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A Delicious Dish with Filling Made of Chard, Onion & Parsley A Delicious Dish with Filling Made of Chard, Onion & Parsley

Croatia Recipe - Soparnik

Written by  Anna Cerovski May 09, 2021

This week, we’re preparing an amazing dish from Poljica, a small region near the Omiš hinterland. The dish is called soparnik and it is also known as poljica’s soparnik, zeljanik, uljenak, and blitvenjak. All these names hide one delicious pie with a filling made of chard, onion, and parsley. Healthy and tasty? Absolutely!

Soparnik is a pricey delicacy, and it has a protected geographical indication at the level of the European Union. It dates back to the Republic of Poljica and then, it was the main dish for the laborers.

Since Poljica suffers extreme heat and drought, and its soils are too shallow for cultivation, people had access only to the simple raw ingredients. And that’s how soparnik came to be! Wandering how to prepare it and how it tastes? Then let’s make it!


Ingredients for soparnik

- 1 kg chard

- 60 g onion

- 500 g pastry flour

- 2 cloves of garlic

- 4 tablespoons of oil

- 350 ml water

- 50 ml olive oil

- 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley

- 1 teaspoon salt

- 1 tablespoon Vegeta (universal mixed cooking seasoning)


Cooking Method

Step 1

Mix flour, salt, oil and water into a bigger bowl. Keep mixing and kneading everything until you get a nice and firm dough.

Step 2

Divide the dough into 2 balls, bigger and smaller. Cover them with the cloth and let them rest for around 15 minutes.

Step 3

Wash the chard and dry it. Cut it into small pieces. Cut onion and parsley and add them to the chard. Mix all the ingredients.

Step 4

Take the bigger dough and roll it out. Place it on the baking pan and put the vegetables on it.

Step 5

Roll out the other dough and place it over the chard. Press together the edges.

Step 6

Heat up the oven to 356 °F and bake soparnik for 40 minutes. While it’s baking, cut the garlic and put it into the olive oil. Once soparnik is baked, coat it with the mixture of olive oil and garlic. Let it cool cooldown and then cut it into squares or triangles.


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