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Here's why you should consider a cleaning franchise Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Here's why you should consider a cleaning franchise

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times May 01, 2021

The post-coronavirus cleanliness boom is truly with us, meaning now is a great time to consider cleaning franchise opportunities. As cleanliness and disinfecting have become a crucial part of everyone’s daily routine, the demand for professional cleaning companies is soaring. The franchise model like Franchising Path means you benefit from an established brand name, multiple resources for getting started and growing your business, plus you tap into the expertise and skills gained by people who have gone before.

And with more of us now adjusting to working from home routines, increasing numbers of people are seeking ways to maintain their houses-turned-offices. Today’s homeworker simply does not want to spend time indoors cleaning the houses that they have been in all day. 

On top of this surge in individuals and businesses seeking hired cleaning solutions, there are a number of lifestyle and monetary factors which make starting cleaning franchises the ideal career path for many.

Opening up and cleaning up after lockdowns

Lockdowns may have lifted but a feature of the coronavirus pandemic is a renewed focus on businesses going above and beyond to demonstrate to staff and customers that they are keeping everyone safe.

In public buildings that also includes large numbers of visitors and members of the public and in educational establishments we can also factor in pupils and their parents.

Experts say that there will continue to be a big boom in investment in cleaning staff and equipment. The global contract cleaning services sector is expected to grow from a total of 308 billion USD in 2020 to 330 billion USD by 2027. That growth of over 6 per cent outstrips many other industries which have contracted and will continue to shrink, during and after the global pandemic.

The stability and growth of the cleaning industry are not limited to the recent past, the present or the short term future either. The outsourcing boom in global business began in the 1990s and records were still being broken in 2015 as the highest number of company functions ever were contracted out worldwide.

Furthermore, the cleaning and hygiene sectors were among the few to remain buoyant during the financial crisis of 2007-2009 and subsequent recessions. That trend is set to continue into the longer term.

Sell yourself - the USPs of cleaning services

You might be a clean freak yourself, or you may shudder at the thought of donning a pair of rubber gloves. It matters not. The unique selling points (USPs) of cleaning franchise services promote themselves.

Outsourcing cleaning services typically saves organisations money. A study estimated cost reductions to be 46% when comparing hiring outside cleaners versus employing staff to perform the function in-house. Another piece of research found that hotel managers who outsourced cleaning saved 25% in labour costs.

Research has also shown that the quality of outsourced cleaning services is significantly higher than when an organisation employs their own staff to perform the function.

For those who spend much of their time at home, a Harvard academic has even published a book suggesting that outsourcing home chores to a cleaning company can significantly increase personal happiness. Professor Ashley Williams put a monetary value on how we should value time over money. She estimates that hiring a cleaning company is worth $18,000 a year in “happiness dollars”.

What a cleaning business means for you as a franchisee

The background to why now is a great time to invest in a cleaning franchise is a compelling one. But the most important benefits are those intangible, incalculable ones that boost your career satisfaction, bank balance and overall quality of life.

Here are some very good reasons as to why a cleaning franchise will work for you as an individual business owner - 

● You can work from a home base - this saves on the cost of office space and allows you to grow in stages as revenue increases.

● Cleaning is not a desk job, nor is it a 9 to 5 job - you can get as hands-on and even as dirty as you wish. Many businesses and individuals will want the cleaning done before and after office hours, and householders often require services to fit around their own routines.

● Cleaning is a proven business model - commercial cleaning franchises have been successful for decades.

● There are numerous subsectors in the cleaning industry you can specialise in. Certain sections of the cleaning sector are showing healthy growth patterns, notably those offering “green” and sustainable services along with providers of customisable cleaning packages designed to meet individual or specialist business needs.

● The franchise model means you benefit from an established brand name, multiple resources for getting started and growing your business, plus you tap into the expertise and skills gained by people who have gone before.

Cleaning services are now, more than ever, a necessity of modern life. That applies to householders and businesses. Now really is the perfect time to invest in a franchise and get your very own company ahead of the cleaning boom curve.



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