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Can You Completely Recover From Deafness?

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Apr 14, 2021

People can develop deafness due to aging or even exposure to loud noises.

Now, I believe you must have seen deaf people around you!!!

Have you ever wondered whether this deafness of theirs will ever recover completely?

Deafness or hearing loss has affected millions and millions around the world. ANd it’s only increasing day by day.

Researchers and doctors have found that deafness does not always occur due to aging or loud sounds, but people can also develop it from their ancestors.

Yes, deafness can be inherited!!!

And trust me, these hearing conditions can have a very detrimental effect on many people, leading to isolation, depression, and stress.

Through this article, I’ll be telling you whether it’s possible or not to recover from deafness completely!!! Therefore, read till the end to get yourself enlightened!!!

Is It Possible To Recover Completely From Deafness?

Deafness has affected millions’ lives, and it can indeed be a tough call for many to come back to their regular lifestyles.

The worst part about this deafness is how it derails you from your regular activities.

For instance, you can’t listen to music or television, won’t be able to chat with friends as you used to, and have issues while attending phone calls.

Trust me, it can be frustrating and depressing sometimes, and not everyone can take this mental breakdown.

This is the reason why people always keep asking whether “deafness” is curable or not!! And these people are always in search of a permanent solution for this frustrating condition.

But now let me clear this question for you!!!

- Only in a few cases has it been possible to recover from deafness fully, but in maximum instances, it’s not possible. As exceptions cannot be an example, you can say that’s complete recovery regarding deafness is not possible!!!

In many cases, adults gradually lose their hearing due to high sound exposure or aging. And deafness occurs to these adults due to permanent damage in the hair cells responsible for detecting the sound.

And in this case, there’s no cure for deafness as these delicate hair cells get entirely damaged.

Remedies To Fix This Hearing Problem

To be honest, there are still no drugs present to help with this problem. As when the ear gets damaged due to aging or high noise exposure, there is no specific cure.

Researchers around the world have been trying to find out different types of solutions for this problem. But they are still unable to solve this major issue.

Although they have come up with a medication called FX-322 to replace new ear hair cells. Still, they are working on it to see whether it completely fits with the ear or not.

Steroids can also be a good remedy for sudden hearing loss issues. The procedure is a steroid injection is injected on the ear, and this can treat inflammation. In a few cases, it has been observed that it helps patients suffering from deafness.

And lastly, a temporary solution for hearing loss is wearing hearing aids.

Are There Any Alternative Medications Available?

If you are looking for other ways to get your hearing back, then yes, there are different ways through which you might be able to cure your hearing loss.

But it can’t be guaranteed that it’ll work!!!

Surgeries can also be an option for treating hearing loss. But this will only be successful in adults only if they are suffering from mild or slight hearing loss or partial deafness.

But you simply can’t expect surgeries to cure your deafness entirely if you have severe hearing loss.

One of the most common surgeries that you may go through is “Cochlear implants.”

This surgery is only applicable to adults and children who are suffering from slight hearing issues. In this surgery, a severely damaged cochlear is bypassed into the ears to send the brain’s sound impulses.

This surgery should only be performed if the hearing loss is of significant level.

Hearing aids can also be an option. To be honest, hearing devices are one of the most suitable options for many people. It’s safe enough, and people don’t have to hassle a lot with it. It’s effortless and easy to use.

There are various types of hearing aids that you can go for, but I will suggest that you make sure to take suggestions from your doctor before you go purchasing one.

Another way through which you can improve your hearing is by “insertion of middle ear tubes.” This is a minor treatment and can be carried out directly in the clinic.

Final Words

For instance, one day, you wake up from bed and realize that you can’t hear anything!!!

How will you feel?

-Terrified, right!!!

This is how these people feel---“terrified.” That’s not all; they even suffer from depression and stress. Hence, isolate themselves entirely from their family and friends because they feel ashamed.

They even start to think of themselves as “unfit” to walk with society, and all these can prove fatal as there are many cases where these depressions lead to suicide.

In these sorts of cases, the support of the family members can really act as one of the best remedies. And it can bring them out of depression. Motivate them, give them proper time, and also try to understand them.

Just imagine, what would you have done if you were in their place??


I hope this article will now help you to know all the ins and outs of whether deafness is ultimately recoverable or not!!!

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