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Visiting A Couple Of Countries For Your Next Vacation? Here Are Some Tips You Need To Remember Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Visiting A Couple Of Countries For Your Next Vacation? Here Are Some Tips You Need To Remember

By  The Dubrovnik Times Apr 06, 2021

So you've been working so hard since the start of the year, and you're thinking, "Dang it! I need some rest and also a change of scenery, I deserve a vacation!".

You deserve to enjoy the money you swear for, and since we're talking about destressing, there are some items you need to take care of before taking your well-earned trip to the Bahamas or Himalayan so you can travel with ease.

In this article, we will discuss some important things that should be on your to-do list as you travel, so let's get into it.

Prepare your finances

When traveling out of the country, it is advisable that inform your bank and credit card providers about your temporary change of address. Do this because if they notice an overseas transaction out of the blue, they may block your cards which can be a hassle. Also, take note of the exchange rate in the region as it will help you get a feel of what your card limit should be.

Consider flying private

This is a way to enjoy your journey a whole lot more. Chartered airplanes, although pricy, give you that much-needed comfort and privacy that you want from your vacation with no lines, cramped shared seating with noisy neighbors. If you’re traveling from London, you can use London private jets for more convenience during your trip. International flights are long, so you should choose the most comfortable option. Just you and whoever you want coming along with you.
Get vaccinated and bring medicine along

This is especially important if you are traveling to a 3rd world country where the standard of hygiene is usually lower than you're used to. Stock up on allergy medication and other special needs like inhalers etc.

Pay for the ticket in advance

Unplanned or unexpected expenses can pile up whenever you’re traveling. A smart way to save some money while planning your trip is quickly deciding your schedule so you can buy your plane ticket early. This way you save more time and also, there are usually discounts for early birds like you which is a welcome advantage.

Cross check your credentials


As soon as you decide on taking a vacation outside the country, immediately begin prepping copies of your travel documents, including I.D, passport, visas, train ticket confirmations, hotel reservations, etc. Copies should be made of all these documents and kept somewhere safe.

If you plan to make use of digital copies, ensure they are stored somewhere easily accessible but secure. Also, take a look at your visa and ensure that it will have at least six months of validity before the trip; if not, you may have to renew.

Activate the global capabilities on your phone

Activating your phone's global capabilities is a money-intensive way of making sure you can use your line outside of the country. Your service providers will most likely charge you but at a considerably lower rate than the roaming charges incurred if you fail to do this.

Browse about events at your destination

It takes more planning and foresight but usually worth it to make your plans according to events you may like to experience or partake in. These could be holidays, fairs, festivals, concerts, traditional celebrations, etc.

The local cuisines and tourist attractions would also be worth a look while you prepare for your trip; you don't want to miss out on any unique delectables or sights worth seeing.

Find out about your credit card status

There are a lot of places that are being selective about the types of cards they accept. Most European banks have almost completely switched from the magnetic-strip cards to the more secure chip-and-PIN technology, so it's worth a look to confirm.

Get insured

If you plan on traveling to a foreign country, ensure to check with your insurers if your present insurance policy covers international trips. If it doesn't, it would be wise for you to get a short-term insurance plan for both your trip and your health.

This way, you're secure in case anything were to happen to you while away, and your money is also secure if your trip is canceled or cut short for a variety of reasons. Policies differ from provider to provider, so make sure that you get favorable conditions.

If you want to travel, especially overseas, ensure to look after your health, money, and belongings. You should try adding an extra pair of clothing to your traveling gear just in case. You never know; it may save you some embarrassment or money. This list is in no way exhaustive but should put you in good stead to travel efficiently.


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