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Why Croatia will be the best travelling destination this year

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Apr 16, 2021

Croatia was listed first out of 100 most popular destination for Germans this year, according to a research we presented a few days ago.

But this is valid not only for Germans, as the famous Bear Grylls also wants to come here to see our country, and then even film here.

So, why travelers from around the world love this country and put it at the top of their destination list? They call it the Adriatic wonderland, and one of the best sunny destination. But there is much more than this.

Here are some of the reasons why Croatia will be the best travelling destination this year - 

The Sun and the sea

Croatia is preferred by many in the summer and the other sunny and warm months around the year because its sea, beaches, and Adriatic Sun.

There is no need to mention all the islands the visitors are fascinated about, the sapphire sea, or all the swimming, canoeing and other water activities available here.

Bonus, there plenty of nice hotels, beach bars, and the chance to get aboard a cruise ship. Or they can just go island hopping, from a porty city to another – Dubrovnik, Split or Rijeka.

As a foreign tourist, you can choose from more than 1,000 islands, and rest assured that you will always be surrounded by sun and clear waters. One top pick is Zlani Rat. Here, you can experience windsurf, jet ski, and scuba diving. What more?



Food and drink

Croatia also has a lot of fine food and drinks.

It is a foodie paradise when it comes to pantry. For example, the pasticada, the Dalmatian black risotto, or any other Mediterranean cuisine dishes filled with fish, seafood, vegetables, or even beef stew and dried fruits.

When it comes to drinks, the one everybody is talking about is the wine. Slavonia has the best offerings, the white wines are the best of them. The travelers can find here Sauvignon, Chardonnay, or Pinot Gris. And there are the golden Zelenac and the Grasevina, both adding to the finest wine collection in the region. In fact, Croatia enjoys the year-round warm climate which helps producing the best wines.

The fun in the casinos

One of the most famous attractions in Croatia are its fantastic casinos. Whether you like to play traditional games like blackjack, roulette or poker, you can find them all here. We do live in the world of technology, where all the best casino games are available through mobile gambling apps, however a trip to a real casino will definitely worth the money, especially if we take into consideration the locations and the architecture of the area.

In fact, Croatia has a very liberal gaming reputation, and its regulation allow online gambling and gambling in brick-and-mortar casinos alike. Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb are maybe the best places to gamble.

The wilderness and the natural beauty

Maybe the first natural beauty that comes in everyone’s mind is the UNESCO World Heritage listed Plitvice Lakes National Park. Apart from the lakes and waterfalls, with the Korana Canyon, the tourists can be lucky enough to spot wild animals.

Then there is the Velebit mountain range, where you can also find animals like the brown bear and the lynx. And don’t miss the Krka National Park either.

People love to take an eco-break from whatever big, crowded and cloudy city they are coming. And this doesn’t mean only the hikes around the natural wild beauties, but also the chance to glamp on the Adriatic coast. One example is on the uninhabited island of Zut, outside Kornati National Park.



The culture and history

Speaking of eco-breaks, a foreign traveler may want to try the islet of Zlarin, near Sibenik, where they can find a village with no cars.

The culture and history are all around through Croatia, and we are not talking only about its most famous place, Dubrovnik.

You should not miss the European Capital of Culture 2020, Rijeka, or maybe Hvar City. Split, Rovinj, Zadar, Pula and of course the capital Zagreb are also places where culture and history go hand in hand – with sightseeing too.