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5 Things You Need to Know About Working with Clients Image by Ronald Carreño from Pixabay

5 Things You Need to Know About Working with Clients

Written by  May 13, 2021

A study says that about 86% of business partnerships end because of bad customer experience. A decade ago, this ratio was only 59%. Nowadays, consumers have a massive choice of brands and services to pick out. If a client is not satisfied with a specific company, he/she can easily find a dozen alternatives. How to make your clients stay with you for ages? This burning question bothers all entrepreneurs and business owners.

5 Fundamentals of Working with Clients

It’s a true talent to maintain long-standing business connections. Luckily, everyone can master this skill if he/she knows the fundamentals of working with customers. We’ve prepared five tips that proved their efficiency in practice. By mastering these basics, you will never have unhappy clients.

Show What a Pro You Are!

The first thing that customers want to know about you and your company is that you have enough skills and expertise to cope with their tasks. Make sure that your prouporsl look great or just use proposal templates. If you want to hook a client, show that you are a real guru in your area. Impress a potential consumer with a well-crafted presentation, highlighting a step-by-step plan of how you will reach his/her goal. Today, it’s a piece of cake to craft a top-notch presentation or video using a presentation maker.

Crello is a graphic design service with thousands of stunning templates to meet any needs. With this online tool, you can create presentations, posters, animations, logos, and many more visuals in a couple of clicks. You can pick out ready-to-go samples or design your own in a way you see fit. People demonstrate a boosted interest in visual representation rather than verbal. So, use this aspect of human nature in cooperation with customers.

Communication Is Above All

A lack of communication ‘kills’ the dominant share of businesses. Clients can forgive you certain flaws, but what they will never forgive is being ignored. The first rule of business etiquette is to stay in touch with customers during all stages of cooperation. When you receive an email from your client, respond as promptly as you can. When you promise to call your business partner within twenty minutes, don’t make him/her wait for an hour or more.

Also, follow the network etiquette if you don’t want others to think you are just an amateur in your niche. These netiquette rules can be of service - 

  • Choose one preferred communication channel that suits both parties.
  • Voice messages are taboo (if only you are not relatives or mates).
  • Don’t bother a client during non-working hours.
  • A weekend is a time for family but not business.
  • Don’t share inappropriate content (cute videos, personal photos) in a business chat.

Grasping the netiquette basics is a must-have for every professional.

Be a Good Listener

Someone would ask, “What is so difficult about listening to another person?” However, the lion’s share of partnerships ends because people can’t hear each other. If you want to build a strong linkage with your clients, master the ability to listen to their needs and expectations. When a client asks you to prepare a promo campaign for his/her brand, make sure you clarify every single nuance, from a target audience to a budget.

Even when you receive negative feedback, please don’t take it as a personal insult. Ask a person what exactly he/she doesn’t like about your work and correct your mistakes. You’d better ask for feedback amid working on a project rather than at the finish line. It’s not easy to hook potential customers; the more challenging it is to make them stay. Thus, a key to maintaining long-lasting business partnerships is to be an ace listener.

Switch the Roles

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I am an expert here, so I know what’s better for a customer”? We need to disappoint you — it’s a losing strategy to think that you are always 100% right. Just like a coin has two sides, any situation may have two opposite visions. You think your client is mistaken, and this person has the same opinion about you. The proven way to find the best possible solution in such a situation is to switch roles. Put yourself in your partner’s place and try to understand his/her position. Maybe, you will act identically in your client’s shoes.

Beware of Disgruntled Clients

Displeased customers will tell all their pals about their bad experience with your company. These people will share it with their close circle, and so forth. It’s like a landslide moving to destroy your business. To shield yourself from this landslide, you need to follow a few simple rules. Don’t disappear the same minute you complete a project! Stay in touch and always ask for feedback. Promise additional privileges and bonuses to your loyal customers. It will make them return to your doors and bring their friends.

Final Thoughts

Any work that requires human interaction can be challenging. Still, if you learn to communicate with people and listen to their needs, you will protect yourself from disgruntled customers. Stay positive and follow these tips to build successful and long-standing business partnerships.


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