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Croatia Recipe – Zlevanka – a simple yet delicious dessert Anna Cerovski

Croatia Recipe – Zlevanka – a simple yet delicious dessert

Written by  May 16, 2021

Zlevanka, bazlamač, kuruznjača, kukuruznjača, razljevuša, or zlevka is a simple traditional dish of the Croatian northern parts. It is made of corn flour, sugar, milk, sour cream, and yogurt. The recipe beautifully combines all the ingredients into a rich palette of flavors and nuances.

Zlevanka is usually prepared in the Croatian regions of Zagorje, Međimurje, and Podravina, and the recipe varies from one region to the other, and probably from one household to the other. But, of course, the main ingredient, corn flour, remains in each and every recipe.

This dessert can be made as a sweet or salty dish, and it can be coated with sweet cream, filled with poppy seeds, walnuts, or carob, or just coated with finely chopped walnuts or sugar. Today, we are preparing simple and traditional zlevanka which is baked, coated with sweet cream, and then baked for another 10 minutes. Simple, traditional, and delicious!


Ingredients for Zlevanka 

- 250 g corn flour

- 2 eggs

- 50 g sugar

- 200 ml yogurt

- 200 ml sour cream

- 100 ml sweet cream

- 500 ml milk

- 1 instant dry yeast

- 100 ml oil

- 1 teaspoon salt


Baking Method

Step 1

Mix flour and yeast and then add them into the mixture of eggs, sugar, yogurt, cream, oil, warm milk, and salt. Mix well all the ingredients.

Step 2

Coat the baking pan with a bit of butter or put the baking paper into it. Pour the mixture into the baking pan.

Step 3

Heat up the oven to 200 °C and bake zlevanka for 30 minutes.

Step 4

Cover zlevanka with sweet cream and then bake it for another 10 minutes.

Simple and easy to do, and quick to bake, while the indulgent in amazing flavors and aromas is just outstanding! Just make sure to mix the ingredients well in order to nicely combine all their nuances, and that’s basically it.

Zlevanka can be served as a simple and rich-in-flavors dessert or it can be a tasty, sweet snack throughout the day, the decision is all yours! Oh, and of course, you can add some other ingredient or filling too – and if you do, let me know, I would love to see how you prepare this dish!


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