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Where to get the best Home Decor in Croatia?

Written by  May 16, 2021

Croatia is growing with several young home decor companies or brands working hard to display their skills and improve its design industry. Many prominent home decor brands or companies generate everything from plastic tape installations to children's toys and are expanding their presence in the global design industry.

Their multidisciplinary activities and playful designs demonstrate an intelligent design approach that promotes customer and viewer interaction and feedback. Keep reading to know where to get the best home decor in Croatia.

1. EcoBirdy

EcoBirdy is a brand that turns old plastic toys into elegant interior furnishings. The designers produce not only fashion products but also a whole system. This ranges from the collection and recycling of old plastic toys to the design and furniture products.

EcoBirdy furniture is designed, recycled, and produced with fair market practices in Europe. Due to plastic recycling technologies, all items look sparkling with bright colors. They captivate the eye and are familiar products made of recycled content that you can recycle again. The designers are aware of making waste products look beautiful and attractive.

2. Canvaspop

Canvas printing has become more successful in recent years. It is one of the easiest ways to put images to life and keep valuable memories. Canvaspop is an online printing facility focusing on canvas printed pictures. The company was established in 2009 to supply quality linen prints in Las Vegas and Ottawa. Later, the business expanded rapidly and has its shipping office in Europe.

However, they also deliver collage prints and framed print facilities along with canvas printing. But what characterizes them is their love for excellence. They only use the highest-quality products to make canvas prints. They have professional photographers who will carry you with your valuable memories and photographs. It is easy to order through their intuitive and sensitive website.


3. DizzConcept

DizzConcept is located in Zagreb, which is the capital city of Croatia. The company is always dedicated to furnishing, architecture, and construction. They created a high-value reputation and have earned various awards through the development of creative architecture and furnishing solutions.

The company was started when many architects and engineers began the company in Zagreb to provide the business areas of several enterprises that were then opening in Croatia. They work on ongoing developments in environmental and emission control, as well as innovative small-scale solutions. In addition, they aim at providing a safe and relaxed environment to their customers. The ISO Quality and Environmental Management System is managed by a highly qualified and professional team, which guarantees reliability independent of project success.

4. Alterra Pure

Alterra Pure has sustainability and honesty as its main priority. To be knowledgeable of the brand means knowing the mechanism that produces the outcome. Kevin and Wanda both managed the textile industry for several years. Environmental and social sustainability are not words of sale for them. But they would like to see a change that is beneficial to their farmers, those who provide bedding from the start.

The founders know something unique about their beds, and they frequently share it with their customers, from seed to sanctuary. They cooperate closely with their seed maintenance and seamstress manufacturers to ensure they operate in fair and clean conditions. This ensures they work safely, and they feel that the finished product reflects all the failures in the supply chain. This makes them the best choice, from spinning their organic cotton yarn to sewing.

5. B & B Italia

B&B Italia is a leading Italian company in home design and contract furniture, founded in 1966. Its goods and its large and broad-based delivery represent the international philosophy of the enterprise. It has developed an exclusive network of highly experienced points of sale in more than 80 countries worldwide. In addition, it has strengthened its direct footprint with the launch of majority-owned flagship stores in the world's leading capitals.

B&B Italia goods have a unique and distinctive look, and this brand's gift needs to predict trends and react with quality solutions in response to changing tastes. B&B Italia's timeless collections now have its founding established as a truly industrial vocation. It has foreseen fashions by adapting to the changes and answering the diverse needs of its client and the fluctuating housing concept. Joy, quality, technologies, and innovation all have brought life to be beautiful and high-quality goods.



BOCA DO LOBO furniture is designed for exclusive home, Classic and modern architecture. The furniture is a unique mental, personal, and spiritual experience. You like to learn and understand the past through technology and modern architecture. They use this experience to transfer the whole wisdom of their craftsman into the design.

BOCA DO LOBO furniture is a unique emotional experience, a sense of affiliation, and an attitude. They strive to promote sensational experiences by creating beautiful objects that are passionately inspired, designed, and supplied by a staff that loves what they do and passes on the feeling of individuality. Their designers have an undeniable talent to create pieces that emotionally stimulate their supporters. The wisdom of their craftsman is instilled in the art they perform with love and dedication, built upon years of experience.

Final Thoughts

You can see stunning, classic pieces of contemporary quality decor in many high-end homes today. It can be fun to decorate your home, but the process can be a little stressful in places like Croatia. It is difficult to strike the correct balance between shape and feature. The big picture is equally important as the little details, including the best furniture to the right color range, irrespective of design. Hence, we hope the above guide will help you get the best home decor in Croatia.


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