast, dinner, or even snack throughout the idea!

Of course, you can make žganci with fried bacon too, but personally, I just love the combination of warm and cooked corn flour with cold yogurt.

While cooking žganci, make sure to pour the corn flour into water gradually while mixing all the ingredients. And that’s the only tip and trick you need for this dish!


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