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23 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers (Real & Active) Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

23 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers (Real & Active)

Written by  May 04, 2021

TikTok is gaining prominence every day, as an excellent form of social media. People all over the world have begun to use its services to create content that is both entertaining and informing. We are sure that you have also considered joining this platform if you don’t have an account already. And this is quite natural- since the site has taken the world by storm. Because the competition outside is so great, there are many people who like to buy TikTok followers.

Many people think that this could be risky and create trouble for them. However, with the best sites to buy TikTok followers, there is a high chance that no one will be able to detect if you have bought followers.

List of Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers


A fantastic way to boost your social impact is using the help of third-party providers such as TikRoyal. These guys deliver engagement packages (likes, followers, etc.) really fast, and for the best prices in the market. Visit the site today, and enjoy generous discounts. Buy TikTok followers.

TikRoyal finds the perfect balance between the most cost-effective prices out there (and not just for followers; the same is true for likes, views, shares, and any other product you might need!) and a superb quality nonetheless.

On top of these, the beating heart of this provider is a most professional and generous support team that will handle any ticket as efficiently and fast as possible.

Lastly, here's a word of encouragement. Those who fell for sites that promised the greatest things, only to find they've been schemed and received no boost at the end of the day: TikRoyal sends a unique link to your email address once your order has been processed, so you’ll be the first to know when the delivery arrives. In other words, these guys will never leave you in the dark!


The name of this site is enough to tell you the amazing work that they do for four people on TikTok. Team of experts who have been working in the field of marketing for a long time. Therefore, they know exactly how social media promotion works in the present day. Hence, if you want to gain TikTok followers then there could be no better place than this.

This is one of the most trustworthy sites in this list. I've been working continuously for a large number of years. Therefore, they know exactly how the market has grown and how people have responded to it. They are very flexible and they are able to change their plans according to the need of the brand.

If you have a personal profile then they will be able to promote your content and your lifestyle. Not only this they can also promote businesses on TikTok. If you want to find out more about them you should visit their website today. We are sure that you will be impressed with the range of services they have to offer.


In the present world, almost everyone wants to gain a lot of popularity in little time. Therefore, this site makes sure that they deliver you, TikTok followers, within a small timeframe. Therefore, these are some of the most punctual people that you will find on the Internet.

Their website is very simple and you can navigate it without any difficulty. It is also easy to explore and understand. Further, there are various guides present on the website on how to use their services. In addition, they have excellent customer support which will make it even easier for you to get followers on TikTok.

This company has gained renown all over the world because of its efficiency. Moreover, the services and plans they offer online are so diverse that people from different demographics use them to their advantage.


If you are looking for real-time engagement on TikTok by people then this is the site that you should go to. This site makes sure that there are no scam bots or automated profiles which follow your account. Therefore, they offer real-time interaction which increases the credibility of your account.

Therefore, you will always rank higher in the algorithm of TikTok and eventually you will organically start gaining more followers. This is the dream of any social media influencer. Therefore, this site focuses entirely on quality content and authentic engagement. Make sure you check them out today.

If you are looking for Internet fame that looks natural then decide can help you. It is not allowed in TikTok to buy followers or likes. This site makes sure that they increase your followers in a manner such that TikTok is not able to flag your account. We are sure you will be impressed with their services.


This is another site that has become really popular among people who want to buy TikTok followers. The services they give are commendable. Moreover, everything they provide is at nominal costs. Hence, everybody can afford their services even if they are working on a tight budget. Moreover, they are very efficient and timely with their work

They have an edge over the rest of their competition because their techniques are very unique. Moreover, they have more features as compared to the other services mentioned on this list. They have all the packages you will need in terms of promotion on TikTok. If you want someone unique and credible then this is the site to go to.

They are highly credible. Since we have used them ourselves we can say for sure that they are not a scam group. Moreover, there are many reviews left for them online which further shows the great service that this site has performed.


This site not only provides followers on TikTok. But it also provides you likes as well as views on the social media platform. However, you have to buy these things separately according to different plans. None of these plans are expensive and we're sure that you will be able to afford them.

At the same time for people who want a very large amount of engagement, there are expensive plans as well. These plans give you an even larger number of followers likes and other forms of engagement. If you want you can also buy comments which is one of the most sort after means of interaction online.

Like the sites mentioned above, this place also has lots of revues left for it online. Therefore, if you want to know how they actually perform then you can get in touch with one of their former clients. Villa sure you will not be disappointed.

Social Viral

This is the perfect site for people who want to buy tik T.O.K followers if they are looking for long-term commitment from their subscribers. This site works with various other social media platforms as well. For instance, they work for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Moreover, they know that people who view social media around the world have different needs. Therefore, they can tell what kind of content to cater to one kind of person. Hence, they will be able to stratify your target audience. This way you will be able to reach the right people with the right content.

They have a great idea of consumer mentality. Therefore, they know how they can promote a particular kind of content to a particular kind of people. We’re sure that they will be able to pitch your idea to people in a manner that you will be able to get more transactions.


This company has spent many years working on TikTok. Therefore, they have analyzed how to talk works and what the algorithm behind this site. Hence, they are able to track the people who provide maximum engagement to a particular kind of content.

Following this they cater your content to such people so that they may interact with it and give it a better rating on the platform. This is one of the most efficient methods of growing on TikTok which is hardly found anywhere else. Therefore, if you are looking for a site which is better than its competitors because of different techniques then this is the place that you should be relying on.

The people here realize that there is a lot of competition on TikTok Therefore, content not only has to be unique but it also has to reach the right people. This leads to organic promotion and recommendations which make your account grow.


Dark social is a site that is able to understand that TikTok is changing every single day. Therefore, they know that they do have to adapt and change tray strategies. Since new people enter tiktok. every single day it is important to know what the new generation ones from content creators.

They have a team of excellent young minds who are always brainstorming for fresh ideas. Therefore, they are always able to come up with solutions that are faced by the difficult places within TikTok For instance, there are times when your content stops getting interaction.

If this happens then the site will find ways to increase your engagement by organic means. If it is not organic then they will employ some technical methods and strategies to improve the visibility of your account.


This is one of the fastest-growing websites on the web. They are very much concerned about your performance on TikTok. Therefore, they are constantly engaged in interaction with you in order to understand the voice of your brand. Even if you have a personal account these people will first understand your interests and then proceed with the promotion.

The great thing that we love about the site is that they have a very excellent stop. They only hire people who are highly trained and experienced in the field of social media marketing. Therefore, there is hardly anyone who is a new learner and will create problems in your promotion.

We also have to mention that these people are very punctual about the work that they do for stop, unlike other sites which give you results in a matter of days this site can give you results within some hours itself.

Tok Captain

This site is all about quality. Therefore, they make sure that the followers you are getting a real people with real accounts. In case you don't have real followers but spam bots then tik T.O.K might flag your account. Therefore, they try to avoid such possibilities.

Now if you want good growth on TikTok you also have to make sure that you get positive interaction from people online. There might be some people who leave bad reviews for you on your comment section. Further, there could be people who just don't interact with your content.

This is another thing that this company likes to deal with in the best manner possible. They will always give you followers who will be positive about their revues and willing to interact with you for your growth.

Sides Media

Are you looking for a site that will be able to follow Jesus' followers in a small amount of time? Then don't worry we have you covered for stop the site mentioned above is the best place for new starters as well as old influences on tik T.O.K to get more followers on TikTok. The people here know how to take full advantage of the algorithm of TikTok.

Therefore, their first aim is to make your audience very large so that people are able to promote your content on their own. Moreover, they will engage with your brand and eventually buy your services products or subscribe to your channel.

They have learned all the strategies which are used by digital marketers in order to understand social media growth. They know how to create material that resonates with the larger society- making the process of tiktok growth a lot easier.

Followers Up

As the name suggests this site will be able to get your followers up in little to no time. The people here know that creating content takes time. Therefore, you can't waste your time every single day to please your audience. You have to employ some methods which naturally will get you into the limelight.

Their goal is to help you gain millions of followers. Therefore, they create an atmosphere that attracts the right followers for your brand or for your channel. This means that they will give you connection and engagement in your content. You should check this site if you want to find out more.

They are easily able to find the audience which is interested in the services and products that you are going to offer. Moreover, they will make sure that you are presented in such a manner that they come to love your content.


This is a company which has been started with only tiktok in its mind. Therefore, although they focus on other social media sites their first priority is TikTok. Hence, we can say for sure that the experts they have excellent at understanding TikTok growth and marketing. There are various reviews you can find online which can prove our claim.

Moreover, they always make sure that you get followers which are constantly engaging with your content. If you receive good engagement then more a few will appear on the for you page.

Therefore, you will be appearing in the feeds of various people. we are sure that with the help of their services you will be able to increase the amount of engagement you get daily. You could be a fitness channel or a food blogging channel whatever it is these guys will make sure that you get the best engagement through quality followers.

Feed Pixel

This is another site that works on various social media platforms. They are especially active on Instagram which means that they can connect with your mutual followers on Instagram and TikTok Hence, they can get an idea of the kind of content your followers already like on Instagram. Does they will be able to advice you on the kind of content that you should create.

In case you are just starting out and don't know what to do then these people will have you covered. They will run a basic research on the kind of content you are creating. Further, they will go ahead and find the audience that engages with such content on tik T.O.K

As a TikTok company, they also make sure that they are oppressed with your competition. Therefore, they try to make use of strategies that will take you one step ahead of your rivals.


This company also knows all the hacks to get the perfect number of followers on TikTok. For instance, they constantly followed doctrines and know what viewers are seeing all around the world. There is always something new which is going on on tik T.O.K and these people like to stay abreast of it.

If you are interested in growing the amount of participation you get from your viewers then this site will make sure it happens. When you create the right video and give it to the correct target audience you are sure to get more comments and likes than usual. If you jump on a trend you also need to ensure that you are standing apart from the crowd.

Some ways in which this company carries out its analysis is- it goes through the for you page to see what other people are sharing. Next they also check out the trending hashtags and the discover page. They will also go ahead and see what songs are trending and what videos are trending online.

Social Fried

This is a site which has been working to understand the inner workings of tik T.O.K for a long time. They have experienced TikTok influencers on their team as well. Therefore, they are in contact with people who have had real interaction on this platform.

They understand the importance of the right captions when using TikTok When you add the right hashtag to your caption it will increase the chance of how many people show up to watch your video. It will also increase your visibility in the for you page.

They will use all kinds of hashtags to give you the right promotion. For instance, they can use common hashtags like #fyp or #for you. Therefore, their tactics are very specific to the needs of their clients. Hence, you will only get the results that are specific to your industry on TikTok.

TikTok Fame

This company knows how to keep material specific to your content and brand. Usually when you start creating general content people will begin to lose interest in your channel. This is the last thing that you want as a content creator.

The people here also understand the significance of time when it comes to posting content on TikTok. They try to find when and what times of the day your audience is most active on this platform. Therefore, they will carry out maximum promotion at that time so that people can view you when they are most curious.

You will be able to find various services who offer to do the same. However, from our experience we don't think that that is a better company than the one mentioned above.

Buy Social Buzz

This company believes in tracking the progress that you have made online. Therefore,, they will be able to make out which content has created the maximum engagement for you online. They will try to include more of such posts in the future.

At the same time, if there have been posts that have caused a dip in engagement then this company will eliminate or improve these posts. Altogether, you can rest assured that the people here will be able to improve your performance on TikTok.

TikTok usually gives you detailed analytics on how engagement has changed in your posts. However,, as laymen- very few can understand the intricacies.

Therefore, this company takes on this task with its team of experts to deliver the best possible results.

Top Stick

This company also knows how to monetize your TikTok account. Therefore, they have a strong connection with major influencers who can further promote what you are creating. But you have to make sure that the content you are creating serves the purpose of your target audience.

If you are a business that wants to grow through social media- then this site will work wonders. They have been created especially to cater to budding businesses who are new to the virtual world. With their expert team of technicians- we are sure nothing can go wrong.

Moreover, these people are at the top of their game when it comes to new companies in the field of online marketing. In fact, they are the fastest growing new tiktok service providers in the world.

TikTok Viral

This site has been created for all such influencers who consider themselves virtual royalties. This means, that if you have a strong tiktok following and you would like to grow more- then this site is the one for you. As a matter of fact, there are many famous influencers today who have taken help from this site.

The people in this team are led by strong work ethics and extensive hard work. Therefore, their years of digital marketing experience has made them some of the most desirable hands in the industry of virtual promotion.

Moreover, they offer a high level of service along with quality followers. This means that they do not fill your account with spam bots or fake accounts that do not engage with your content. If you are looking for a rounded growth on tiktok then this is the place that you need to employ.

Share Fans

As you can tell by the name- the motive of this company is to give you more fans. They also know how to convert simple fans and viewers to permanent followers. This is a feature which is not easily found in most other sites. Therefore, we highly recommend this site to anyone who is facing a block on TikTok.

They have a very strong idea of the kind of population that could turn into future customers or subscribers. Since they work with other social media sites as well- they will also be able to create a promotion web for you in other virtual media.

Since they understand virtual audiences from different media- they know the variety of content which is suited for separate people. If you are someone who wants fast results then this is the site to count on.

Free TikTok

This is the site which will be able to promote your content on cross media platforms. Therefore, your tick tock profile could be seen by viewers on YouTube as well as Facebook Instagram and so on. Thus, the reach that you have online increases to an immense rate.

They have various other tactics which will help drive traffic into your tick tock account. There are some people who would like to download your videos directly into your camera roll. Therefore, they make the coding very easy for you and your followers to create easy access for your content.
Undoubtedly this is one of the best sites that we came across.

Media Mister

We simply had to include this site in our list because it has shown immense support from its fans. Although we do not have a lot of information about this site, everything we know so far has been to their advantage.

Moreover, they are known for the quality of service that they provide sometimes you can see results within a matter of few days. They have also been working in this field for a long time, so they know the changes that have occurred in TikTok since it started.

This is a big asset since it keeps your audience content and engaged.

Hashtags for Likes

This is a monetary alternative for individuals who don't have all the monetary extravagance and backing to expand their social media engagement. HashTags for like is assistance that produces such hashtags and words for you which proceed to expand the engagement that individuals have with your account. This implies you don't straightforwardly "purchase" followers rather you draw in them and naturally accumulate them in your account.

Here is the way it works-assuming you are working in a specific specialty, you will require hashtags that will pull in the correct public to your account. To discover precisely the most well-known hashtags and looked through words on the web, particularly TikTok then you can utilize this application. You simply need to type in a related word into the inquiry bar and soon enough, various hashtags will be produced for you on the screen.

At the point when you use Hashtagsforlikes, another perspective you should remember is that you need to ensure that the post is identified with the hashtags you will utilize. On the off chance that you are intending to post substance about canines, there is no reason for checking for and jumping on the hashtags for work out. The clarification for this is that if different clients need to embed their feed further into feeds of different clients when it has minimal significance, TikTok clients are exceptionally severe.


YouMeViral is probably the best site that you can visit in the event that you are hoping to buy TikTok followers. It gives you stunning outcomes and ensures that you get all the validity for your account that it appropriately merits. It ensures that it utilizes believable strategies and ensures that no phony accounts or bots are utilized so the authenticity of your account is kept up.

They have some truly sensible rates that ensure that every one of your objectives for your account is accomplished. You will be excited with the speedy assistance as they guarantee to give results within a couple of hours after you have made your buy.

YouMeViral offers financially savvy types of assistance to ensure that they help you cut down on any superfluous use without settling on the help. They try to consolidate the entirety of your necessities so you get all that you need at an expense that is plausible to you and one that doesn't beg to be spent.
The site executes progressed algorithms and methods to ensure that they convey results that meet all your elevated standards. YouMeViral loves utilizing TikTok and 41% of all clients on this stage are between the ages of 16 and 24. So whether you are a brand attempting to showcase your items, or an influencer attempting to become well known, you cannot stand to disregard it.

You may be imagining that other social media stages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are adequate for marketing purposes, yet you are incorrect. The fame of video content is consistently on the ascent, and TikTok, being quite possibly the most mainstream video-sharing stage, gives you the ideal chance to connect with individuals everywhere in the world.

Are these sites safe?

Try not to stress – the organizations on this rundown that you have found out about today are totally protected to use for your TikTok followers and likes. This is on the grounds that every one of them falls well inside TikTok's terms and conditions around utilizing an outsider, which implies that it will be truly difficult for TikTok to see anything.

The other motivation behind why they are so protected is that they have the choice of having the option to pay through PayPal.

Do I Need to Set My Account to Public?

More often than not, when you're working with organizations like these, we propose that you set your account to public on the off chance that it is set to private. This is on the grounds that most of the organizations will require your account to be public so they can without much of a stretch send you your likes and followers.

They can at any rate have to see your recordings so they can send you your engagement. At the point when you disclose your profile, you are considerably more prone to develop your crowd effectively and support your general after. Keep in mind, you can generally transform it back in the event that you need to.


Because of large data on the web, we all need some shortcuts to be recognized. Therefore, it is only natural if you want to buy tiktok followers. Make sure you go through our list above to find which place suits you best.



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