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Things to Consider when Choosing a Video Editor for YouTube Image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay

Things to Consider when Choosing a Video Editor for YouTube

Written by  May 13, 2021

Are you ready to start your YouTube channel?

Or, you might want to learn video editing, given it is a surging field in entertainment.

According to statistics, content creators upload around 500 min of video content on YouTube per minute. Therefore, you need to start above average to be ahead in the game.

However, beginners often stumble on the first step of editing, i.e., choosing the correct online video editor

Therefore, we have created this guide to help you choose the best video editing program for your needs.

So, without any further ado, let's get started.

How to Choose a Video Editor for YouTube?

There are a variety of video editors available in the market. They range from basic ones like Microsoft Photos to industry giants like Adobe Premiere Pro and FinalCut Pro.

The lightweight tools might not give you the flexibility required. In contrast, the advanced video editing software might overwhelm you with unrequired features.

Therefore, it is essential to find the sweet spot giving you all the flexibility with minimum efforts to make a good YouTube video. Consider the following points when choosing one for you.

1. Ease of Use

The first thing to keep in mind while choosing a good video editor is how easy it is to understand. The tool should not confuse you on how to apply any effect.

Imagine how tiring it can be if you have to open a YouTube video each time you want to make an edit. Therefore, the best YouTube video editor should have easy-to-understand features.

Some video editors are too bulky that they might take forever even to load your video. I consider that you will be recording and compiling a lot of videos. The post-production process should be enjoyable.

Besides, it is a vital part of the best editor to have many tutorials available. Thus, you can learn how to apply each feature without worrying much. Tutorials also help you better understand the tools and unleash your creativity.

2. Video Format Support

You must consider how you will record your videos and if the video editor supports that format. It can be a 360-degree video, a 4K action camera video, drone video, and more. Your video editing software should be able to import and work on suitable formats.

Meanwhile, it is also vital to know how many export formats your video editor provides. Imagine spending a lot of time and effort editing your video to find out the resolution has inferior quality.

It would also help if you can upload the video to YouTube directly. May video editors provide the option to share your creation on social media instantly. The feature is not a game-changer. Still, it is worth giving a thought.

3. Advanced Editing Features

Some basic video editors like the built-in one for YouTube lets you perform minute tasks. For instance, you can trim, add music, and add a few effects in the in-house YouTube video editor. However, to make your video appealing, you will require some advanced features once in a while.

Here are some quality features that can take your video to the next level.

• Color correction
• Chroma key green screen
• Video stabilization
• Fast video rendering
• External plugin support
• 3D and 360 video editing

4. Audio Tools

One of the essential features of a good YouTube video editor is audio editing capabilities, which are often overlooked. The ideal video editing software should extract audio from the video and show it in the timeline separately.

A sure way to make your video appealing is by adding background music. If you proceed without much thought, the additional music import can cause you extra money. You might require to purchase expensive plugins to add minimal effects.

Therefore, it is essential for you to figure out the audio editing capability of your video editor in advance. If in case you find it too "techy" or advanced to do on your own, then you can always employ the help of experts, like the ones from Media Medic Studio. It should contain a royalty-free stock sound library and advanced audio features, as mentioned below.

• Volume adjustments
• Noise removal
• Voice over recording
• VST plugin support
• Surround sound

5. Budget

We often get carried away by an extensive list of features and fancy marketing videos. Also, we tend to listen to top YouTube artists and what they use. However, it would help if you focus on how much you can afford to pay.

Various YouTube video editors ranging from free ones to costly ones, costing few thousand dollars, are available in the market. Make your decision considering the features you require, performance, and ease of use.

Many YouTube video editors also provide free trials so that you can try them before making the purchase. However, they come with some limitations like limited exports, watermarks, or limited features.

Our Recommendation

That is all you would need to find out the best YouTube video editing software suited for you. The one we like and proves to be the best in each category is Movavi Video Editor Plus.

The user-friendly video editor guides you through each process when you open any feature the first time. Besides, you can find many tutorials for it on YouTube since it is one of the favorite video editing software in the industry.

There are several quirky features like chroma key, animation, scene detection, and audio editing. Add it up with a reasonable price, and the software is second to none. All these features and ease of use will cost you less than a good meal.



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