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Let’s bow to the queen! Let’s bow to the queen! Anna Cerovski

Croatia Recipe - Rožata - The Queen of All Desserts

Written by  Anna Cerovski Apr 21, 2021

Elegant yellow dress with a caramel as a crown – that's how I see the beautiful rožata! Despite its really easy recipe, it surely is a beauty!

Rožata is a traditional Dalmatian pudding with a caramel topping. It needs just a couple of ingredients in order to bring fantastic sweetness in the combination with bitter orange peel and sugary caramel.

This dessert comes in many variations in the world and in Croatia, it presents a beautiful traditional heritage. Rožata, rozata, or rožada is an amazing dessert which surely will be a crown of every lunch or dinner!

Let’s bow to the queen!


Ingredients for Rožata 

- 5 eggs

- sugar

- brandy

- vanilla aroma

- 1 orange peel

- 500 ml milk

- water


Cooking Method

Step 1

Put 6 tbsp of sugar and 2 tbsp of water into a cooking pot on a light fire. Stir the mixture with a ladle until it gets a light brown color. Once it does, remove the pot from the fire and put the caramel into 3 or 4 smaller bowls or 1 bigger as mine. Make sure that the bowls you’re using are suitable for placing in the hot oven (the ones which are suitable for the oven, are made of refractory ceramic).

Step 2

Mix the eggs, 5 tbsp of sugar, and a pinch of salt. Add 1 tbsp of brandy and 1 tbsp of vanilla aroma (the measurements for these 2 ingredients can be adapted to your own taste and preferences). Add orange peel as well. Mix all the ingredients.

Step 3

Pour the mixture into the bowls and place them into a deeper baking pan. Pour water in the baking pan until it is half full (rožata needs to be baked in a water bath).

Step 4

Heat up the oven on 180°C (356°F). Bake rožata for around 45 minutes until its top gets a nice light brown color.

Step 5

Once it is done, let rožata rest until it is cold. Run a thin knife along the edges before turning rožata on a plate. And that’s it!


Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? And yet, rožata looks so elegant in the end – rich in color, sweet nuances, and beautiful caramel!

Oh, just make sure to turn it around bravely and quickly. I’m always scared when it comes to this step but every time it turns out just as planned!

As I said before – bow to the queen of all the desserts!


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