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How have online casinos changed over the years

Written by  May 06, 2021

Gambling has undoubtedly evolved throughout the years. Before, people had to go to land-based casinos before they can wager money with the intent of winning extra cash. Now, technology helped the gambling industry to let players gamble across the globe without leaving their homes. Modern online gambling helped create more opportunities for gamblers over the years.

What is Online Gambling?

Online gambling means players can use the Internet to place bets on different sports and videogames. Although, you can still find the traditional gambling games in the online realm as well. These games include

● Poker
● Bingo
● Blackjack
● Baccarat
● Slots

Among the various traditional gambling games that are readily available online, video slots might be among the most popular of the bunch. The learning curve for learning online slots might be shorter than other games like poker or blackjack. You can check out sites like Judi Slot Online to check out the latest advancements technology brought to this gambling game.

How did Online Gambling Change over the Years?

Gambling has been a popular pastime for centuries. Despite the lack of technological advancements, many people like the idea of winning extra money with little effort. Many gamblers know that the odds are always against them. Still, betting became a regular hobby for various individuals throughout generations. Here are four ways gambling changed over the years.

Mobile Gaming

When online gambling started to become popular, people still need to gain access to a computer before they can play their favourite games. Now, you can use the Internet using various mobile devices. Mobile app developers caught on with this trend, and they soon made software allowing users to gamble while traveling.

Mobile casino apps started appearing, and some of them delivered specific styles of play. For instance, one app might only let users play Texas Hold’em Poker, whereas another program only offered slots. Still, mobile casinos exist that provide a range of gambling games for users who want variety.

Enhanced Graphics

Online gamblers may now enjoy High-Definition (HD) graphics complete with engaging animation and sound effects. Internet casino developers adapt to changes to cater to better, more streamlined coding options for their client bases.

Before, many websites use Flash technology to animate graphics and introduce sound effects to players. At the time of writing, many gambling apps and sites now use the HTML5 format instead of Flash. It’s because the former contains more advanced benefits than the latter. A few benefits of using HTML5 may include - 

● Using open-source software in comparison with Flash, which is an Adobe proprietary application.
● Lightweight which allows for faster downloads than Flash.
● Requires less processing power.

Live Casinos and Virtual Reality

Many digital casinos advertise their software by allowing players to gamble with the help of an appropriate device. But, many apps only provide players with windows that showed the game of their choice.

So, various online casinos decided to incorporate live viewing and gambling. These offerings allowed players to interact with dealers and other gamblers in real-time.

For example, live casinos allowed players to use webcams to communicate with dealers more personally as opposed to using chat boxes. Consequently, virtual reality (VR) casinos help gamblers check the current status of other players, which might be useful when playing games like poker or craps.


Technology plays a critical role in the evolution of online gambling. Many app and site developers might continue to push the boundaries of the digital gambling playground. VR technology and live casinos might not be the epitome of progress for Internet gambling. Perhaps, people might see additional advancements down the road as developers adapt to new technologies to cater to modern gamblers.




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