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Slovenia culture – sports betting and is it legal? Image by besteonlinecasinos from Pixabay

Slovenia culture – sports betting and is it legal?

Written by  May 13, 2021

Every country has their own uptake on whether or not gambling is legal or not. Some locations ban gambling of most descriptions when conducted publicly, or in some cases at home, whereas others liberally allow it as long as those gambling, do so responsibly.

Previously online gambling was something that the Slovenian government didn’t advertise, however at the same time they also made no movements to prevent citizens from joining up with foreign betting sites to get their fix.

Controlling the legalities of betting

Changes in the Slovenian law in regards to betting has changed immensely with the licensing of gaming sites online, but there are still measures in place to ensure that monies being moved around do not lead to fraud and money laundering.

Now with multiple amendments made to the 1995 Act on Games of Chance, many considerations are now taken into account when licensing betting sites and in monitoring the overall day to day running of the processes and movement of funds.

Although these movements are all well and good, the government did try to blacklist many of the foreign betting websites and have them blocked from use in Slovenia. However, since there were no strict lawful guidelines saying this could be done, many Internet service providers refused to comply as they were not legally bound to do so. Meaning the safety functions could stay, and so could people’s freedom.

Slovenians Taking Advantage of UK Free Bets & Welcome Bonuses

Due to loopholes in the law, punters in Slovenia can take advantage of online bookmakers which serve players in the UK. Many of these offer fantastic welcome offers such as Premier League free bets, enhanced odds offers, and more! The trouble is, with so many great UK bookmakers to choose from, it is difficult establishing which has the best free bets & sign up offers.

Fortunately, sites like freebets.co.uk make this a lot easier. They list all the best sports betting sites, those that offer the better value odds, and those which offer the most lucrative bonuses such as Champions League free bets, no deposit bonus offers, and more. Free bets offer you a chance to win using free money. Just place your bets on the outcome of Premier League matches, or matches elsewhere in the UK and you might just get lucky without using your own money.

Slovenian sports betting

Even with the adjustments being made over time to the laws put in place surrounding gambling in Slovenia, several sports betting websites have been up and running since the law was passed in 1995 and have continually attracted more and more customers over the years.

Capable of placing bets on a wide variety of sports including horse racing, football, hockey and rugby to name a few, punters have a great selection of admirable bets at their fingertips, with many bookmakers offering substantial odds.

As Slovenia has a largely mountainous region, there are also many more niche sports where bets can be placed including cycling, snowboarding and skiing.

Although some firms may offer better odds than others, those looking to place bets in Slovenia shouldn’t have anything to worry about since there are no specific laws in place determining how sports betting should take place.

Free bets in Slovenia sports betting

Like many other destinations which also enjoy flurries on sports betting, the Slovenian culture of online betting also has its additional perks which allows punters to make more out of their online sessions with betting firms.

Everyone loves a welcome bonus and there is certainly no shortage of these being offered to individuals who sign up. With extra money to play with, fans of Slovenian sport can be more involved than ever before, with these bumper starter bonuses, and of course other bonuses along the way.

Every sports betting site is different, but many offer additional credit to play or even a free bet.


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