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Most Popular Cosmetic Brands That Are in the Croatian Cosmetics Industry Image by kinkates from Pixabay

Most Popular Cosmetic Brands That Are in the Croatian Cosmetics Industry

Written by  Jun 03, 2021

The cosmetics industry has been substantially growing globally in recent years. Many countries in the EU have come to appreciate the benefits of cosmetic surgeries such as simple rhinoplasty operations like botox. In Croatia, the cosmetics industry is booming, with both local and global brands offering a wide range of cosmetic products, and cosmetic procedures becoming more widespread.

The Cosmetics Industry In Croatia

In 2021 alone, the cosmetics industry in Croatia is worth $52.2 million. Although the numbers are already impressive, experts are expecting it to grow even further towards 2025 with a compound annual growth rate of 5.09%. The steady increase in revenue can be attributed to the number of amazing cosmetic products accessible by consumers.

One of the most popular cosmetics brands in Croatia currently is NiKEL. It’s a home-grown brand that has received numerous awards globally. Aside from its global acclaim, however, NiKEL finds very strong support from the local Croatian community it’s surrounded by.

Croatians are also in love with newcomers such as Silvan. What makes Silvan a clear standout is that it’s a cosmetic brand that values nature. As such, it has eco-friendly packaging, which in itself is a budding trend in various cosmetics industries worldwide.

Other than that, globally acclaimed cosmetic brands are popular in Croatia too. These include Chanel, Estee Lauder, Dior, LOreal, and many others. Croatians have no particular choice when it comes to cosmetic brands, but they do support those that are known to have quality products.

Botox And Other Aesthetic Surgeries


According to recent numbers, people from Croatia have become avid supporters of botox. If you take a look at this chart above from, we can see that it’s not just Croatia that prefers botox. Countries like France, Spain, Belarus, and many others engage in botox surgeries as well.

This explosion of botox operations in the EU most likely has to do with the fact that botox practices are a lot safer and more sustainable than they were years ago. Because of this, people prefer botox to give themselves a new youthful glow. More accessibility to cosmetic procedures creates options for those that struggle with body image issues. This creates self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

Other nations in the EU choose other rhinoplasty surgeries such as facelifts, liposuction, and even permanent makeup. For the majority, however, it seems like botox is the way to go. As more people become fans of botox, we can expect better prices and practices as well. Botox is already one of the cheapest surgeries out there, so it’s no surprise that this is gaining in popularity as people have better access to it.

Croatians are not known to lag when it comes to making themselves look and feel more beautiful. As the trends suggest, it seems like simple and quick solutions are the preferred methods of staying young. It will be exciting to see how well the industry grows in the future as more technology develops, life expectancy increases and a higher value is placed on youth.


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