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16 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays, Followers & Streams Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

16 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays, Followers & Streams

Written by  May 08, 2021

Gone are the days when music could only be heard on the box radio or needed a CD player. With the advent of the digital age, music-lovers have multiplied due to the easy availability of art. You have all the possible content you can consume right at your fingertips. While there are many streaming platforms available for music now, it is a well-established fact that Spotify towers over them all as the best platform for music enthusiasts. Old and new music is just a button away now, making music a highly consumed product all over the world.

Spotify has over 300 million users in almost 100 countries worldwide. It has become a global network that musicians and listeners can tap into, as the variety on the platform is unbeatable. Spotify is a wonderful network through which upcoming, talented musicians can expand their following while they earn money through the Spotify streams. The only con is that Spotify pay rates are not that noteworthy, so a musician won't be making any notable income unless they have a large number of followers or streams. It is also harder to get followers or streams on Spotify when you are just starting.

The solution to your problem is to have a substantial following from the beginning so that people feel the need to be a part of your community. Some websites can help you gain the necessary traction to attract more people into your circle.

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays, Streams & Followers


Viralyft is another great site to buy Spotify followers, plays, or streams. It also offers services such as buying followers for other platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Their prices are fairly reasonable as they boast of providing real followers from across the globe. It promises to provide engagement that generates you revenue and more audience.

Another one of the best features of this site is that it does not make you accept cookies and the payment gateway is SSL encrypted so you can be guaranteed secure transactions. They also provide 24/7 customer support and even if you cannot connect to them due to some reason you can always leave a message and they will get back to you in a couple of hours.

Viralyft provides top-notch services that can help you get ahead in the game. They also provide drop safety, that is, if you lose any follower they will replace it quickly to match the amount you have paid to them and the same goes for streams. They are a bit pricey compared to other companies but they make up for it in the added security, however, if you think it is too heavy on the pocket for you, there are always other options you can look to. Viralyft also offers instant delivery of plays, followers, and streams and is quicker compared to other options. deserves high appreciation as they offer amazing services with easy processing fees. People use it to buy Spotify plays mainly, along with followers and streams. You will observe a growth in your listener analytics in a short time as they offer rapid delivery of your order. The company always promises to provide positive results within 2 days, which is a noteworthy feature. They are so sure of their service that they even offer money-back guarantees if you observe that your profile has not benefitted from their services. Their website and payment gateways are secure, so you do not need to worry about any loss of money and your account will remain safe.

They also offer 24/7 customer support, should you have any query with your order. You can purchase your Spotify plays for a few dollars for a few hundred or thousand plays on Spotify, depending on your need. Their pricing is affordable and the user interface of their website is fairly easy to comprehend for all. Users are also exempted from listening to other songs to help in the high ranking of their song. can help you get ahead if you buy Spotify streams and followers from them. The company aims for customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured of the quality of active followers they provide. You can easily become a household name soon if you make use of the resources available on this site.


Views Expert is yet another one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays, even when it doesn't boast of a fashionable website. The company concentrates on the services they provide and they can get your ranking higher on Spotify in a couple of days itself. You form a long-term connection with a trustworthy company when you decide to hire Views Expert. They provide a uniform level of growth on the platform making it more believable for the algorithm as spontaneous growth can set off buzzers. ViewsExpert have multiple plans which are easier on the pocket compared to other companies.

They deliver the plays gradually in a few days, mainly depending on the number of plays you have ordered. You can select the service you are interested in, whether it is to buy Spotify plays or to buy Spotify streams. Choose the plan that suits you best and their user-friendly interface offers an easy checkout.

They also offer 24/7 customer support for all your issues, should you have any. They send a real-time invitation to other users to listen to your songs and you don't have to listen to other streams either. With Views Expert, you receive genuine followers and customers that can help you in your journey as an artist. Investing in them can greatly help your musical career and take it to new heights. can boost your audience by providing you with several plays and followers that will make your album rise in rankings. The site offers premium-level services for a budget-friendly amount, making it another one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays. You can easily choose the plan that works best for you, and then all you need to do is add the URL of the song and pay through a secure payment gateway via credit or debit card. You also have the option to use PayPal as a payment method. They have spent a long time building a good reputation for themselves in the market and perfecting their services to fit their customer's needs.

They have a small number of plans but they can suit any user and they also provide around-the-clock customer service. If you have any issues regarding your order they will help to resolve them quickly. Their delivery service is pretty quick and in no time will you see yourself rising in the charts. They are one of the biggest social media promoters which is a huge benefit for any customer of theirs. They even promote your content on other social media handles like Instagram and YouTube, giving you more exposure as an artist and more freedom for you to work on your music while they concentrate on the marketing part. is a great and upcoming company that provides services such as purchasing followers for sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, Spotify. They also have their blog on their website that talks about social media websites and how their services can benefit you.

To buy Spotify plays or to buy Spotify followers all you need to do is go on their website, select the plan that suits you best and you can purchase via secure payment gateways. They offer payment methods such as credit/debit cards or PayPal. Their rates are reasonable and can fit into the budget of a beginner. They provide you with real-time followers that engage with your profile and generate an organic audience for you.

Fastlikes offer guaranteed results via their premium plays, your career will surely take off from an on-time investment with them. They offer 24/7 customer support to resolve any queries and are very helpful. To buy Spotify plays you just have to enter the link of your song and complete the payment and within a few days you will notice an increase in your audience. Even if you still have queries you can contact them by filling out a small form on their website and provide your email ID on which they can get back to you. There is also the option of splitting the order if you have another artist willing to do it, for which you can get in touch with them.


Famups is great for those who are highly impatient as the company promises to deliver within a few hours of the purchase. A great site to buy Spotify streams, plays, or followers with an exceptional customer support service. They offer many plans at great prices and all of them are from real accounts. There is no need to follow anyone in return when you place your order.

They deliver the whole package within 3 days gradually so that the algorithm recognizes the growth. They have established themselves as a trustworthy source of added helpers in the industry and their reputation is spotless. All you have to do is provide the link to your profile or song and you will see the results within days of the purchase.

They also offer full-time customer service experts that help you out in case of any issues you may have related to your order. They don't ask for your password, so they prioritize your security which is a huge factor when it comes to online purchases. You can observe the acceleration in your growth when you invest in this platform, the purchase pays off with a few weeks itself. Soon, you will have a loyal audience and be making a good amount of money through Spotify. They offer safe and reliant marketing techniques that are designed to increase the visibility of your account.

Social Viral

Social Viral has some of the best results out there when it comes to buying Spotify plays or followers. Their slogan is "fast, affordable and genuine," which is what they offer. In some cases, they have delivered results to their clients in as less as 12 hours, a great feat in the industry. They work hard to get your music noticed on a platform that consists of zillions of songs.

It offers many plans for you to choose from to buy Spotify plays or followers. They offer real accounts that engage with your playlist and no bots that can hamper your chances of getting noticed by the audience. You can place bulk orders of followers and plays with discounts getting higher the more you order.

You can even customize the plan that suits you and they also offer 24/7 customer support services. There is no need to divulge personal information, Social Viral cares about your security and does not require you to do anything except make the payment through secure gateways. They have tons of positive reviews from their clients so they have been doing it right and you don't need to think twice before taking the leap with them. Your Spotify presence will show positive changes and you will notice a growth in your audience and followers when you invest with this company.


FollowersUp is a favorite of many to buy Spotify followers because of its sliding selection bar that helps you customize your plans. You get to choose exactly how many followers you want and even the delivery of the order. The website is easy to use for all and few simple steps have to be followed in order to gain followers. All you have to do is select the engagement, that is, the number of followers you want for your profile, and make the payment through secure gateways. Due to the customization it offers, it is an ideal choice for beginners as you can choose how many followers you want according to your budget.

It also provides followers for other social media websites such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. You don't have to worry about your privacy as they take security very seriously. They offer immediate delivery of your purchase but don't get very impatient as Spotify will take time to recognize the growth in your followers or streams.

For those with a limited budget, FollowersUp is an excellent choice. The flexibility of the company to accommodate your choices is remarkable. They also offer a lifetime warranty for your followers so if you see that you lost some followers they will immediately make up for it according to your plan. You can soon be a well-known artist amid the plethora of all that Spotify offers.


A wonderful site to buy Spotify plays, SidesMedia has built a good reputation for their company by providing services at cost-effective prices. They have unique features, where they promise to increase the social presence of your profile and not just plays or followers. If you wish to be noticed by agencies, SidesMedia is a superb option. They have real-time followers that are scattered around the globe, who are in turn paid for following your account. It has reviews that do justice to their services and they have a quick delivery time to keep their clients happy. With their proprietary search engine, you can purchase the engagement you need for your account and rise at a faster rate.

They also offer a 24/7 customer support service to resolve all your questions and provide helpful solutions. With them on your side, you are looking at a good amount of exposure for your profile and higher audience retention rates. Their prices are inexpensive which is great for any beginner trying to make their mark in the music industry.

The company has shown no signs of falling behind others in the same field and continues to provide consistent results to their clients. It is a fully risk-free way to gain followers and get the traction required to appear higher up in the rankings. It has a delivery time of an average of 72 hours, which is sensible for the amount you are getting the followers or plays in.


YTPals has an impeccable record when it comes to buying Spotify plays or followers. They have a royalty-eligible outlet which is a way of saying that the money you put into working with them, sooner or later comes back around to you. The company guarantees that the order will be protected and ensures to make up for any lost followers. Another great feature is that you can be anonymous while being signed on to them as they take their security and your privacy very seriously. You can monitor the progress of your order online while flying under the radar, which is why many people prefer this site over the others.

They offer full-time customer service and they can also be contacted through email after which your issue will be resolved at the earliest. You can see the results before 72 hours and it goes on until your order is delivered completely. They usually deliver the order gradually so that the algorithm recognizes it as organic growth.

Your ranking will not slip down and you can see the tremendous benefits from their royalty-eligible program, as you gain back the money you spent with them. It has helped out many musicians make a viable career out of music and can help you do the same with your passion. A one-time investment with them guarantees you a laid-back lifestyle when it comes to social media marketing and you can completely concentrate on your music.

Media Mister

It is one of the oldest companies and the best sites to buy Spotify plays. As they were one of the first ones on the scene, they have expanded their services to pretty much anything in social media. You can buy followers for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other websites too. In Spotify services, you can buy Spotify followers and plays.

The best feature is that you get to choose the kind of plays you can buy with options like track, playlist, album, or podcast which is helpful for a lot of their clients. You can even target as to where you want the streams to come from which is quite cool from our perspective.

It is one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays as it has an experienced team that can handle this stuff well and a good network through which they can help you gain real followers so that the algorithm recognizes them as genuine people liking your music. You can even purchase likes for your albums from this site. They provide effective ways of enhancing your social media presence and are a trusted company by many. They have helped launch the career of many musicians and can help you do the same with your musical aptitudes.


Venium is an experienced company that provides plays directly from the US and Europe so it is a perfect choice for musicians based there. Making those plays more liable for royalties, it would be a wise choice to invest your money in them. It is one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays as it employs straightforward methods to increase your audience. They also include a guarantee to make up for any followers you lose and increase your social presence. They increase the traffic on your profile through spikes in plays that attract your fans. Targeted traffic ensures that your music is listened to by audiences all over the world with tastes in the same genre.

They offer complete privacy and complete refund if any customer is unhappy with their services. Venium realizes that its services are hired to generate more visibility and awareness about your music and it takes the job very seriously. It is a good choice for all those who wish to form long-term connections with a company and wish to be relaxed about their social presence while they work on their music.

They also offer live tracking of the order and real human plays which is beneficial for your profile. In a short timeframe, you will be able to observe a generous rise in your audience and have fans that will engage with your account from all over the world.

Rapid Rise

Rapid Rise is capable of making you achieve your goals in a short while if you go forward with them. It is a newer company compared to the others on this list, but the services they offer are no less than any other. They have already expanded their business to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others which speaks of their commendable growth in this field in such a short while. The packages they offer are budget-friendly and right for their services. While you buy Spotify followers you can target which country you want them from which is awesome according to us.

Purchasing followers or streams is safe and easy, all you need to do is provide a link to your song, album, or profile and make the payment through a secure channel. In a few days, you will start noticing the change as your audience expands.

Pretty soon the Spotify algorithm will recognize this and you will move up in ranking making your profile more discoverable to other people. You won't be losing any money in this purchase and instead, be making a wise decision for your future. They are so professional that you would never be able to guess the company is run by just 4 people. Remarkable, isn't it? We think so!


Stream.ko is a service dedicated to audio and visual social media websites like Youtube, Instagram, and Spotify. It has a variety of different options ready for you to choose from, that can help you realize your true potential. They are powered by Streampot and can help you put your Spotify profile on the top. Their Spotify plays range from as low as 1k to 2 million which is a great option for beginners as well as for those who have been around for a long time and just wish to give their profile a boost.

You also get a higher retention rate in your audience when you decide to purchase any plan through them. There are no minimum requirements when it comes to monthly listeners as well, and you can select the country from which you wish for your followers or plays to come.

It offers you normal plays and premium plays, we would suggest you opt for premium as they are of high-quality and real. With normal plays, there is always the risk of them just being bots and of low quality. Check out their website and decide on your own, but make sure it pays off in the long run. You won't regret any money spent on them.

Song Lifty

Ideal for new musicians in the block, Song Lifty provides you with genuine followers and plays that can boost your morale and help you spread awareness about your profile. The company understands that the music world is vast and it is difficult to create a lasting impression in people's minds nowadays, which is why they work even harder to deliver their services to clients so that they can succeed. You can trust their promotional services as they even help you generate organic followers over time. You can maximize exposure and profit from it easily if you work with them. It is one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays and followers.

The customer support is amazing and full-time. You can contact them via chat or fill out a form and they will get in touch with you. Even with the plays, you buy you are capable of earning royalties, which is something truly amazing. It is like even if you spend the money it lands back up in your pocket and isn't that just a dream come true? Increase your media footprint by purchasing their services which are customized to fit your needs. For a reasonable rate, you can be the next big thing in the world of music!


Spotistar is one of the best sites to buy Spotify streams. When you are not very interested n growing your follower count but wish to grow your streams, Spotistar offers that service to you at an affordable price. It has people that can vouch for their services making it a more believable platform to invest in. It has a decent quality of Spotify streams combined with a rapid delivery service. There are virtually no risks with this company as it comes with an audience retention guarantee that works well in your favor.

Other features include the fact that your privacy is of utmost importance to them, so you don't have to share any personal details. You completely bypass the process of creating an audience from scratch and are placed at the top when it comes to Spotify streams. This will generate revenue for you at a faster rate.

It is truly one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays which can get you on the map. If you cannot see your desired package on their profile, you can contact their attentive customer support who will help you out in the process of customizing your own, showing how accommodating they are to their client's needs. The site is easy to work through and it won't take long for your order to be delivered.


Let us start by telling you, there will be no overnight success on Spotify even when you buy streams and followers. You need to consistently grow your following and gain organic followers to start making a considerable income through Spotify. We have listed a few tips for that too so that you can have an all-in-one guide ready for reference. Some tips are - 

Find your sound

While you may think that "Imitation is the best form of flattery," that is not true when it comes to any form of art. You need to perform your music, with its uniqueness that has the capacity to appeal to an audience. A well-written song should be well-recorded too.

Publish your music on Spotify

For releasing your music on any streaming service you need a digital distributor, which a lot of artists are unaware of. There are many digital distributors out there like CD Baby, DistroKid, etc. that can happily take care of it for you. A digital distributor act as a middle-man or an agent that works between an artist and the streaming platform to arrive at a positive agreement.

Claim your profile on Spotify

By claiming your profile on Spotify for artists, you can customize your page with photos and a bio that can make it look more striking. It also gives you access to tools you wouldn't get with a normal account, like a verification tick to make your profile look more authentic. There are also analytical tools that can give you data on your performance stats for each song.

Promote your work on social media

You should make use of social media to promote your music so that you can gain more organic followers. Social media is always a great place to network and can provide you with the exposure you need to make it big. On social media you can engage with your followers on a more personal level which is not possible on Spotify, making it almost essential for every artist to have a social media presence.

Consistent Content

It is pretty necessary to release content consistently to remain a good artist on Spotify that can last on people's minds. It keeps your followers engaged which in turn increases revenue for you.

Use Pre-Saving

Spotify's version of pre-ordering, pre-saving can benefit you to rise on streaming charts. When someone pre-saves your music, it is added to their library automatically upon release, which helps your analytics when they listen to it soon.

Submit your songs to Spotify curated playlists

It might be difficult to get placed on a Spotify playlist right from the start but it doesn't hurt to begin trying. Even if you are up against thousands of songs, there might still be a chance of getting featured, which will do wonders for your growth.

Independent or Own playlists

You should also submit your music to independent curators or make your playlist of songs as many people prefer a direct playlist rather than searching for every single song manually.

Be patient

Your growth won't be exponential right from the beginning. You need to learn how to manage your music and followers consistently, and have a balanced surrounding that nurtures your online growth. It will pay off soon when more and more people discover your music.


Many people think that buying Spotify plays or followers will land them in boiling water, but that is not the case. These are completely legal resources to aid your growth in making money through your music. It is difficult to gain good exposure on Spotify, especially with the great competition out there. Usually, mainstream artists dominate Spotify and it is difficult to make a mark even in the indie section where the competition is tougher with many rising independent artists.

Sometimes a boost is needed no matter how good your content is, which is where we come to help you. Don't waste your time with a company that has no worthwhile reputation and squander your chance at making it big. All of the sites listed above can help you buy Spotify followers the correct way. They offer premium services that the Spotify algorithm recognizes as genuine followers and can help you get a few steps ahead. All you need to do from here is choose one that suits you best, to take your music forward.

Pretty soon, you will have organic followers in place that help you generate revenue so think of this step as an initial investment you must make to make it big. If you are sincerely planning to kick-start your musical career, we highly recommend you buy Spotify plays. We wish you the very best and hope you gain some fresh insight from all that we have told you.



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