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Get the Inspiration from YouTube: TOP 10 Travel Channel with Most Subscribers

Written by  Jun 03, 2021

When you build your strategy for growth on YouTube, it is important to check out the competition that awaits for your content in the chosen niche. If you are going to embrace something highly developed, like travels, watching through the most popular channels to gain inspiration for your content. To attract the attention of the wide audience, as site assures, you can buy subscribers, implying them into the canvas of your tactic. However, this practice still requires serious thought for your further actions that will retain the viewers on your profile. In this article are collected top ten travel channels you can get inspired from.

The Vagabrothers


Two siblings, Marko and Alex Ayling, are exploring the world together. Their channel has more than 900 000 subscribers, who crave seeing new destinations that brothers reveal to their audience.

Their content is well-known on YouTube due to the top quality and impeccable shooting taste and manner. The Vagabrothers are a good example for their personalized attitude and exposed charisma of this dynamic duo.

Sailing La Vagabonde


Do you like sea trips? Are you going to shoot one? Then check out the channel of this couple from Australia with almost 1.6 millions subs. The history of their channel begins more than 5 years ago, when Elayna and Riley have decided to push their limits and test how they would feel sailing a boat without any specific knowledge about it. Nowadays they continue to film their travels on their floating home La Vagabonde, also raising their son.

Watch how travel content intertwines with lifestyle vlogs about a nice family, attracting many people.



Unlike Vagabrothers and Australian sailors, this blogger with 7.6 millions YouTube subscribers is focused on another aspect about travels that everybody loves. Migrationology is taking the focus away from stunning views to the local plates filled with unusual, tasty, original, sometimes controversial food. The channel creator Mark Viens is traveling through the world to discover new tastes and meet the culture of different nations. He also tries to find the most unusual places and dishes to eat, reviewing them through the prism of ethnography and cultural heritage.

Hopscotch The Globe


This American couple is blazing their trail through the world too. They shoot original and educational videos where they give their viewers the insights on proper organization of the trip, health maintenance and other important things that would make your travels comfy and safe. When Kristen and Siya aren’t abroad, they continue shooting new content for their channel, as they rediscover their home - North America.



Not all people need company in their travels. Christine Kaaloa, the creator of the channel, prefers hitting the road solo, collecting her experience and seeing new horizons. She is known for her courage and intense wish to show what problems a woman can meet on her way traveling alone.

Christine's content is focused on trip organization, sightseeing and food. Her adventurous spirit and authentic production drives the interest of lots of subscribers to her channel.

The Food Ranger


Another good example for foodies. Trevor James explores street food and examines how it is connected to the local culture. His enthusiastic manner of presenting his content is what makes a great inspiration for all YouTube creators in this niche. Of course, Trevor is mixing in some sightseeing and interviews with local people, to uncover the topic completely and engage his audience to organize their own trip.

Somewhere Devine


Many people think that traveling with children is an exhausting experience and it is not worth it. Brad and Hailey are parents who will break any stereotypes you had about going on a trip with children. The Devine family will show you how easy and interesting journeys with children can be. In their videos the authors mix in breathtaking beauty of nature, authenticity of foreign places, and organization tips on traveling with your child. See yourself how wonderful it can be - the video about Faroe Islands will make you want to take your vacation immediately.

Kara And Nate


These guys from Nashville have visited over 100 countries by now and have 2.3 million subs on their channel. The couple is filling their channel with different kinds of content, that is focused on travels - 

• Comparing luxurious and low-budget places to stay

• Checking out famous and original hotels

• Exploring local culture and trip infrastructure

• Visiting the most exciting places

Kara and Nate also like taking courageous adventures. For example, they have taken the risks and visited Chernobyl while in Ukraine, because as they say, this is the chance of the lifetime.

Allison Anderson


This girl is living her life and she documents it on YouTube. Her content is a combination of solo travels and lifestyle videos. Allison shoots helpful videos that would make the organization of a solo trip easy and comfortable for anyone, so if you want to have the same experience as her, watch the channel to see how it’s done.

Allison has a pleasant and interesting personality that allowed her to gain a huge audience that watches her every step.

Anton Ptushkin


Although this blogger from Ukraine is making his content primarily for Slavic audiences, he knows English very well and adds custom subtitles to his video, so foreign viewers can enjoy his work too.Prominent works he places on the second channel for English-speaking users. Anton started his career as a host of a travel TV show, but after he finished this work he realized that he cannot abandon the magic of journeys. So he started his personal travel channel and he has almost 5 million subscribers by now.

First batch of videos were short, and covered Anton’s trip through Eastern Europe in his car. Later, as his talent began attracting more and more audience, Ptushkin changed his strategy and now makes long films dedicated to his explorations of a single country.

Anton is also a very talented operator, so his content is more than pleasant to look at. He also loves putting in funny jokes and meeting original people who help him discover the charm of the country. Recently, his videos were even put on TV.

A Few Tips On Travel Blog Creation to Get Many Subscribers

1. Don’t try to invent the bicycle

The Travel niche on YouTube is quite big and hard to embrace, because there are many influencers here, who take the focus of the audience. So newcomers desperately try to think of something unique. But there are no blank spots on the map, and coming up with a truly interesting idea can be hard. Before you launch a video channel that is dedicated to trips, you must think through if you really have something interesting to offer to the attention of the viewers.

2. Go for personality charm

As it is obvious from the previous point, you won’t surprise people with foreign locations - they all saw that already, in other bloggers' videos. But what they definitely didn’t see is you. To impress the viewership on YouTube, you must create very personalized videos. The goal of your video is to show how you react and behave on the trip. Your experience is what educates and inspires users. Look through all the example channels above - all these people are creating the content intact with their character, making their target audience resonate with what they do and how they do it.

3. Be yourself

All people are different. And as in the previous paragraph the main advice was to add personality to the content, it cannot be stressed enough that there’s no need to change who you are. If you don’t like extreme leisure - don’t do it. Thinking that users generally love that is wrong. There are lots of people who would be happy to see the content that is not filled with dangerous rope roads on the top of the mountain or extreme aqua parks with horrible heights. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to show it.

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